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As i am playing the game my 3 friends are sitting behind me on the bed  watching me play. I am bending forward concentrating on the screen and my face so my jeans have slid slightly down my ass showing my cheeks and tiny black g-string. One of the guys pulls himself forward on the bed and he positions himself up close behind me with his legs wrapped either side of me. He pushed his hands inside the sides of my g- string lifting them up and squeezing my waist tight. The other 2 come either side of me still sitting on the bed and both start licking and kissing both sides of my neck.

I let out a moan of pleasure as this is turning me on and gives me an all over body shiver leaving me with goose bumps and hard as rock nipples pushing my shirt as i have no bra on. The game controller got put to one side and quickly forgotten! My moan got their attention and i could feel the cock behind me growing and getting harder and harder pushing into my lower back. The 2 guys caressing my neck have both undone their jeans and are wanking themselves. By now i can see and feel 3 hard cocks burning to fuck me i presume.



I reach behind me and rub the hard cock bulging under the restricting material of his jeans and i can hear his breathing quicken. I undo his zip and pull his cock out. As i rub my hand down over his cock I can feel the wetness of his pre-cum on the tip of his cock. I turn round and look at him and suck the wetness off my fingers. They all tell me to stand up so i do and 2 of them work on taking my jeans off while the other carefully but quickly undoes the buttons on my shirt, letting it fall open to reveal my small but firm shapely breasts to them.

He removes my shirt
and pinches my already hard and pointy nipples. He bends down and licks around my nipples making them wet and cold turning me on even more and forcing me to grab his head and push his mouth hard on each nipple in turn telling him to suck on them hard and bite them to tease me. As this was happening my jeans have been removed and i can feel 2 hands (one from each guy) sliding under my g-string and probing my soaking wet throbbing pussy.  Simultaneously they both insert a finger inside me and finger fuck my pussy- i could feel myself getting wetter and wetter soaking their fingers.

I needed more so i told them to put more fingers in. They obliged so i had 6 fingers fucking my pussy. The 3rd guy goes round to join them and slips a finger up my ass slowly sliding up and down while the other 2 finger fuck me harder and faster.  I move my own hand down to my clit and rub in slow circular motions enjoying the sensation i was having down there. I was throbbing so hard and not being able to hold on any longer i came clenching my pussy and ass muscles all over their fingers. I told them all to put their fingers in my mouth as i licked off my sweet juices from them.


I told the guy who just had his finger up my ass to get behind me and put his hard throbbing cock in my ass. I told him i wanted it so hard and fast that i could feel him  inside my tight ass as deep as it could go. He does so and as he enters me and slides his cock in and out i let out an excited gasp, the other 2 guys were standing to attention in front of me so i take both their hard cocks in my hands and spit on both of them and rub there solid dicks back and forth along their shafts.  As i caress both sets of balls i take them in turn putting each of their cocks deep inside my mouth hitting the back of my throat making my mouth feel like my soaking wet pussy while at the same time I was wanking off the other guy still!


I could feel the guy behind me gradually slowing down; he was on the brink of exploding his hot cum inside of my stretched ass hole. I pulled myself forward off of his pulsating dick whilst still sucking and wanking the other 2.  As I took a breath i told him to get his hard throbbing cock in front of me and play with himself all over my face.  In an instant he was there rubbing his member extremely hard and within seconds he shot his hot load all over my cheeks and mouth while I still had his mates cock deep to my throat. He sat down tired and very happy after the orgasm he just had.  I continue sucking one off his mate with cum around my mouth dripping inside with every stroke of his dick.

I stopped for a hot second to demand the other guy who was getting wanked while all of this excitement was going on to take me from behind like the 1st guy but this time to put his stiff cock in my soaking wet pussy.   He slides his rock cock inside me, a bit bigger than the 1st and filling me up nicely so i can feel him against the walls of my pussy making me shudder. After a few pumps plus all the wetness he lost control, pulls out of my warm wet pussy and follows his mate and wanks his throbbing cock over my face and mouth with his friend still throat fucking me.  He shoots a big hot load across my face and his friends cock.

So the last guy continued fucking my mouth hard with his mates salty creamy cum around his dick wetting my mouth even more which felt like a nice warm wet pussy he commented.  He got extremely turned on by the whole scene and did not even get a chance to fuck me as in his excitement and to my surprise he shot his big thick load on his down stroke which placed his solid dick at the back of my throat, his cum flowed straight down my throat without even the need to swallow. After all of this I sat back and made sure they all watched while i used my fingers to push the left over cum from my face into my mouth and eating every drop leaving none left on me.


Well, i lost the race but i gained an amazing orgasm a hard fuck and plenty of cum!


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