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Categories: Oral Sex, Anonymity
Tags: bar pick up Public fuck BJ Strangers
Location: A Bar
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

Not a single person in the bar could say they didn't notice you when you walked into the bar that night. The buzz of conversation dimmed briefly, those speaking momentarily distracted by the promise scarecly concealed beneath your tight white dress.

Men gazing with wanton desire. A nudge here, a whisper there. From the women, warning looks at their men followed by an envious, humbled and admiring glance in your direction.

The humidity in the room mirrored the moistness between your legs, the pressure forced up by the heartbeats and swelling of every man in there that was thinking of what it would be like to fuck you right there, right now. The smell of your seeping pussy mingled with the perfume that had fallen on your tanned skin a moment earlier.

My own cock bulged as I sat on the stool at the end of the bar. I remember watching you order a drink in hushed tones. My eyes following your curves, my heart pounding and my head spinning as I peeled away the slutty little dress that was the only thing between me and the scorching heat and the scent of your body. Your clearly visible nipples seemed a clear indication of your intention to be fucked.

Condensation rolled down your untouched glass, as the juice flowing between yourlegs while you got off on getting mind-fucked by the dozen or so working men and professionals who were realising that they had been waiting for this moment every night as they sat in the bar.

With every approach, you gave a flash of the eyes, a lingering look, the promise of those cherry red lips decorating their shaft. But after every exchange your eyes hardened, and their face fell and they walked away content that they had dared to have a shot. My eyes stayed fixed on you, and it became more clear with every failed chat-up-line that you were close to orgasm the moment they walked away, your lower lip, gently bitten, betraying the surge of sexual extasy that coursed through your spine.

I was matching you round for round. When you glanced at me as you passed me on the way to the bathrooms, I braced myself and watched you walk slowly to the door, staring at your barely covered ass hard enough to notice your glistening inner-thigh. I rose unsteadily to my feet and quickly followed you, my thoughts unclear.

You stood at the far end of the hall, your back to the wall, your form illustrated by the light from the dim, bare bulb above you.

I noticed your painted nails massaging your pussy, as you fingered your swollen clit and savoured the sticky moistness. Your body twitched as you reached the start of your climax, just as you felt a hand on your tit and the head of my cock slowly penetrating your tight hole. You stifled a cry as your orgasm built to a second level, your body twitching and knees buckling as the fireworks blasted in your pussy and your brain, each one maintaining your climax. My pumping grew harder as my own body tensed, my subconscious praising the ferocity of your sexuality in a language my blown mind could not comprehend.

You were doe-eyed when I turned you around. Your strong eyes now half dazed and half pleading.

You feel another surge as you drop to your knees and recognise once more the sweet taste of pussy in your mouth, and you greedily suck it from me and watch my head fall back as begin to moan, my legs tense against your fingers and my hands encouraging you to take me in your mouth. It seems like an eternity before my eyes, now looking worshipingly at you performing your magic, roll back, and a hot jet fills your mouth.  

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