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I pulled up into the driveway of my Mom’s house and switched off the engine. It’d been a long year at college and even though I’d had fun fucking and sucking most of the hot boys on campus I was glad to be home. My mom probably wouldn’t even notice or care that I was back, she was working all the time anyway, the real reason I was glad to be home was her boyfriend Steve. No one thought it would last since Steve was 21 and Mom was 40 at the time but somehow they’d managed to make things work. Because we were quite close in age Steve and I had always enjoyed a ‘special’ relationship, playful touches and cuddles, play-fights by the TV while Mom was at the office, that sort of thing.

I’d had boyfriends in but none of them had ever measured up to Steve and consequently none of them lasted very long. We both liked keeping fit and used to work out together, going for runs and hikes together up in the hills and doing laps together in the huge pool my mom had built in the backyard. Last summer just after I turned 18 Steve caught my swimming naked in the pool.

Mom was away on business and I thought Steve was at a friend’s house so after half an hour in the hot tub I stripped off and dived into the pool to cool off. It turned out Steve wasn’t at his friends and came out to see why the pool lights were on. My face flushed red with embarrassment as I saw him standing at the edge looking out at me. My naked breasts were bobbing just on top of the cold water which had made my pink nipples tight and hard. ‘Steve I thought you weren’t home’, I began shakily feeling vulnerable under his gaze. He stood and looked at me for a moment and we were both silent, I wasn’t sure if he was shocked or mesmerised.

‘You mind if I join you?’ he finally asked stripping off his clothes and jockeys before entering the pool and wading towards me. I let him take my virginity that night; he was gentle and patient giving me lots of soft tender kisses on my lips, neck and breasts. Taking each nipple in this mouth and sucking gently while stroking my sensitive clit. He backed me up against the side of the pool and held me there licking circles around my hard nipples and rubbing my clit until I came hard panting and writhing against him. Afterwards he showered me with more tender kisses all over my body.

When I was ready he led me to my bedroom and guided me to straddle him. I lowered myself onto his hard throbbing cock and he waited patiently as my tight virgin pussy struggled to get used to his huge girth. It was uncomfortable at first as my pussy felt stretched tight but he moved slowly giving extra special attention to my clit, rubbing and fondling to make sure I was wet enough to handle his cock. He built the pressure slowly and I gasped as I came all over his dick.

After that we were at it for the rest of the summer. Mom’s business trips just sort of blended into one another and she was hardly ever around. Steve and I took full advantage of this making love all over the house and garden. We tried every position we could think of and Steve brought toys to use in my pussy and on my clit while he was fucking me. My favourite was when he fucked me from behind making me take his entire length while buzzing my clit with a small vibe.

When we ran out of ideas we watched Steve’s porn for inspiration. We even took photo’s of Steve inside my pussy and made a film of me sucking his dick. At the end of the summer I was excited to start college but disappointed to be leaving Steve. My last night home I let Steve fuck me in the ass as a going away present. Afterwards he licked and sucked my pussy for what seemed like hours.

Since then I’d only been home once at Christmas but Steve had been working a lot during the holidays. We enjoyed each others bodies when we could but my visit seemed very brief. This summer however, we’d have the time to catch up and I couldn’t wait to get reacquainted with Steve’s hard toned body.

The house was empty just as I expected Mom had said she’d be home for dinner when I spoke to her earlier which was a first for her. I wondered where Steve was but busied myself getting settled and reasoned that I’d see him at dinner. At seven thirty I heard Mom come in.
‘I’m in here’, I called from the kitchen wondering what takeout she’d brought with her and was surprised to find that she was not alone.

‘Mom?’, I greeted her probably sounding a bit confused.
‘Lacey!’ she hugged me, ‘I’m so glad you’re home’.
‘What’s been going on?’ I asked expectantly.
‘Lacey I’d like you to meet Matt’. I looked at the stranger and we exchanged polite hellos. He was my Mom’s age and probably worked with her at the agency. ‘So how do you know my Mom?’ I made polite conversation.

