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I took the stairs two at a time and fumbled with the keys to get into my apartment. I knew he’d be home by now. I threw off my coat as soon as I entered and shut the door behind me. I dared not turn on the lights, for he would see I was home and shut his blinds. Or perhaps he wouldn’t, I smiled internally at the thought of him liking the fact that I watched him.

Like clock-work, Damien Iszwick was already removing his shirt and tossing it to the side. He then stripped off his jeans. I swore under my breath as I struggled to bring the ottoman closer. I reached for my newly purchased binoculars, steadied them over the bridge of my nose, while I opened my blinds mid-way.

His fallow skin glowed with a thin layer of moisture; his sweat. My lips parted and I sucked in a breath as I watched him slowly strip off his underwear. As usual, a woman was standing nearby, one I’d never seen before. I took a quick glance her way and noticed she was cloaked; just like the rest that’d visited him for his ritual.

Damien closed his eyes and lay on the bed. His rippled abs and toned thighs remained in my sight. He lay in my horizontal view this time, allowing me a clear view of his face and entire body. This excited me so, for I would finally get to see his expressions when his prostitute pleased him in ways I could only be a part of in my fantasies.

The cloaked woman approached him and began her tantalizing seductions by stroking his leg. She touched him delicately, as if he would break. This seemed impossible, seeing that he was an insanely fit and handsome young man. Damien’s breathing quickened and his lips moved; like he’d spoken.

This new outlook permitted me to further see what had been otherwise hidden from me; things I only imagined on my own. Damien’s shaft thickened slightly as his sex-servant’s hand moved closer to his manhood. My anticipation grew and suddenly the room became hot. I opened my blouse and lifted my lose skirt above my knees.

The slight feel of my hand and the sensation of the fabric moving across my skin made my heart speed up. I wanted this cloaked woman to touch him in ways I desired, to massage his cock roughly. As soon as I thought this, she moved closer and sat at the edge of the bed on top of his knees, her dark wrap draped off the side of the bed. She lowered her head slowly as her hand glided underneath his balls. She cupped them then licked his shaft hungrily. She looked up briefly and apparently enjoyed his expression because she continued. I looked toward Damien’s face and found it contorted with pleasure.

I felt the wetness seep through my silky thong. I reached down and tugged on it. The feeling wasn’t enough and I gyrated my hips against the billowy softness of my round, backless couch. Damien’s chest began to rise and fall at the pace of my rushing heartbeat. The whore worked him like she loved his dick and wanted no one to separate her mouth from him. Her head bobbed up and down. Occasionally she would stay down and I would see her head move from side to side. I wanted more and so did he.

He reached down and moved his hands past her dark cloak to caress her body. My skin craved for his touch. I stripped of my shirt and stroked my breast to ease the yearning for his grip on me. Damien’s strong arms pulled her up and affixed the shroud around her belly to give me a clear view of her entire waist, ass and legs. Not to mention her pussy swallowing his eager dick. He grabbed hold of her hips and began to move her as he pleased.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Never before had I felt like this. Normally I could just watch and feel naughty. But tonight…I wanted more. Feeling like I could no longer handle this torture, I positioned the binoculars on the window sill and I got down on my knees. I stripped my clothes off and continued to peep from this new position. I spread my legs and impatiently glided my hand to my now soaked and feverish pussy. My index and middle finger played with my clit. I squeezed it as I watched Damien’s prostitute ride him like a horse.
A yelp-like moan escaped my lips when I opted to grind my fingers over my clit. I slipped my middle finger back and let it enter me while my thumb kept messaging my swollen button.

I’d never touch myself like this before, and before I knew it, I was close to reaching an orgasm. I wanted to last as long as they, and in a desperate attempt to maneuver out of this position, my free hand moved past the window sill and I knocked down a lamp along with some other stuff on my coffee table.

The crash sound was loud as hell because Damien looked my way and then locked his gaze with mine. A wicked smirk crossed his face, making me feel as if a heat wave swept over my entire frame with the delicious feeling of my climax.

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