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Categories: Anonymity, Big Black man, Oral Sex, Group Sex / Threesome, Anal Sex
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I have to tell my husband that I am working late and then wait out front of my office for Steve to pick me up.  Except for my coat and my stockings, I am nude.  People walking by have no idea but Steve knows, he expects it.  He picks me up and without a word between us he drives to a downtown hotel, his hand on my thigh sliding up close enough to feel my heat but never touching.  

At the hotel, Steve walks up up to the suite we have been to before, opens the door and ushers me inside.  As expected the party is well underway, all men, all very well dressed and all waiting for my arrival.  There seems to be many more than usual.  Steve slides my coat off my shoulders so that I am standing before the party, nude, I can see by the looks on their faces that they approve, they like what they see and I am led to a table with stirrups to hold my legs up and apart.

 I climb up, lay back and put my feet in the stirrups, my legs spread so wide, and so open for all to see.  With very little talk or noise the men have lined up, waiting to get started, waiting to have me anyway they want, anal, oral, vaginal, one after another.  My long night of exquisite pleasure is about to begin.


I have had this fantasy in different variations for as long as I can remember.  As I get older more and more I think about making it a reality.  Haven't yet but who knows. 

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