There was a strange silence that followed. ‘Lacey, Matt and I have been seeing each other for a few months now.  ‘But what about Steve?’ I asked almost desperately.
‘We split up soon after Christmas’, my Mom explained, ‘We just grew apart honey, Steve was so much younger that me, Matt’s much more my speed’.

Well this was just fucking bullshit. Steve was the only reason I’d come home in the first place, what the fuck was I supposed to do here for months on end without him? It was all I could do to stop myself from demanding to know where he was and driving off to find him there and then.

The next few days were boring as fuck. Mom was busy at work as usual and I lazed around the house thinking of Steve and rubbing my clit. On Friday afternoon Mom called to say that things at work had gotten hectic and she wouldn’t be able to make dinner. I was due to go out with her at Matt to a restaurant in Calabasas.  Mom said she’d let Matt know so I went back to daydreaming about Steve.

Later that evening I’d just got back into the house after  a dip in the pool when I heard the doorbell. I threw on a thin robe and hurried to answer it, surprised to see Matt standing there. ‘Oh Matt, Mom probably didn’t get a chance to tell you but dinners been cancelled. ‘She called and told me’ Matt answered. ‘Ok……’ I said not really understanding why he was here. ‘I came to see you actually’ he said by way of explanation, ‘Thought we should have a chat, get to know each other a bit better’.

‘Oh that’s a nice thought but I’m afraid after Mom called I made plans with some friends’, I lied. I didn’t know Matt very well and he seemed like a nice guy and all but I had no intention of spending the evening talking to him. ‘Oh it won’t take long’, he said stepping into the house. Matt was my Mom’s age with graying hair at his temples, he was tall, thin an wiry but not a patch on Steve’s great body. To be honest I thought Mom was mad to let Steve walk away from her for this. Matt made himself comfortable in the living room and that pissed me off a bit as he’d said this wouldn’t take long. ‘So Matt’, I began trying to kick this off so he could get the hell out, ‘What’s going on?’

He smiled at me before he began, ‘I know we don’t know each other very well but I just wanted to say that I’m very fond of your Mother and she’s become very special to me over the last few months’. I nodded congenially. ‘I also know you were very close to Steve and hope that we can be just as close’.

‘Oh you know, Steve was a bit younger than Mom so we had a lot in common’, I said. I was still standing and Matt got up off the couch and crossed the living room to stand beside me. ‘I know you and Steve meant a lot to each other’ he said stroking my bare arm. I pulled away and looked at him oddly. ‘I don’t know what you mean?’ I shrugged. ‘Oh I think you do’, he said as he leaned forward to kiss my neck.

‘What the fuck!’ I pulled away from him violently, ‘What the fuck are you doing!’
‘You didn’t seem to mind when it was Steve’, he answered, his tone noticeably colder now. ‘I told you I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, I think you should leave now………. and I don’t think my Mom will be too happy to hear about this!’ I added for good measure. ‘I wouldn’t tell her about this if I were you’, he said searching in his bag for something. Until now I hadn’t even noticed the bag. He pulled out an envelope and handed it to me. Inside were photo’s of my and Steve in every position you could imagine. He’d even taken the liberty of blowing the close up of Steve’s dick inside my pussy to twice its size.

I froze as I realised what was happening. ‘There’s also a charming little video of you with Steve’s dick in your mouth’, he said handing me a disc. ‘Where……….where did you get all this?’ I stammered totally stunned. After Steve left it was a couple of weeks before he came to collect the last of his stuff. Matt explained that he’d found Steve’s old phone hidden beneath his sock drawer and wondered why it would be nestled away out of sight. ‘But Steve’s phone was password protected’, I said still not fully taking it in.

‘You really don’t pay attention do you, you self centred little slut!’, Matt began, ‘If you’d listened to a word I’d said the first time we’d met instead of hungering for your lovers cock you would know that I’m a technology specialist. I took the phone into the office and in a matter of minutes I’d cracked the code. Imagine my surprise at what I found’. I was still stunned and couldn’t speak. ‘To tell you the truth I was thinking of calling it quits with your Mother before I found this little gem but once I saw your full firm breasts and tight cunt I thought I’d stick around’.

