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You open your door and much to your surprise, I am standing there in a Santa suit holding a bag of “goodies”.  
 “I’ve already been to see the nice girls and now I’m treating the naughty ones” I remark with a smile.  “And since you are the first on my list I wanted this to be very special”.

I step inside, you close the door behind me, wrap your arms around me and present me with a luscious kiss.  Your playful manner tells me we are in for a wonderful evening of loving as we embrace and explore each other’s mouths in a most passionate kiss.  

“What is in the bag Santa?” you ask with a grin. 

“Well, for starters some candles and bubbly”, which I pull from the bag and hand to you.  You proceed to the kitchen for glasses while I light and place the candles strategically around the bed and await your return.  You open the bottle and pour each of us a glass and we drink a toast to one another.  

“What else do you have in that bag for me Santa?”  

“Lets see, oh yes.  How about a delicate little nightie for my precious little lady” as I pull a silky little teddy from the bag and hold it up to you.  

“That looks quite comfy should I try it on?”  

“Oh yes, I insist, must make sure it fits and Santa surely needs to know if my little princess looks as she should in it”.

With this you take it and leave the room.  I pour us another glass and sit in the overstuffed love seat beside the bed.  You enter the room and look so absolutely beautiful standing there in the candlelight.  All of your features are so wonderfully accented and my level of excitement is heightened beyond description.  I stand and offer you another glass of champagne and we enjoy this, smiling as I continue to admire your lovely body.

“OK Santa, what else is in that bag for me?”

“Well my dear I think you had better sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you would like”.  So we set our glasses aside, I sit down as you sit upon my lap, lay against me and our lips meet.  I am so turned on by you and I lick your lips and dart my tongue in and out of your mouth.  Your tongue greets mine and we let them entwine as I caress your arms and shoulders.  I run my hand along your side then I fondle your breasts through the material of your negligee, gently pinching your nipples and they harden to my touch.  My reach moves to you stomach and then along your leg then to your inner thighs. 

You shift, opening you legs and inviting my touch under the nightie and on to your precious sweet pussy.  You are so very wet and the lubrication makes it so easy to slide my fingers along those luscious lips.  The silk of the material is making this an even more erotic.  Tenderly, I touch your clit, this is stirring even more passion within both of us.  I hold it between two fingers while running the middle finger over it masturbating you in a motion that is massaging your entire pussy.  I slide my finger in and out of you, carefully sliding it across your clit with each insertion and you writhe at my touch.  Our kisses continue and our passion is increasing by the minute.  Santa now has a full erection and this Santa suit is getting very uncomfortable.  

You separate from me and tell me, ”Santa, I want you naked now”.

 “I wouldn’t want to disappoint a pretty  girl like you so I had better get out of this old suit as quickly as I can then”.  You are already unbuttoning my coat and we pull it off.  You slide off of my lap and go to your knees on the floor in front of me.  Unbuckling my belt you now open my pants as I raise my hips allowing you to pull them down.  My cock is hard as rock and right at your mouth and you don’t even hesitate taking it.  Your lips cover my head and feel so smooth against me.  You cradle my balls in one hand while massaging my shaft up and down with the other as you lick and kiss and open your mouth to taste and take me in.  Over and over again you draw me in and out gently sucking on me with such delicate skillful action. 

Licking me like you would a lollipop your tongue glides the length of my shaft and each time you repeat this you suck me deep in your mouth when reaching my tip.  You work so well on me and watching you loving on me is absolutely wonderful visual stimulation.  I caress your neck and shoulders, run my fingers through your hair and I want to touch more of you.  I want to caress your breasts and legs and sides and face and every inch of you.

I am so aroused at this point I will soon be giving you a gift to swallow but I don’t want that, at least not now.  I reach down and lift your chin to look in your eyes and I say with a smile, “you certainly are a naughty little lady and I think Santa will have to punish you for this”. 

You smile in return and reply, “Oh yes please, I deserve severe punishment, I have been so bad”.   “What is my punishment Santa?” you ask.

“Well, I think a good spanking is in order for one thing and after that I may have another present for you if you will help Santa get his boots and pants off.”  

With that you immediately remove my boots and then slide my pants from my legs.  Standing before me you let the straps of your nightie drop one then the other, it falls to your ankles and you step out kicking them to the side.   Now you move to lie across my lap, bending your legs, you place them between my legs, with your shins against love seat arm.  You make yourself comfortable resting your arms against the other arm of the seat then reach back and guide me into the depth of your body. 

