"Playful Night for Friendly Foreplay" A Newspaper   added 5 years ago
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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur, The Fetishists, Identified partner, Masturbation
Tags: fetish newspaper fourplay
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I sat in the living room with my girlfriend, awaiting the arrival of our lady friend.  I have my newspaper in hand and searching through the classifieds.  I feel my cock as it becomes fully erect, from holding the pages close to me.  My girlfriend starts to watch a movie and asks if I will put my newspaper down to watch it with her.  I do so, for her, though I am enjoying my newspaper at its best.  An hour later, we get a knock on the door.  I get up to answer it.  As I opened the door, our friend stood in the hallway waiting to be invited in.  “Come in!” I say.  “Hi Josh!” she greeted me.  And my girlfriend and I greet her back, as well.  I offer her some pizza we had for supper and a can of soda.  “Soda would be nice.  I brought your favorite Ezra Brooks Bourbon!” she said with a smile.  I thank her, before offering to pour a glass for the ladies.  However, I end up being the only one to sip from Kentucky’s finest. 

We sat in the living room, and start a conversation. 
“So, what’s new?” my girlfriend asks our friend.  “Nothing much.  Work, as always.”  She replied.  We had all worked at the same place, at one time.  The conversation switches to discussions about the movie my girlfriend and I were watching.  Our friend looks to the table to see my newspaper wide open.  “I was enjoying the classifieds, till she asked me to watch the movie with her.” I stated. Our friend knows about my fetish and she enjoys teasing me about it.  “I’m sure you have enough time, later tonight to catch up on your ‘reading’!” she says with a devilish grin.  “Oh!  I’m sure I will!” I blush with my reply. 

She waits a moment and then picks up the newspaper from the table.  With newspaper in hand, she looks to me with that same grin and places through her top and rubs her breasts.  I squeeze my legs together to contain my erection.  I act out a playful cry, as I wish to play with that newspaper, later that night.  “This must be turning you on, huh?” she asks.  “Yes ma’am!” I say in submission.  My girlfriend giggles from the other side of me.  Our friend pulled the newspaper from her bra and tossed it to the table as if the feeling of newspaper on her breasts did not arouse her.  This only makes me hornier, as I try to contain myself even more.

We turned our attention back to the ending of the movie.  Once the movie had ended, by this time, I am buzzed from the bourbon.  The ladies know this and as a result, they conspire to tease me, together.  I see them looking at each other, laughing and each grabbing a page from the newspaper.  Touching their breasts with it and pretending to orgasm at the same time.  I squeeze my legs tighter.  My cock is becoming hard as stone.  Soon, I jump up from the couch.  The girls giggle together, knowing what I am about to do and they hand me their newspapers.  I grab the rest of them from the table and head to the bedroom for some play time. 

I lay the clean papers on the bed and lay on top of them.  I take a page and poke a round hole to place my hard cock through.  And I wrap it around me.  I place another sheet on my chest.  And with the girls’ newspapers, I cover my face and wrap up my cock.  Slowly I began to masturbate myself with the newspapers.  Moments later, I hear the girls walking in through the door.  Giggling, as they watch me stroke myself with the newspapers that they had rubbed on the breasts.  I hear them pressing record on their digital cameras and snapping pictures with their camera phones.  I feel them as they sit on each side of the bed.  I continue, slowly.  “What’s under there?  We want to see.”  My girlfriend says.  Her and our friend poke their finger through the hole of the newspaper around my cock.  And with a slow curious pull, they rip the newspaper off of my waist.  I breathe harder and harder. 

I stop for a second and try to take the sheet of newspaper from my face.  “No.  Leave it covered.  We want to play with you!” our friend says.  I feel them grabbing my hands and cuffing them to the headboard to secure me.  They grab the corners of the newspaper.  Forcing the newspaper down, tight enough to keep my head in position.  I cannot move, nor can I see.  I only hear them as they take turns grabbing the newspaper wrapped around my cock.  They rub it up and down my shaft with such gentle grip.  And my pre cum fills my cock tip.  I breathe harder, taking in the scent of the newspaper as it fills my lungs with its aroma.

  I start to moan and they moan with me.  Stroking me faster and faster.  My cum flies onto the newspaper covering every word.  They continue to stroke me, even after I have released myself onto the newspaper.  After awhile, I feel them get up from the bed.  “We should just leave him lay there.  What do you think?” our friend asks my girlfriend.  “I think we should!  Good idea!  Goodnight, hun!” my girlfriend says.  They turn out the light and leave me covered with newspapers.  My cum, drying and sticking the newspaper to my cock shaft.  I was rendered helpless and in the dark. Covered with my fetish.  Later on that night, my girlfriend comes to bed.  She kisses the newspaper covering my lips and turns around to fall asleep with me on top of the newspaper. I am stuck like this, till the next morning.

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