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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, The Audience / Voyeur, Anal Sex
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

I’ve dream of this Baby,’ he whispered as he slowly drew the plug from my rear, making my body shudder with renewed pleasure.

It was too much, I moaned on a protest as I felt the cool slick application of the lubrication there once again. ‘I’ve waited a long time, baby’ he growled, moving behind me now, one hand pulling the cheeks of my rear apart. ‘Too long for this’

He sank in slowly, easily. My cries were more guttural now. I was distantly shocked at the sounds as I felt him slide to the hilt inside me. Finally, agonizingly, burning aware of the tight fullness, the rush of blood as I lifted my hips, I took all of him.

Ryan lay over me, his weight braced on his elbows at my shoulders as his lips ran a line of kisses over my shoulder. ‘You’re so tight’ he whispered hotly ‘So damned tight and hot I won’t make it long’

As he started to thrust slowly, one hand moved beneath my body, his long fingers seeking the slick flesh of my vagina, and then two fingered were plunging inside me in time to the heated thrusts burning me alive from behind. I tightened around him, driving him deeper, whimpering as I felt a crescendo of pleasure unlike anything I had know. I was drowning in it, burning alive as he began to move faster, harder. His fingers filed me, his cock destroyed me. My vision grew hazy as fire spread along my body, drawing me taut with need, frightening me with its extremity.

Don’t fight it, Baby’ Ryan panted in my ear as I began to toss in fear ‘I’m here, baby. I’ll hold you. Just let it have you, Baby. Let it have you.’

I didn’t have a choice. I wanted to scream, but as the orgasm raced through my body, I couldn’t find the breath to emit that desperate cry. Then Ryan’s fingers were plunging one last time and I toppled over the precipice. I stiffened, tightened on his thrusting cock, his long fingers further, relishing the drawn out moan of surrender, as I felt harsh, hot jets of his sperm releasing into my body. 


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