In this position you are able to rock across me and I have full access to deal the “punishment” you so badly want.  It is so wonderful to have your heat surrounding me and you are able to push against me driving me a deep as possible.  I give you a soft slap on your butt and you respond with a whimper even though I know you are not in any pain.  Another crack of my hand on your butt and massaging of your buttocks follows and another and another.  Each slap stings just a bit and I can tell you are becoming quite aroused since your sighs and movement increase in frequency and speed.  I feel as if I am touching you inside in places I have never been before as my cock is being thrust back and forth within you jabbing and sliding against the walls of your pussy.  

“Oh my pretty little girl, Santa forgot another thing for you”, as I reach in my bag to retrieve the bottle of flavored massage oil I have.  Looking back to see what I have a look of delight appears in your eyes as I pour some in my hands and the scent of berries fills the air.  I warm the oil between my hands and begin applying it to you.  One hand moves to your shoulders and across your neck while the other is between your legs.  Pressing firmly against your flesh the lubrication created by the oil is so sensual you feel relaxed at my touch and titillated deep inside. 

You sigh with pleasure as you continue to rock back and forth in complete control of how I am and where I am inside you.  My hand has now covered you entire back and moves up and down, kneading your muscles all the while.  I reach between your legs and spreading my fingers, I run them along both sides of my cock and against your swollen, wet, pussy lips adding even more sensation to our activity.

I “slap” you once more and just as you are moving forward on me and I push your butt against me to drive myself deeper.   You whimper teasingly and ask, “please punish me more Santa?”

“Oh yes I must”, as my hand lands again.  I run my hand between your buttocks and legs and over your swollen pussy lips, repeating this over and over.  The sensation is stimulating every nerve within you and your arousal is intensifying with each penetration, each spank, each time my fingers run along the edges of your opening.  The pace quickens and you are moaning and sighing constantly now, moving closer and closer to final ecstasy.  My hand leaves your back and fondles your breasts which are swaying each time you rock.  The oil makes the sweet softness of your chest ever more tantalizing to my touch. 

I pinch your nipples playfully and with this a surge of joy is produced that sends “sparks” of energy directly to your pussy.  Nipples rock hard and you moan with approval as I continue to caress and spank and occupy your depths with my red-hot cock. You are rocking back and forth with a furious pace and my hands caress and continue to “punish” your behind.   You squall with delight as you reach orgasm and your body convulses uncontrollably but you continue to fuck yourself with me as best you can bringing yourself to one orgasm after another and I spank and spank your bottom with each shriek indicating to me you have cum again. 

As I let you pause to catch your breath I roll you over and say, “that was very bad and now I must punish you more”.  I get up and carry you to the bed.  After laying you down, I get more oil and climb on the bed straddling you.  I bring my cock to your mouth and you kiss me and take my head inside for just a moment then push it out with your tongue only to suck it in again.  I allow only a few moments of this and because I want to complete massaging you.

  Beginning at your neck and shoulders and then moving to your chest.  I cup and caress each breast, rolling your nipples between my soft slick fingers.  You close your eyes and are absorbing all this attention fully.  My cock is now cradled between your legs resting against your swollen clit.  I move my hips ever so lightly to masturbate you with the tip of my penis.  Oily hands now reach your belly and sides and your sighs of pleasure tell me this “punishment” is very effective. 

I move below you so I can massage your legs and my hands busily caress every inch right to your toes.  Along the outsides of your legs then to the inside of you thighs brushing but not touching pink flesh of your pussy.  After smothering you entirely with touch and oil I move below you and lifting your feet I lick and suck each toe carefully removing the tasty substance.

  I suck and lick each toe running my tongue between them, inserting each in my mouth where each is masturbated.  My tongue runs along the bottoms of each foot then to the top not missing any part all the while my hands move up and down and along whatever they can reach.  Up to your ankles to your calves and your knees my mouth busily sucks kisses and licks each and every bit of your flesh.  I put your legs down, press them together and move my tongue up and down each of your thighs until I am satisfied you have been covered by my mouth.  Tongue running between your legs I reach your wetness and spread it open with a deep penetrating lick. 

Spreading open your legs and beginning at the bottom of your pulsating love nest I eat you as deep within as I can, reaching to lick your entire pussy very deep between your legs.  My tongue twists and twirls along your lips, back and forth, up and down darting in and out of you and always returning to lick the juices produced from your clit.  I suck it between my lips and hold it there masturbating with flicks and firm tongue length strokes across its tip.

I feel you move to the side and looking up I see you wetting your hands with oil.  “Please move around so I can play with your “toy” Santa”.  I am happy to grant this wish and turn myself around allowing access to me.  In an instant you wiggle your head and shoulders between my legs and grab me with both hands.   They are so slippery as you wrap them around me and with twisting and tugging motions masturbate me wildly.  I feel intense arousal as you twist my head with lubricated fingers.  Guiding me to your mouth you kiss and lick my tip just before you pull me between your lips and into your mouth.

