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Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

I hope you enjoy my little article as I have tried to bring your fantasy alive, please let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it and visualising it.

I knock on your door and you invite me in, as I walk past you, you admire my white satin blouse and red short plaid skirt. You also admire the fact that you saw the top of my red satin bra through the top of my blouse, you are more impressed by the fact that as you turn to look at me you see the tops of the satin red panties I’m wearing.

You walk over to me and look into my eyes, with a small smirk you lift my chin with your hand, and move your lips to my neck; I close my eyes as I feel your warm breath, I quiver with anticipation. You kiss my neck, and I start to breath heavier. After a few minutes I find myself dropping to my knees, I open my eyes and look into yours, my hand fumbling with your belt. I unbutton your pants and release your zipper. Pulling down your underwear, I place you hardening cock in my mouth, and move my head all the way to your pelvis. Placing my hand on your pubic area, I pull back and move forwards until you cock is hard in my mouth, now holding you rigid cock in my hand and masturbating slow with every movement of my mouth, I look up into your face and see your smiling and nodding.  

I close my eyes as I keep sucking your hard cock. I start to moan with pleasure, enjoying the taste of your cock. I let your member slip from my mouth so I can lick the head, shaft, and base leaving a trail of red lipstick on your cock. The taste is intoxicating, I moan more regularly and with upmost pleasure. My hips start to rock up and down, as I place your cock in my mouth, the sucking increases with rapid increase of my hand motion. I need you to cum, I need to taste you. I’m going crazy; the thought of you exploding in my mouth is driving me wild.

You pull your hips back so your cock falls from my mouth; you ask me if “I’m enjoying the taste”.

I reply “yes”.

You tell me to beg for more as you hold your cock in your hand and slow and gently slap my right cheek with your cock. “Tell me what you want” you say, tapping my chin with you man hood.

“Please let me suck your cock”, “I need to taste you”, “I need to suck you”, “Please let me taste your cum in my mouth”.

My satin panties are soaked from my fluids.

You allow me to take your cock into my mouth again; I release a moan of pleasure, as I suck and masturbate you at the same time.  I hunger for you to cum in my mouth, my moaning increases, I suck harder and faster, you start to breath heavier, I know my rewards are not that far away.

Your body tenses and you hold the back of my head, your first eruption is powerful, I finally get to taste the first of you’re cum, then a second less intense throb and finally a third. I moan the whole time as you cum in my mouth; it’s an electrifying feeling as I taste every drop you feed me. I let your cock drop from my mouth, and lick it clean occasionally placing the whole of you spent cock in my mouth. I look up at you and you smile approvingly at your little sissy. I smile back, that I was able to please you.

You take me by the hand and motion for me to stand; you walk me to the sofa, where you tell me to sit.

You drop to your knees and slide up my plaid skirt, revealing my wet red satin panties, you spread my legs apart and lower your head and start to kiss the front of my panties, my sissy clit is exposed at the top of my panties, dripping with anticipation. I moan expecting to feel your tongue brush over the head.

You suck at the front of my panties and move your fingers to my sissy hole. I have your undivided attention, you start using your thumb and run little circles around my satin encased hole, with your mouth working my sissy clit and thumb entertaining my sissy hole, I gasp with pleasure. I start to push my ass towards your thumb. I beg for you to let me cum. You remove your mouth from my sissy clit and on your knees, you move to a more erect position; and hold my sissy clit in your hand you clean the pre lube from my sissy clit and make me clean your hand, tasting my juices from your hand I moan with pleasure, you fingers are now clean, and you go back down on me. Sucking my clit into your mouth, you expertly start to move up and down my clit, I breathe heavenly, and heavily

. I arch my back and push forward my breasts, as you suck me and tease me I grab my breast and squeeze them. You quicken your pace on my shaft, as I watch your head move up and down on my sissy clit.

I’m almost at the point of exploding when you remove your mouth from me, I beg you to let me cum.

