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Categories: Anonymity, Other women, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: wet wild
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

i meet a woman at a party. we are dancing and i notice that she is quite suggestive. To test, I brush my hand discreetly across her breast, then take a 2nd pass tweaking her nipple. I tease her and walk away. Later she finds me upstairs where I had repaired to smoke a joint. She and I are alone and begin to kiss. We are worried about getting caught, she slips me her phone # and asks me to meet the next evening.

The next day I take my time getting ready, rubbing lotion into every inch of my body, trimming my pussy hairs and powdering my body with a delicous musky talc. I put on my sexiest underwear and arivve at the Holiday Inn lounge, our prerranged meeting place shere she had secured a room. A lot of guys there are checking her out, she looks so hot. We share a drink and some giggles, me being first timer quite nervous, although she told me she had eaten pussy quite often. At the same time I felt emboldened and could tell how horny she was. I imagined how wet she would be.

As we are riding the elevator to the room I quickly finger her and am about to cum myself just from that alone. Once in the room we begin to kiss while I pull her clothes from her. She is wearing a sexy garter belt and her titties are bursting from her delicious push up bra. Her nipples are the swollen pointy kind, as I suck one of them she moans. I make her lay flat on her back while I take her arms and tie them to the headboard, then I gently kiss her face and tweak her other nipple, hard. I wish I had a dick so I could fuck her, I'm thinking, but her clit, so throbbing, is inviting my eagar tongue.

Eating pussy came naturally to me. I began with light kisses on her inner thighs while I very lightly ran my finger along her slit. I could feel the aching throb from clitoris and I knew she would begin to come the instant I touched it. Instead, I teased. I blew gently on her clit as I slowly spread her labia apart to a pussy so wet I thought she would gush. I inserted three, than fouur fingers in her and began to explore while I lowered my face to her delightful clit. I circled it with my tongue as she helplessly moaned, writhing her hips until I would stop, commanding her to be still. She learned quickly any movement on her part would result in my tongue retreating and her erotic agaony was becoming more than she could bear. She was dutiful and held still.

In defiance to make her break I began to flick my tongue in decisive strokes across her clit and with her pussy straining from the fingers pumping away, I could feel her begin to come whereupon I covered her clit with gentle wet laps prolonguing the orgasm and as she would relax I would make her come again. At that point she begged me to fuck her, telling me where to find her strapon. Having fantasized this many times it was easy for me to fit the dick onto me and I almost came when I inserted the part with the batteries. I quickly untied her and rolled her over where I fucked her from behind, swatting her fanny and pulling her hair as she begged me to do her harder, I quickly turned her over on her back and with her legs in the hair pumped her hard while I came so hard I thought I'd pass out.


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