Gangbang Thoughts For New Year   added 5 years ago
  By: easypeasy  Age: 42  Country: United States

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Someone wrote to me about doing more gangbang porn, and I have actually been really getting off to gangbang fantasy lately.  I've always fantasized about big anonymous gangbangs, like me and a big group of strange men, or men and women, all taking turns groping and fucking and fingering and licking me, using me as a fucktoy maybe while I'm tied down, or maybe just held down by some of the people in the group taking turns.  I love to imagine myself blindfolded even, just feeling fingers pushing into my asshole or my pussy, into my mouth and making me suck automatically, to imagine feeling myself held spread open while a cock plows my pussy and comes in me, then pulls out to leave me gaping open and used, only for seconds until another cock shoves inside and fucks me, over and over. 

I love to think about being held down while a woman sits on my face and make me lick her cunt, grinding her clit on my face and rubbing her hot pussy juice all over my mouth and nose and chin.  I love to think about being bent down on my knees, ass up in the air while a huge dick pounds my cunt, and someone's hands force my face down into a pussy, grind my face into the wet hot sticky folds of a cunt until I open up and start licking and tongue-fucking the hole and sucking on the clit in front of me. 

Oh god, getting my ass fucked with nothing but spit and come for lube, raw and hard, used by cock after cock until my asshole is red and loose and wet.  Being tied to a table spread-eagled, blindfolded, as strangers pass by and stick fingers in my pussy, or up my asshole, pinch and suck my nipples, lick my clit, shove their cocks in my wet pussy hole until they come and I feel their hot jizz leaking out my hole when no one is fingering or fucking me.


Yeah, see?  Lots and lots of gangbang fantasies. always gotten off to the idea of being used by a groups of people, getting off hard thinking about having no control over who fucks me, or how many people, or how they do it.  Probably another kink rooted in the family lifestyle, with lots of strange people around doing drugs and having sex all the time. 

 I had this fantasy a lot in my college years for some reason, probably because I was off alone living in a big new city by myself and walking home from work at night on the city streets.  Lots of discomfort there, and my kinky brain turns that into fantasizing about what might have happened if I was living in that neighborhood and that guy had exposed himself to me now, now that I was a grown up and definitely not a virgin. 

I used to rub my pussy at night in bed, after dealing with the adrenaline of actually being nervous walking home, and I'd get off hard fantasizing about getting turned on in those scary situations instead, fantasizing about that guy in his car grabbing me off the street and taking me to a vacant house to fuck me on a dirty mattress with his friends, coming hard with my fingers in my pussy as I thought about being scared but also unable to stop myself from getting wet when the men would hold me down and touch me, rough fingers in my pussy and on my tits, knowing they're all going to fuck me, and I would come so loud and so hard, rubbing my clit so furiously while I thought about it.  Mmm, it was good.


I've got teacher gangbang fantasies, too, like what if all the teachers I hated the most had cornered me in a classroom one day and decided to teach me a lesson for giving them such a hard time? 

Haha!  Yeah.  So, they'd make me suck their cocks, one after another, and one of them might even come down my throat, fucking my mouth hard and making me take it rough for all the times I challenged him in class.  And they'd take turns fucking my pussy, bending me over the teacher's desk, the gym teacher spreading me wide and shoving his fat cock deep in my tight little cunt, no warning, just making me take him hard and deep and fucking me until he shoots his load up my pussy, then pulling out and letting the math teacher give it to me even harder, reaming my dirty hot little hole over and over until his jizz fills my cunt, too. 

My pussy would be so raw and hot and loose, but the English teacher I really, really hated would come up behind me and shove three fingers hard in my cunt, and I'd whimper when he pulls them out and rubs the huge swollen head of his dick all over in my pussy before shoving his cock up me hard too, and fucking me deep and fast, over and over, until his cock grinds deep and empties its load in my cunt. 

They wouldn't even get me off, just tell me to finger myself for them while they watch, still bent over the desk, my hands down between my legs, rubbing my clit and pushing into my dirty wet hole over and over until I finally come, feeling their eyes on me as I grind and moan and rub my pussy like a dirty little whore, knowing how used and sloppy my pussy looks as I come all over my hand.  Mmm, that was a good variation on an old favorite!  :)


Anyway, just felt like musing about my gangbang kink for a bit and thought I'd share.  Maybe I'll write more in this vein again, but for now, my pussy has gotten so fucking wet while writing this, and I downloaded a whole bunch of new ass-fucking and forced-sex porn, and I really need to go watch porn and masturbate.  My cunt is throbbing so hard just from writing that!  This stuff seriously gets me hot.  My heartrate is up, and my cunt is wet and tingling, and my nipples are hard, and I can't keep my fingers out my pussy!  Time to go!  

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