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Categories: Oral Sex
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Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I’m laying there naked and waiting for him. My lips glisten with moisture, swollen and full from his kisses; my deep blue eyes are dark and glittering with need. He can could feel his erection throbbing with need, pulsing with demand.

  He watched his breathing harsh, overly loud in the silence of the bedroom as I slowly went to my knees before him. Lon, long black curls tangled in his hands as moist heated lips closed over the head of his cock. He growled fiercely as lighting raced up the length of his flesh and seared his belly. His scrotum tightened painfully, his erection throbbed with the pent up need to spew itself into the tight, waiting depths of my mouth.


“Suck it” he whispered, his voice sounding demented even to his own ears. “Suck it baby”


He was thrusting slowly into my mouth, groaning at the sucking sounds I made, at the tighten of his body. He wanted it to last forever. He wanted the pleasure to never end. It was incredible, my mouth so tight and hot, my tongue licking over him, a wash of searing agonizing joy.


He looked down at me, watching as my mouth tighten on him, barely taking half his length, her mouth stretched over his flesh, my checks hollowing as I drew on his cock. I wanted it and wanted him thrusting into me until he released every drop of his seed into my awaiting mouth.


He thrust harder, faster, feeling the moan that came from my throat, echoing along his shaft. It made his body shudder. My hands were on his scrotum now, tightening, stroking him, my mouth suckling him until he was crazy to release.


“I’m going to cum…” his thrust harder against my mouth, feeling the moist, heated motions increasing as my tongue flicked over his flesh. “”I’m going to cum, baby”


He thrust harder, his breathing ragged, hard. Then his hands tighten in my hair, dragging my mouth further over him, thrusting as far as the shallow depths of my mouth would allow before spewing his load down my throat. Spurt after spurt of hot sperm shot from the tip of his erection as I sucked harder, faster determined to drain every drop of his seed from his body….

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