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It was the end of our rugby season and in celebration for all we had achieved in the year our team sponsors had arranged for us to go on away on tour.  As with most rugby tours, the rugby was an excuse for us to drink our own body weight in alcohol and sleep with as many girls as we could get our hands on, with no emphasis at all on playing rugby.

 As the team captain it had come down to me to arrange the travel details with the sponsors.  Obviously there had to be a local rugby team where we were going but the players had also given me a requirement that had to be met, it had to be a location with the cheapest bars and the easiest girls, so not wanting to disappoint, i spent three weeks reading reviews and researching the ideal destinations, before finally settling on a destination.


Six weeks later we all met at our clubhouse with suitcases in hand, spirits where high and lads where already boasting about how many girls they are going to fuck.  At one point one of the enforcers on the team John turned to me and said “I’m so horny, there better be loads of dirty whores where we are going”,  i replied “there is mate, i promise you’ll get to shoot your load all over a little cock slut.”


The week passed relatively quickly, as we had drank from the moment we woke up and carried on till we passed out and then repeated the same process again day after day.  For some unknown reason there was about 20 guys to every girl in the resort and although it had been pointed out to me on numerous occasions, i had escaped with no real punishment.


It soon came round to the last night before we left and we had decided to have one massive blow out before catching the plane home in the morning and everyone returned to their rooms to get a shower prior to going out.


I finished in the shower dried myself off, wrapped the towel round my waist and headed back to the sleeping area. When i opened the shower room door i noticed that John was sat on my bed and the rest of the rugby team where sat around the room, waiting to go out.  “fucking hell you lot got ready quick, i wont be a minute” i said, John replied “me and the lads where talking, and were not very happy” “why what’s the matter” i replied. 

John leaned back onto his elbows, and said “Well before we came out here we gave you one requirement that had to be met, and, i haven’t see any dirty whore, have you”.  “I don’t know what to say pal, everything i read on the net says it should be full of them” John looked around the room glancing at all the other players and said “you don’t have to say anything”, and he reached down towards his crotch, “but a promise is a promise and you promised me a cock slut” he slowly started unzipping his jeans.


I stood there confused not quite knowing what was actually happening, i glanced down as john pulled his massive cock out of his jeans, we all knew from the after game showers that he had the biggest cock on the team but no one had ever seen it erect before, it was easily 10inches long and 3inches thick.

I looked backed up to see a sadistic grin on his face at which point one of the players who was sat behind me tugged at the towel from around my waist disrobing me in one smooth motion as another player shoved me in the back propelling me towards john.


I fell onto my hands and knees on the bed with johns cock twitching inches from my face, i looked up at john and he said “you promised me a cock slut, now start sucking.”  I looked around the room hoping to see everybody laughing, but all i saw where eighteen players looking back grinning.  I looked back at john laughed and began to push myself upright, still convinced this was a wind up. 

Then i felt johns hand on the back of my head and he began pushing me back down towards his cock.  I struggled against him, but he was too strong and before i knew it the head of his penis was rubbing against my lips. I kept my lips shut as tight as possible trying to twist and move my head to stop him taking it any further, john had other ideas though and pinched my nose closing off my airways. 

“This is happening, whether you want it to or not” john said, i held my breath as long as i could, but eventually i had to gasp for air and as soon as i opened my mouth john released his grip on my nose and pushed me down on his cock. 

As soon as his cock had passed my lips there was a flash of light and one of the lads in the room shouted out, “if you stop now, ill email this photograph to everyone you know, carry on and the only people who will ever find out are the people on the room” john held me in that position for a few seconds whilst i thought about it.


I couldn’t let the photograph get out, it would ruin my life.  So i reluctantly started to suck johns cock, the taste and smell was intoxicating and before long i had forgotten what i was doing, i could hear john moaning and he began thrusting his hips up forcing his cock further into my mouth.  The sensation was amazing and i began to play with johns balls with my other hand, forgetting all about the audience that we had. 

John shouted “fuck im gonna cum” grabbing the back of my head again he thrust his cock all the way down my throat and began shooting his load.  He held me down on him shooting stream after stream down my throat, i struggled for air and he let go of the back of my head, i took a quick breath and on seeing that he was still ejaculating i put his my mouth over the tip of his cock and carried on sucking until his cock started to go soft. 

I looked up towards john and he looked back down at me, and using his index finger began scrapping all the cum that had leaked onto my cheeks back into my open mouth “saying you fulfilled your promise, i’ve shot my load all over a little cock slut” he then put his finger in my mouth and i sucked it clean.


All of a sudden i became very self conscious, realising what had just happened.  I looked around the room to see that the other players where sat around me, some clothed some not, but all of them were stroking there cocks.  John got up off the bed and i started to sit upright, but john pushed me back down saying “Stay where you are, you’re not finished yet, you let the WHOLE team down, not just me”


At this point one of the other players walked towards me and lied down on the bed, i thought about protesting, but, i was glad it wasn’t over, i fell forward onto all fours again and looked up at the player in front of me smiled and started to lick the head of his penis rolling my tongue around before taking his entire length in my mouth, my throat was a lot more relaxed now and i began deep throating him, every so often i would go back to licking the head of his penis. 

The other players had now begun to cheer me on and one of them had decided he couldn’t wait any longer and had moved into position behind my arse, he knelt down at the foot of the bed so that his face was eye level with my arsehole and stuck out his tongue and started to caress my hole with the tip of his tongue. The sensation was unbelievable and i began to push back to meet his tongue. 

After a couple of caresses i felt his hands on my arse cheeks as he parted them, then his tongue penetrated my arse, he swirled it around inside this sent me into a frenzy and i began sucking the guy who was lying down’s cock, like my life depended on it. Before long his cock started to throb and he began shooting his cum in my mouth, at which point the guy behind me stood up and began to press the head of his penis against my arsehole, due to all the lubrication it only took a little bit of pressure before he entered me.

I kept sucking the penis in my mouth to it was completely clean, as the guy behind me gradually started thrusting harder and harder, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me back to meet him.  Once the players whose cock i was sucking was clean he rolled out from underneath me and another took his place. This time i sucked his cock for a little bit before raising his legs and tonguing his arsehole whilst wanking him off, all the time the guy behind me was fucking me harder and harder. 

The guy who i was wanking off screamed “i’m gonna cum, swallow my cum you dirty bitch” at which point i stopped licking his arsehole and deep throated his penis swallowing as much cum as possible. This was enough to push the guy fucking me over the limit and he began to groan as he shot his cum deep into my arse.  Once they had finished and began to move away i looked over to the other players and said “so whose next then”.


This continued till all the players had cum and left, leaving me in a heap covered and filled with cum.

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