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Written as a letter to my husband:

I want to have a hot and wild sex fest with you and Chad tomorrow night.  I want you to invite him over and we'll have a few drinks and be sitting around talking.  I say that I want him to see how awesome our new tv is and cut on the blu ray player.  You would tell me to put in "The Shooter" and I say it's already in there.  But my goodness, when the picture comes on the screen it is the hot sex scene we like on Fashionistas.  I act all embarassed and go to cut it off quickly but you say you don't mind watching that if Chad doesn't.  Now remember, we're all three pretty drunk right now and you're really tired since i spiked your beer with a muscle relaxer.  Chad doesn't mind the porn and so I sit down on couch beside him and pull you down on the other side of me.  

I talk about how cold I am and tell you to hand me that blanket from the other chair.  I offer to share with the two of you - it's that big a blanket.  All three of us are now under the covers and I conveniently put each hand out until I'm just barely touching a leg from each of you.  You grab my hand and put it on your cock which I begin to rub.  I slowly move my hand back and forth on Chad's leg and begin to make circles on his leg, each time making the circle bigger and bigger until my hand is now getting very close to his lap.  He can see my hand moving in your lap and i brush my hand across his lap and rest it high up on his leg with the fingers dangling towards his crotch.

You lean over and tell me to be a good girl.  I smile at you and give you a quick kiss on the lips.  You drink some more of your beer and we stay like this for a few more minutes.  I notice that you're looking tired and I ask if you're ok.  You say you're sleepy all of the sudden but you'll be fine.  Within 5 minutes,
your head has fallen back and you're beginning to snore.  I look over at Chad and giggle and motion at you.  He says he should probably leave but i tell him he can't drive in this condition.  He is more than welcome to stay the night.  And when I say this, my hand moves closer to his lap. 

I also am leaning into him and put my other hand on his chest.  He says he'd like to stay but he's not tired yet.  I say me neither.  And then he leans towards me and says he's always thought you were a lucky man.  I giggle and say you can be a lucky man also.  That was the invitation needed because we moved towards one another
and he grabbed my head and pulled me into a hot and passionate kiss.  Now my hand is completely in his lap and i'm rubbing his cock through his pants trying to push my fingers into the waistband of his pants and reach his cock.

He pulls me onto his lap and I'm straddling him, kissing him and trying to open his pants.  You don't have a clue what's going on right beside you.  I stop and tell him I'm going to put you to bed and I'll be right back.  I get you up and walk you to the bedroom where I undress you and then put you in a new pink
bodysuit that has a front zipper at the crotch.  You're trying to kiss me and hold onto me.  I tell you to go to sleep and I'll tend to our guest.  You tell me again to be a good girl.  You're out immediately and I hook the restraints to your wrists and ankles.  You were so asleep you hadn't even noticed them on the bed.

I get back to the den and Chad is laid back on the couch and holding out a margarita to me.  i drink a little and straddle him again before kissing his neck, his throat and his lips.  His hands are running up and down my back and cupping my butt and then moving around to my boobs.  He opens my "barracuda" shirt and releases my bra, letting my boobs fall out.  He grabs one with his mouth and begins to suck on it.  

My head falls back as he pulls me closer, rolling his tongue around my nipple and sliding his hand down to the edge of my skirt.  He slides his hand under the skirt hem and slowly moves his hand up and up brushing the edge of my panties with his fingertips.  My breath catches and I moan out loud.  Chad says
Sshhhhhh, we don't want to wake up Nathan.  I say not yet anyway!  He continues to rub my panties as he goes back and forth kissing my boobs.  My fingers finally get his pants open and zipper down and I rub the head of his cock and use a couple of fingers to rub it up and down inside his silky boxers.  

Chad is now trailing kisses and licking down my body and eventually lays me back on the couch and begins to pull my skirt down my legs.  His lips and tongue move further and further down until he's licking my clit through my panties.  I grab hold of his head and am pushing him harder onto me.  The panties begin to slide down and he's now licking my clit and fingering me at the same time.  I've got a vise grip hold on his head and am pushing my hips up to meet his tongue.

I'm being a "little loud" so I tell him to cum shut me up.  He turns his body around and i grab hold of his cock and am sucking it in and he's pushing back hard against me and forcing his cock down my throat.  He has gotten so hard and fat, he's almost choking me.  I tell him to hold off because I don't want him to cum in this manner for the first time.  I've got big plans for the three of us.  He says we should probably start on those plans pretty soon especially if I want to use his cum in some way.