‘Wh…..what do you want’, I stammered already having a good idea of the answer.
‘As I said your Mother means a lot to me and I wouldn’t t want anything to hurt her, I’m sure you feel the same’. When I didn’t answer he continued. ‘You will do exactly as I say and your Mother will never have to suffer the indignity of seeing your filthy pictures or watching you whore yourself on camera’. I was still shocked that this was even happening. ‘Take off that robe!’, he commanded. When I didn’t react he slapped me, ‘I said take of that robe!’

When I still didn’t move he tore the robe off me and threw it to the ground. ‘I’m not doing anything with you!’ I said firmly regaining my composure. ‘What choice do you have?’, he asked me, ‘If you don’t do exactly what I want your Mother will find out everything you did with her boyfriend’. I knew how much Mom loved Steve and how pissed she’d be at us both and I knew Matt had me where he wanted me.

‘Get your ass upstairs right now!’ Matt snapped. ‘I’m going to feed you my fat cock and you’re going to take it any way I want it!’ I was wearing just a white bikini now and began to slowly climb the stairs. ‘Hurry up!’ he snapped slapping my ass. Once I got upstairs I turned to go into my room. ‘Not there!’ he said directing me to Mom’s room. Once there he made me take off my bikini top then picked me up and dumped me unceremoniously onto the bed.

He climbed on top of me and began handling my breasts roughly, pinching and squeezing my sensitive nipples harder than I could take. I struggled underneath him which earned me another slap. ‘If you don’t behave yourself I can make this very unpleasant for you’, he told me, ‘But if you’re good I can make your tight little pussy explode with joy’.

‘I don’t want you!’ I spat at him defiantly. He tutted and shook his head. ‘I can see you’re going to need obedience training’, he said, ‘If you don’t learn quickly then we’re going to have to make our own little film so you can see where you’re going wrong. I stopped struggling and lay back defeated. ‘Take your panties off and lie back!’ he instructed. ‘Stick your titties out and spread your legs!’ I did as I was told while he jumped off me and quickly undressed before climbing back on top of me.

He got to work biting my nipples, I tried to move away but he roughly grabbed me and forced me back into position. His hands roamed my body insensitively and he bit down harder on my breasts while squeezing my ass hard. I could not believe this was happening but as he said, what choice did I have?

After a few more minutes of him pawing my chest his hands roamed down and he began to finger my pussy roughly. When he felt that I wasn’t wet at all he made me suck on his fingers while he slapped my breasts lightly then stuck his fingers up my pussy hard and fast. ‘You like that don’t you?’ he said while rubbing my breasts his other hand. When I didn’t answer he squeezed my clit hard until I said yes. It was then that he informed I would call him Master in the bedroom. ‘Yes Master’, I replied totally defeated and humiliated.

As he fingered me he lowered his mouth onto mine and started to kiss me. Horrified I kept my mouth closed but he twisted my nipple until I opened my mouth and took his tongue inside it. Honestly I had never been so repulsed in my life and the annoying thing was I only had myself to blame.

Matt could feel my pussy drying up with each stoke so he decided to change tack. He slid down to my breasts and began to lick and suck gently imitating Steve’s tongue circling round and round each nipple. I couldn’t stop my body from responding and to my further embarrassment I soon felt the slick wetness between my legs. Matt took his cock in his hand and slid the head up and down my pussy from slit to clit.

Once again I felt repulsed and tried to close my legs. ‘Don’t you dare!’ he commanded slapping my pussy with his open palm, ‘You keep that pussy spread wide open until I tell you otherwise!’ I opened my legs again and he continued sliding his cock up and down my wetness. I squirmed beneath him visibly disgusted but that just seemed to turn him on even more. After a few moments he hopped off me and stood over the bed cock in hand as if he was deciding what to do next. He walked over to me and held his cock over my mouth, ‘Suck it!’ he said before plunging it down my throat.

