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Location: My House
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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The other day I left work early to surprise my wife with some fun When I got close to home I decided to park around the side of the block so she would not hear my motorcycle when I parked. I began walking towards my house when I realized there was car parked in front of the house that I did not recognize; I didn’t think much about it I just assumed it was someone visiting one of the neighbors. When I got to the door I heard my wife talking and moaning. I decided to look in the window there was a small crack in the drapes, and when I did I saw a man eating my wife’s pussy, I could see her juices dripping on to the floor. I have seen my wife squirt many times. After a few more minutes I saw the man move away a few inches, as my wife was spray her pussy juices all over his face and shirt covered chest. He then removed his shirt; his body looked like it was sculpted out of stone. My wife had always implied that she did not like men built like that. He then went back to hungrily eating her sopping wet pussy like a man who has not eaten in a very long time.

My wife had her lover by the back of the head driving here sloppy wet cunt into his face; cumming like I had never seen her cum before. I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was excited by the way that she was moaning and gyrating her hips into his face. After her next explosion she lifted him up and began kissing him on the lips and all over his dripping wet face.


She then removed his pants revealing a small pair of bikini underwear, in which I could see he was very well endowed. She set him down on the couch and began kissing him all over his face and hard body. She was licking and biting all over his chest and nipples. All the time she had her hand between his legs rubbing his cock. I could hear him whimper and moan when she would squeeze his cock. She then lowered herself down to her knees and began to kiss his inner thighs and around his cloth covered cock while playing with his balls. I could see by the look on the man’s face that he was completely enjoying the way in which my wife was teasing his manhood.

Then she pulled down his underwear and his cock sprung out. It was huge, at least 14 inches, I could see by the look on my wife’s face that she was very excited, but afraid of the sheer size of the man’s beast. She immediately began to lick and nibble on his cock when she licked to the base his cock stood up over the top of her forehead. She then placed his balls in her mouth while she stroked his giant cock, she could not even completely close her hand around it, as her fingers did not make it all the way around. It had to be the size of a beer can around. My wife then began to put his cock in her mouth.

My wife is one of the best cocksucker’s on the planet. That being said she was only a little past his huge dickhead before I could tell she was beginning to gag on his cock, but being the trooper she continued to try and take as much of it down as she could; she made it pretty far down so that only an inch or two were showing. It was at this point that I realized I a raging erection of my own. I could not believe how excited I was watching my wife pleasure another man. My wife being the perfectionist she is kept bobbing up and down on his cock like a crazed nymphomaniac. He had placed his hand on the back of her head, but he was not pushing down very hard on her.

After about twenty minutes I could see him tense up and his face crunch. I could tell he was cumming, I could see my wife swallowing and swallowing after a few good mouthfuls she moved here head away and he shoot a huge amount of his hot sticky cum on my wife’s huge 38 dd tits. She had cum dripping out her mouth because of how much the man had cum.


To my surprise, and my wife’s he did not even soften up a little. He lifted her up and pulled her onto his lap. They began kissing as she started to climb on top of his gigantic cock. I could see a look of pain on her face as she began to slide down on the huge pole. It looked like she was being impaled on a stack of beer cans. She could only get down about half way, but she kept trying to go further as she rocked up and down on his cock. After a few minutes he told her to get on her knees on the floor; he then kneeled behind here. I was so glad that she was facing at an angle towards the window, so that I could see the entire event. He slid his cock into her waiting pussy; I could tell that she was being stretched by this giant pole.

He started off slow and soft. After a few minutes he had grabbed her by the hips and was forcing his cock as far as it would go into her. I could hear her screaming in ecstasy every time he pushed into her. I could she was beginning to tremble as wave after wave of orgasm crashed into her body like a tsunami hitting the shore. He was pounding her like a cheap slut for about thirty minutes when he began to tense up. He rammed his cock into her as deeply as he could, he came so much that when he pulled his cock out his cum dripped out all over the floor. They collapsed onto the floor in a pile; they began to kiss some more. After a few minutes they got up and he began to dress.


I decided to leave, so I went and hoped on the motorcycle and went for a fifteen minutes.  I was so excited about going home and eating my wife’s swollen abused pussy, but I did not want her to be aware that I knew. I waited a few more minutes to be sure that she had time to clean up and get here lover out of the house. When I arrived home about twenty minutes after I saw the man getting dressed, I got home and went right into the house. My wife was just coming down from the shower. The smell of sex was very heavy in the air. My wife said “How come you are home early?” I told her that “I had been thinking about her all day and needed to come home and have her.”

I could see that she was very nervous, probably because she was afraid I would discover what she thought was her “not so little” secret. Before she could come up with an excuse I grabbed her and began to kiss her very deeply; the whole time thinking about the huge cock that was in her mouth only a short time ago. I slid my hand inside her robe and began to squeeze and caress her tits; I could tell she was still completely aroused by what happened. She let out a soft moan and my cock sprung to attention. I moved her gently down onto the couch in the same place he had her and continued to kiss her passionately and play with her tits.

I then slid down and began to suck and bite on her nipple, which we so hard they seemed like rocks. I began to rub her pussy, as I slipped my finger into her pussy, secretly hoping to still feel some of his hot cum in her pussy. I could feel how swollen her cunt was, I so totally excited knowing that she had been fucked like a virgin on prom night by a guy who could put a horse to shame. I then slid down and began to eat her swollen pussy; I could not help but notice that her twat smelled of salt. It made me eat her pussy more aggressively, which made her cum very breathlessly; I could not wait to stick my cock into her very tight swollen pussy.

I slid up and began to kiss her as I stuffed my cock into her pussy. I could feel how stretched out she was inside even though her lips were swollen and very tight around my cock. I was still so excited by what I saw that it did not take very long for me to pump more hot cum into her very used pussy. When I pulled my cock out her pussy I grabbed the back of her head and rammed it onto her throat. The thought of her sucking my cum and another man’s cum off of my cock made me hard again. So I fucked her face until I came down her throat.


I cannot wait until I have the chance to catch her playing again. I do not even know if she has ever done anything like this again. But there are many times I want to talk her into inviting another man into our bedroom so that I can watch up close and maybe even join in and have her completely used in one single session.


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