  My balls are being massaged by the fingers of one hand while the other moves up and down the length of the shaft.  Licking and sucking and nipping at me I can tell you love exciting me this way and I am especially excited with the sensation the oil has created. 

My balls feel like they are swollen and about to burst, the way you are twisting your hand around my shaft drives me nuts.  The warmth of your mouth drawing me in and out is perfect.  You slide your arms behind me and rub my buttocks and back and legs with oil.  My cock is being fully attended by you mouth, running your tongue the length, lip biting and kissing every inch.  You open wide and take one, then the other of my balls gently, sweetly sucking and loving each with your tongue, rolling them in your mouth.  You turn your head to the right then left and lick my thighs, sending a shock wave through me and I can feel myself twitch and harden even more and you giggle at my response to your tongue.  

I pause from “eating” you for a moment and tell you, “I have one more present for you, would you like to know what it is?”

Taking me out of your mouth, “Yes Oh Yes Santa”, comes your reply and you suck me deep down you throat again.  

I reach into the bag for the last time.  “I hope it is the right size, it is an 8”, I say, “and I think it will be perfect for a bad girl like you”.  

“What is it Santa?” you ask.  

I stop tonguing you for a moment, “you will soon know”, is my reply, “just keep doing what you are.  You take my cock in your hands, masturbate me and rub me over your face coating yourself with the scented oil from my shaft then suck me in, as deep and forcefully as you can.  I feel like you are going to suck my insides out, I’ve never had a head job done this well.  Burying my face between your legs I open you with my entire mouth and extend my tongue to touch you better than ever.

You have your legs spread as far apart as you can, wanting more of my tongue to please you.  I take your clit between my lips once and as you writhe in pleasure and I now insert the toy I have for you.  The vibrator’s slender tip easily enters you, sliding inside effortlessly because of the wet slick lubrication of your cum and the oil.  I penetrate it deeper and deeper sliding it in and out slowly and methodically.  I have now invaded your body the entire depth of your vagina and the dildo feels as if you could be no more filled.  I twist it around letting the ridges along its’ sides tantalize the tender tissue.  

You are sighing and moaning and having a difficult time attending to me and just as take me to the back of your throat I turn the machine on.  This sudden surprise seems to have startled you as the vibrations titillate you within and you react by clamping your legs, pressing my head between them and biting me at the same time.  You quickly settle and spread yourself open allowing yourself the experience of the most enjoyment and pleasure you have ever had.  While I lick, suck and eat at your clit, I slide the “toy” in and out, twisting it around inside you like a spinning top, the ridges along its’ length completely tantalize your privates.

As I continue to have my way with you orally and dildo fuck you I speed the action using the full 8 inches of its’ length burying it fully, completely withdrawing and then plunging it in again.  You have never felt such erotic activity or been so wonderfully cared for, clit being orally stimulated at the same time every nerve along the walls of your vagina are being activated by vibration and your pussy lips, titillated to near excess, feel swollen to a point of pleasure beyond description, completely and thoroughly attended inside and out, as if your entire body has become on big G-spot.  

The explosion welling up inside you is one beyond compare.  You can feel clitoral and vaginal ecstasy being attained simultaneously.  The pressure building within you is phenomenal and you can no longer stand it as you erupt, body thrashing uncontrollably, cries of ecstasy coming from your mouth and I work to drink down the explosion of juices pouring from within while manipulating the vibrator in and out, around in circular motions and in every direction I can manipulate it, wanting to make you the happiest woman on the earth.  You cum again and again and finally plead with me to stop and I do.  You try to continue licking and sucking my cock but can now do nothing but hold me with your hands and rub me against your face.  

I kiss your clit once more time, remove the “toy” and turn it off.  I move around and begin my way up your body.  I lick and kiss your belly and sides.  We are both so randy it is as if we are in another world.  My mouth kisses each breast lovingly covering each entirely and thoroughly.  One, then the other nipple is drawn into my mouth with tender sucking action and now my hands are between your legs opening them to allow my cock to enter you as my lips meet yours.  I slowly enter, parting you with the heat and hardness of my member.  You sigh and lick my lips and tongue eagerly and with tremendous emotion.  

I am absorbing the heat within you and you love the feel of my hot hard cock there.  There is no greater pleasure for me than to be nestled in your body immediately after you orgasm.  The soft, wet, hot flesh inside your pussy, surrounding me, teasing me, loving me, is pleasure beyond compare.  Looking in your eyes I see the joy I have created and we smile for each other. 

“Santa”, you say, “Now it’s time for you present”…………

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