I gagged and struggled as he fucked my throat hard and fast, finding it even more distracting when he started to swat my tits with his hand. This went on for what seemed like ages and he only seemed to be getting bigger and harder. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore he withdrew from my mouth completely. I lay there for a moment trying to catch my breath and then he plunged into my mouth again driving his cock into the back of my throat and holding it there. He smiled at me condescendingly as I gagged then withdrew again and climbed on top of me.

After teasing the head of his cock against my clit a few more times he slid into me making me kiss him again as he did it, our tongues sliding against each other. He pumped in and out a few times before ordering me to wrap my legs around him. Reluctantly I did as I was told and he continued pumping away. After a few minutes he pulled out and made me pull my knees up so they were resting on my chest. Then he spread me wide and plunged into me again.

‘Yeah, that’s right’, he whispered as he was fucking me. ‘I want to fuck you deep in your tight little pussy’. He slowed down and looked into my eyes. ‘Oh Lacey, we’re gonna have some fun……….I’m gonna enjoy all the fun we’re going to have together. Do you like my cock Lacey? Huh? Do you like my cock?’ When I didn’t answer I got another tight slap. ‘Tell Daddy you love his cock!’, he demanded, ‘Tell him you can’t get enough!’

He raised his hand to slap me again before I piped up, ‘Mmmmm Daddy I want your cock so bad, don’t stop fucking me Daddy’. He was getting rougher with me now, fucking me harder and deeper. I could feel the head of his cock hitting my sensitive cervix with each thrust, it was getting really uncomfortable.

‘Oh Lacey, I’m gonna come’, he moaned into my ear, ‘I’m gonna come deep in your tight little pussy, I can’t wait to shoot my load deep in you’. He forced me to kiss him again moaning into my mouth but still it wasn’t over. His thrusts got faster and he lowered his head and bit down on my nipple ferociously as he emptied his balls into my battered pussy.

He lay on top of me spent, trying to catch his breath as I struggled to get out from underneath him. After a few moments he looked up and held my wrists down. ‘I’m not finished with you yet!’ he said coldly. He started sucking my nipples, gently first then harder gradually working his way down my body. I slowly lowered my legs and let his hands guide them apart so I was wide open. His mouth reached my pussy while I lay back once again defeated and humiliated.

‘I’d be a fool not you enjoy your body Lacey’, he explained as he licked me up and down. ‘Especially as  I have such a great advantage over you……………it’s your fault really for being such a little whore’. I shut my eyes and tried to forget this was happening. He placed one of my feet on each of his shoulders and used his fingers to hold my pussy lips apart then got to work licking and sucking. ‘Be a good little slut for Daddy’, he moaned from between my legs as he pumped two fingers in and out of my soaked pussy.

Pretty soon his assault on my clit started to build a familiar feeling deep in the pit of my stomach. His licks became shorter and faster and I started to rock my hips up and down and spread my legs wider, then he changed tack licking small circles around my sensitive button. I trembled as I came and tried not to make a sound but a low moan escaped my lips. ‘Enjoyed that didn’t you’, he smiled at me afterwards. Ashamed I just bowed my head.

Finally he got up and started getting dressed. He wouldn’t allow me to do the same saying he wanted to enjoy the sight of my ravaged tits and pussy so he could think about it later. ‘Next time I might bring a friend for us to play with’, he said with a wink. ‘Wouldn’t you like that Lacey?’
‘Yes Master’, I said knowing the drill by now.
‘Either a friend who can fuck your pussy while I fuck your ass or a friend who you can play with while I film you and then fuck both your pussies, won’t that be an adventure?’ I nodded vacantly just hoping he would leave. ‘It’s going to be a long exciting summer’, were his last words to me before he left.

After he was gone I took a long shower still not quite believing what had happened. One thing was for sure, I wasn’t going to endure an entire summer of this fuckery. I felt certain that if I could just find Steve and tell him what was going on he’d be able to make everything alright………

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