Please let me cum, I need to cum. I feel your hand grab my panties at my ass. You pull them to one side exposing my left ass cheek, and sissy whole. I’m panting heavily, as I feel the head of you cock press against my sissy hole. Yes fuck me I reply. Please stick your hard cock in me; I need to feel your cock in me. Please fuck me, fuck me hard; you have me begging like a whore.

You push your cock head in a bit further and I gasp as I feel the head of your cock entre me.

Yes I gasp, but again you pause, as I push back to make your cock go deeper you, you pull your hip back, the whole time I can only feel your cock head in me. It’s not what I want; I want the whole cock in me. I keep begging for you to fuck me, and fuck me hard. I want to cum, I want you to cum in me, I want to feel you cum in me, I keep begging, I am now turning in to a sissy whore just begging for your cock.

With that you just plunging forward at first slowly and deep, I feel your shaft entre me deeper and deeper. Yes I scream, as I feel your cock in me, you start a rhythmic motion on back and forward thrusts. You hold my legs, as my knees rest against your shoulders and heal of my feet on the sofa. This gives you the power to fuck me harder and faster. I grab my hair, and moan yes, yes. Your cock feels so good in me. You use your right hand to scoop up a load of pre cum from my shaft and place your thumb and index fingers in my mouth as you fuck me; I’m driven wild by the taste of pre cum and being fucked hard at the same time. I push my ass back harder to meet your thrusts I’m at the point of no return, I feel my sissy clit start to motion as it is about to explode.

The taste of cum, and lube in my mouth and your hard cock pounding me I am just about to lose control, you stop pumping my sissy ass and withdraw, again I feel cheated. I need to cum and I need to feel you hard cock Cumming in me.

As you start to pull away from me I quickly get to grab your cock before it is too far away, you pause and let me wank your shaft. I move you cock near my butt hole again and feel your pre lubed cock near on my but cheek. I think I have the upper hand as guide you cock back to my butt. I need it so much. I want it; I have to have your hard cock in me.
You pull back further and re adjust my panties. You grab my hips and twist my body; you force me onto my knees, and pull the panties from my right ass cheek. I place my right hand on my ass cheek and spread it apart. Looking over my right shoulder, ass exposed in the doggy position, I say to you to fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck my little sissy hole. You leave my panties off my right but cheek, but pull the little   skirt, to a position where you can admire the full uniform but at the same time to watch your cock plunge in and out of me.

Your happy with the view and guide you Hard Cock to my but hole again you leave your head just nudging the entrance. I move to all fours and push back with my ass, you don’t move and I slide down your shaft to the hit of your cock. When I can no longer move down I move forward. I start to increase my pace as you use both hands to spread my ass cheeks and watch your cock move in and out of my sissy hole.

You grab my hips with both your hands, and start to push back and forwards with my movements. As I push back to accept your cock I circle my hips, this drives you wild and you increase your thrusting. I feel your hard cock in me, your thrusting is driving me wild, I breathe out the word yes as you drive your hard cock deeper and faster and my hips and ass move back and forth with your hips. I feel you grip my hips harder and you start to push down on them, I know you are about to explode any minute, the thought drives me wild as my own climax approaches.

You let out a deep medium grown as your climax arrives; I feel your hard cock pulsating in me, your warm cum that I had swallowed earlier fills me in my sissy hole. As your cock is ready to launch its second load into me, my own orgasm arrives. My missy cock erupts as I throw my head in to your sofa face down I scream with pleasure, knowing we came together.

As your cock does its third eruption inside of me, my second and third pump spills from me wetting the front of my red satin panties. You remain inside of me for few minutes as I slowly rock me sissy ass up and down your man hood, draining the last few ounces of cum from your cock. You withdraw from me and readjust my panties and give me a slap on the left ass cheek. We readjust our clothing and you give me a kiss on the neck, I move to the mirror and reapply my red lipstick as I do this you grab my ass, and rub the panties up and down the opening of my sissy ass, the front and back of my panties are soaked with cum, you smile as I walk towards the door to leave as you can see my soaked panties from you cum on my rear, as the top of my panties are exposed from the skirt of the   uniform.

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