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When i was 14, my uncle had this Filipino maid named Yvonne. She was around 28 years of age. I would see her whenever I went to his house, doing chores, working her ass off. She was very sexy, with her dark tanned skin, strong fine arms, irresistible legs, perfectly sized buttocks, hips, waist and breasts. Her long hair was either tied into a bun or a ponytail, and sometimes with a black hairband. I loved them all. Her body. Yvonne was quite tall and was the same height as I was back then, about 165 centermetres. I liked how her toned arms, flat, feminine abs and sexy legs were brought about by labouring and working away.

She always wore tight shortsleeved shirts and even tighter shorts that (much to my frustration) covered all of her thighs. Sometimes, as she was washing the dishes at the sink, I would pretend that I had to wash my hands as well so that I could sneak up from behind her, put my arms around her waist, and push my erect penis into her buttocks. Other times, I would time my visits to the toilet so that whenever she walked past, I would have 'just finished using the bathroom' and fling the door open, while not having put on my underwear, leaving my penis bare for her to see. Oh, how I enjoyed hearing her soft gasps of distress upon having 'accidentally' seen my semi erect penis. Most of all, I would grope her buttocks, thighs or even her crotch whenever I stood close to her or was walking past her.

She would get mildly irritiated from such advances and tried to keep her distance from me. I had even asked her for a lap dance once, but somehow, she refused to sit on my lap, probably because it was 'humiliating' for a grown woman of 28 to be sitting between a 18 year old legs. How I longed to just grab hold of her and she would hug me, put her hands on my face and we could kiss each other passionately. I apologise for such ramblings that may well be irrelevant. Hence, allow me to share what I fantasize of her nearly every night.
It's late. 10 PM, to be exact. I'm in my uncle's house and everyone is in the living room having a good time. I walk to the back of the house and smirk. Coast's clear. I knock on the door of Yvonne's room. She opens.
"Yes?" she asks. Yvonne is a little surprised to see me and goes on the alert.
I maintain a straight face, and say coldly. "I'll come in. Entertain me tonight."

She steps aside, nervously, to let me in before closing the door and locking it. I look around her room. The lighting is strangely romantic. This should be good, I think to myself. Nothing better than romantic, sexual intimacy with someone whom I do not have any real romantic attraction to, and vice versa. Yvonne stands at the side of the room, arms folded, a little displeased. I dont care. I walk around towards her slowly, looking her up and down, enjoying her figure. I lick my lips. I get behind her and hug her around the waist, grinding my hard penis against her butt. I put my head over her shoulder.

"Strip." She obeys without a word, taking off her shirt and her shorts. She begins to turn around and unbuckle her bra.

"Stop." I tell her as I move to a corner of the room and sit in a chair. "Sit here, bitch." I rub my palm over my crotch. She comes over and sits. As her butt inched closer towards my groin, my heart beat in anticipation of the pleasurable sensation that was to come.
"Ahh..." I moaned as I felt her ass covered only by her panties make contact with my erection. She leaned back on me, and i put my arms around her. I enjoyed this moment for a while longer before I told her to stand up. I stood in front of her and took her hand, putting her palms on my cheek. I leaned in for a kiss. She responded by opening her mouth slightly and moving forward, eyes closed. We kissed and groped and hugged. I was impressed that she was taking all this from me without a word. Finally, I put my hands on her bare shoulders and bade her remove her undergarments. She hesitated before unbuckling her bra. I marvelled at those tits of hers. My fingers reached out to touch them, pinch them and squeeze them. I kept running my hands over her body.
Lastly, she removed her panties, and as I saw her fuckable vagina, childbearing hips and shapely thighs, I told her, "They say a woman's body is a work of art, but yours... is a wonder of the world." I played with her pussy and stroked it fawningly. When she turned around I caressed and stroked her buttocks with erotic passion.
"Get on the bed. Lie down. Now." I barked at her. She did as I said, sighing as she knew what was to come.
I began stripping as well. "You're going to be a mother. Smile." I smirked as I removed my underwear. Now we were both naked, and my boner was harder than ever before. I crawled on top of her and penetrated her for the first time, slowly. We both moaned as my penis entered her vagina. Damn. I'm fourteen. She's twenty eight. We're having sex and making a baby. I didn't care. I continued to enter her until I ejaculated into her.
"It... is... over?" she said, panting. By now she was perspiring all over and panting like mad. I saw scratch marks on the sides of the bed, she was probably gripping it while experiencing the pain of getting penetrated. I went down and kissed her on the lips again. I smiled gently. "Yes..." Her face showed relief.
"...but not before you flip yourself over!" I shouted fiercely. I did not wait for a reaction and turned her body over on my own. My penis sprang back to life, and I began having anal sex with her, sticking my once again erect penis into her tight anus.

Throughout the night, the air was filled with the painful screams of Yvonne.

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