Shattered Fantasy   added 5 years ago
  By: ora_lee  Age: 52  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Identified partner, Romantic Setting/Exotic, Cuckolded
Tags: spite life. outside
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Nature: Humiliating

A year on... finally we cracked...
I had built up an enormous fantasy around this guy in my head - he was all man, shallow, tough, rough and experienced - just the way i like my men. I imagined the raw battle between two dominant charactors exploding in sexual ectasy (i had even named my favorite dildo, the 8" real feel, after him, to relieve the aching that he left in my sordid dreams)

the tension between us was electric and even the sight of him made my cunt pulse with expectation...

it had been a year since i had sent him my number...our paths didn't cross that often, and something always seemed to get in the way, so we carried on flirting and teasing and the fantasies grew and grew...

finally i made my move and we arranged to meet

i parked up on a quiet country lane - took some deep breaths to still my pulse rate and lit up to calm my nerves before elegantly stepping over to his truck. the door opened and i silently took the passanger seat.
his hand reached straight for my aching cunt and squeezed and the only words spoken were "you know we shouldn't be doing this"

he drove on, through the gate and up onto the hill, tucked away from sight - and my pulse rate soared again, my mind a blur, the only thing i was aware of was my desire.

"no one will ever no about this, right?" was silenced by the hungry passion that enveloped our mouths, biting, exploring, him tonguing my mouth as if it was my cunt and me blowing his tongue as if it was his cock - pawing at each others bodies clothes half on and half off - pure animalistic passion...

like a gent he found my nipples erect and ready for biting... but he sucked far too gently and had to be forced to make them hurt, his hands were reaching for my aching cunt which was dripping and ready to explode, needing a harsh fingering, and he needed to be forced to stretch me out before he aimed straight for my aching ass. I wanted to scratch and bite but was not to leave a mark so i headed for his cock - my fantasy cock - that 8" real feel?? eager to see what this cocky womanising stud had to offer...

thats when my fantasy was well and truly shattered - his soft member went off half cocked, all that bravado was all talk and nothing in his trousers!!! not that i'm shallow or anything but if your gonna big it up then at least have the descency to back it up!

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