I lead him to the bedroom where he sees you strapped down to the bed.  He asks what my plan is and I tell him how I've wanted to fuck both of you for a long time and my wildest and biggest fantasy is to do it above my dear husband's head.  I wasn't sure how he would take that but he was all for it.  Said to lead the way...

I pull Chad over to the bed and position him standing next to your side while I get up on the bed on my hands and knees.  I bend forward and he is stroking my ass and reaching around to my boobs while I am reaching back and stroking his cock.  His fingers are sliding in and out of me and he even leans forward
and has me suck his finger for a second.  He grabs hold of my thighs and with one quick motion slides his big cock all the way into my pussy.  Holding himself there for a few seconds, he reaches around and pinches my nipples. 

Then he begins moving in a fast and smooth rhythm, pounding my ass and taking my
breath away.  As he quickly brings himself to the brink of orgasm, I am moaning and urging him on as he is also moving his fingers fast against my clit.  I'm getting louder and louder causing you to wake up.  You see what is happening right in front of you and then smile and say Good Girl!

Chad's rubbing on my clit as he is fucking me so hard causes me to tighten around his cock and he quickly drains all the cum he's been holding for a week deep into my pussy.  Knowing that I need to move quickly so I don't lose his load, I crawl up the bed as fast as I can and lower my pussy onto your lips.  I rotate
my hips back and forth and push down onto your mouth, trying to force your tongue out so you can begin to lick my clit and clean up my pussy.  You act as though you're trying to get your face out from under me but it's a weak attempt and not happening anyway. 

I'm rocking back and forth on you and you begin to lick me.  I pull Chad over to me and lean forward and begin to suck his cock so that I can get him ready for another round quickly.  I want him fucking me above your head ASAP.  I want some of his cum still inside of me when he fucks me over your head.  That way as he slides in and out his previous cum will push out of my pussy and onto your lips.  He is ready to fuck again after only a few minutes of my sucking his cock. 

Wow, I can sure taste my orgasm on his cock and I want to share that so I pull him into a long, tongue dancing kiss before he gets in position behind me above your head.  He takes quick control when he grabs my hips and drives his cock deep into my pussy, his balls slapping against me and your mouth.  

His thrusts and movements are very fluid yet unpredictable.  I never know if he's going to pound me fast and hard or if it's going to be a slow deep slide in and out.  Makes it hard for you to avoid his cock that way also.  You could never avoid touching his cock with your mouth that way since you never know what he's about to do.  And it makes it very erotic for me because his fast and hard thrusts take me by surprise.  Makes me want more and more and I push back with my hips trying to pull him in and fuck him as hard and as fast as possible.  Your tongue feels like it is permanently attached to my clit as you lick and suck me.  With your tongue out so much, it is inevitable that you are also licking his cock as he slides in and out. 

You're tasting mine and Chad's orgasmic mix with each thrust.  When it becomes obvious that he can't hold back any longer, I grind down as hard as I can on your face and push myself back as much as I can to meet his thrusts as he shoots another big load in me.  I've grabbed hold of your cock and quickly put it in my mouth so that with each thrust and shot by Chad you are hitting the back of my throat.

Even after he pulls out and his cum drops onto your lips, I continue to grind against your face and tell you to suck and lick all that cum.  You must get me clean before I will get off your face.  I want to be clean for when I go down and sit on your cock and ride you to orgasm.  As I impale myself on your cock, I am amazed at your size - this has really turned you on. I lay on top of you and suck on your nipples. I begin to moan as I realize that Chad has grabbed hold of his cock and is teasing my asshole with it. I rock back, hoping he would get the idea and slide inside of me. I gasped as he poured lube generously on my hole, the coolness of it contrasting with the hot blood pounding through my body. He began to push his cock deeper in me slowly, too slowly. I wanted to scream at him to do it faster and harder. When he was inside, I heard him groan with pleasure.

Feeling the two of you fill different holes was overwhelming to me. I moaned louder, pleading with both of you to fuck me.  Chad obliged with gentle rocking at first and you tried to match his thrusts and rocking with your hips but your restrainst made it difficult to move very much. Which made for a low and easy ride on you but then he picked up speed and force and began to really pound me - his stroke was hard and fast.  I orgasmed again, feeling my juices spill down your cock. Suddenly Chad threw back his head and gave a shout of pleasure as I felt his cum fill my ass. A moment later, you let loose your own cry and filled me as well.  The three of us collapse in a heap of entertwined limbs.  Both guys whisper to me as they are falling asleep....  "You were such a Good Girl."

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