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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex, The Audience / Voyeur
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Agressive

 Ryan went to the chair by the bed, aware that any movement from there could be seen from the window.

Come here’ he motioned me forward with his hand

I glanced nervously at the window

Don’t worry about the window. Worry about me, baby’ he ordered

My eyes flew to his, widening at the dark promise in his voice.

Come over here, now. This is the last time I ask you nicely’ he patted his thigh

Licking my lips nervously, I walked over to him.

I stop directly in front of him, trembling. Ryan enjoys how my nipples hardened, pointing out to him with need.  Even more, he loved the glaze of moisture that built on the bare lips between my thighs.

His hand reached, his finger running to his mouth, sucking the cream from it in pleasure. “You’re wet, you want me Baby’

He watched me breathe harshly. “You’re scaring me’ I whisper

A little fear is good for you’ he moved, pulling the drawer to the bedside table out. There, nestled in silk was a new dildo he had purchased for me, several plugs and other assorted devices and serial tubes of lubricants. I gasp out loud

Lay across the bed, with your hips raised’ he ordered softly. ‘Head down to the mattress´

Ryan’ I couldn’t take my eyes from the articles in the drawer.

The plug you bought was too small, Baby’ he explained softly ‘When I take your ass, I want you open ad ready. I don’t want to hurt you. So we’re going to get you ready for it’

‘Close the curtains’ I asked ‘Please don’t let others see this’

Ryan thought about the request for about a second. But he saw the moisture building between my thighs and knew I was turned on by the thought.

Every time you tell me no, someone will see your punishment. Usually Sam and Dave (his best friends). I’m letting you off easy this time, baby. Now lay across the bed before you make me mad’

My eyes flared with arousal. The deep blue color darkened, deepened until he could see the need pulsing in me.

you wouldn’t’ I whispered faintly ‘I would’ he growled harshly. ‘Now do as I say before I have to prove it and have Dave come over.’

I did as he ordered. Turning I got on my knees at the edge of the mattress, my head on the comforter, my hips raised high.  Ryan liked the idea of others seeing what was about to happening. Mmm

He pulled the tender cheeks apart as he lifted a tube of lubrication. I was shaking, but the moisture from my pussy had already coated the crack. I was so aroused.

Slowly Ryan, lubricated the little hole, his fingers stretching me, ignoring my moans now, the little shifts of my hips and the muscles flared around his fingers, then relaxed, stretching easily.  When he could safely thrust two fingers into me with no resistance, he picked up the thick butt plug and lubricated it heavily.

This will pinch first, you’re not used to anything this large’ he explained as he laid the head of it at my opened anus. I want you to breathe deeply, push out and try to relax. Okay Baby?’

“Ryan” my voice was filled with hesitancy

Answer me. Okay?’ his voice became sharp and hard. ‘Okay’ I answered quickly

I’ll know if I’m hurting you, Baby. Trust me to do this’ He began pushing it slowly into me.

I moaned as my hole widened for the toy, breathing deeply as he ordered, pushing against the invasion. Then the sounds became louder, higher as the thickest portion began to enter my ass.

This is nearly as thick as my cock. It will get you ready’ he told me, his own breathing harsh now. ‘When it is removed, baby my cock will slide easily into you, without pain’ he pressed the base in, hearing me cry of pained pleasure as it finally lodged behind the tight ring of muscles that would hold it.

Ryan looked down as the flat wide bottom that held it securely outside my body. His thighs clenched at the thought of how tight I was holding the plug, my muscles gripping it, hot and tight. He brought his hand down on the cheek of my ass with a small smack. I cried out, but didn’t try to move. Again he treated the other cheek to the same treatment. I was gasping, but still on my knees.

You like that’ His hand cupped my pussy, feeling my juice, thick and hot against it. I was soaked He smacked me again, bringing another cry from my throat. He repeated the small punishment several times, watching my cheeks flush. When he stopped, I was moaning loudly with each slap, my cheeks clenching over the plug, buried deep in my ass, my cream now coating my thighs.

Stand Up’ he moved away from me then, going to the chair as he removed his jeans. I faced him as he kicked the material from his legs, his cock swinging free and standing stiffly away from his body.

He sat back down in the chair and motioned for me forward. I moved timidly, obviously not used to walking with the plug stretching me so tightly. 


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