Losing The Bet Day 3- Part 4   added 5 years ago
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Day 3…(is it really only the third day of this fun?)
An after breakfast text told me to meet him in the parking lot at lunchtime and that he would be taking me for lunch.    Sometimes we get to enjoy a quick lunch together but somehow I thought this lunch might be a lil something different.  This morning’s sex was fabulous- so tender and gentle.  But I had a hunch this was gonna be a slightly different take………

I saw and could hear your giant black Dodge Ram pull up in front  and I told my secretary I would be out to lunch but call my cell if she needed me.  She smiled and stared out the window at you.  You waved and most likely made her whole day.

I ran out to your truck and you pushed open the door and said, “Hi honey, hop in.”  You threw your hand out there and jumped up- I could feel you pull me towards you.   I leaned into you and kissed you on the lips.  You opened your mouth and played with my tongue while I slipped my leg over your lap. 

“Honey, I have to drive and your secretary is still watching.”  We both looked out the window and just waved to her. You floored the truck and off we went laughing.

We pulled out of the parking lot and I was instantly moving towards your body.  I again threw my leg over your lap and you pulled me onto your lap.  You pulled the truck off onto a road near the park we walk in.   I already had your pants undone and was unleashing your hard cock out of your jeans. 

  You reached down and pushed my skirt up to my waist and pulled my panties aside and pushed me down hard on your cock.   You reached your hand up around my neck and pushed lightly against my throat- my eyes getting a little bit bigger. Trust is not ever an issue between us and I know I am safe in your arms.

You pushed your cock into me hard and pressed against my neck until neither of us could take it anymore. Your cum and my pussy juices dripped down over your cock.  You pushed me back a little, my back resting on the steering wheel.  You pulled at one of the curls on my shoulder and said, “I have a lot of fun planned for us tonight honey.”

I licked my lips and kissed you again.   “I am looking forward to it baby. “ I started to move myself off your lap when you lifted my hips up and pulled my pussy to your face and took one long lick and slurp.  “God babe, you are such a turn on.”  I kissed you again and fixed myself- waiting for you to take me back to school.

Later that night you pulled the motorcycle around front and I grabbed my helmet and sat behind you.   I pushed up against you tight and held on.  We were headed to a bar we both enjoyed and I was looking forward to playing some pool, having a few drinks and spending time with you. 

The bar was hoping for a Wednesday night.  We settled in up at the bar and you ordered for us.  I put a few coins on the pool table and watched a few guys who were playing.  I saw you lean back on the stool and watch me flirt with the sashay of my hips and the swagger of my ass.   I walked back to you and said, “We are up next.” 

You looked at me and said, “I am sorry babe, tonight is not the night for you to be gang banged.”

I laughed and spit my beer out.  Looked at you and said, “What?” 

“Not tonight baby, I saw you flirting with those guys.”

I smiled and shook my head.  “So baby tell me what tonight is all about.”

You looked around the bar and leaned into me, your breath on my neck and said, “Tonight we are going to find a couple to play with.”   My pulse raced a little and I smiled at you and reached out to you to kiss you.  

  Your body responded and I could see your cock getting hard in your jeans.  My tongue was slipping into your mouth.  You pushed me away and said, “Go dance baby.”

I walked out onto the dance floor and began to dance to the music.  Some country song and soon I was just dancing with the crowd.  A woman smiled at me and began to dance with me.  My hips were swaying and my ass was shaking- I felt someone slide up behind me and grind against me.   

I turned to look and it was your friend Bo.   He was grinding against my ass and he leaned in to kiss me on the cheek.   I wrapped my arm around him and said hello. I was happy to see him.  “Did Kev know you would be here?” I tried to shout over the music as I craned my neck to see if I could see you at the bar. 

You were talking to the same girl that was just smiling at me a few minutes ago.

Bo laughed and said, “Kevin told me you lost the bet and tonight was couple’s play.  I couldn’t resist so we drove up and we are your couple’s play.”    I think my nipples got hard instantly and I threw my hair back and laughed.  I thought to myself, he thinks of everything.

Bo continued to grind against me and watched me shake my ass all over the dance floor.   I kept looking over at the bar and you and the beautiful blonde girl were getting a little closer and she was leaning into you laughing.  You had your hand on her waist as you were talking with her and looking over at me and Bo.  

  I pushed my ass into Bo’s groin and leaned over into him, he pretended to slap my ass and gave you a thumbs up.

I stood up and turned to look at Bo and said, “Let’s talk Kev into going home.”  Bo grabbed my hand and we headed over to the bar.  You introduced me to Bo’s girlfriend, the blonde with a nice rack.    I said, “Baby can we go home now?” 

Your hand had moved towards her ass and I could see you were delighting in feeling her up.  She was a little bit smaller then me in the ass but equally in boob size.    “Are you ready?” you asked as you leaned in and kissed this girl in front of me.    She purred at you and stared at me and said, “Yes.”

Bo took my hand and said, “Ride with me.”

 I smiled and said, “Ok.” 

Bo and I walked out of the bar and to his truck that was fairly similar to yours and he helped me into the truck.     We drove back to the house, making small talk and Bo was asking about our week.  He laughed as I chatted about how I hated losing.   “Tonight, we all win,” he said and ran his hand up my leg.  

 I leaned back as his hand just rubbed the outside of my jeans; I spread my legs just a little and could feel his fingers on the seam of my jeans.    He was driving with one hand and the other was just teasing me.

“We all win…” I laughed and lay back against the seat.   I could hear a motorcycle race up next to us and saw you riding with a smile on your face.    You may have beaten us back to the house but I was feeling like I had one upped you with how wet I was.

By the time we pulled into the drive, my pussy was super wet and Bo said, “Get naked.”

I pulled my shirt over my head and unclasped my bra.  Wiggled out of my jeans and left my thong on his rear view mirror.   Bo reached out and gently caressed my boobs.  He kissed me and said, “Honey, you always win.” He grabbed my hand and we walked into the front door of our house and I saw that this busty blonde was already on her knees giving you a blow job.

  The smile on your face made me happy.

You looked over at me and said, “Nice of you to come dressed for the party.” 

Bo laughed and made a comment about being over dressed.  He pulled his t-shirt over his head and flexed for us.  I watched and chuckled out loud.   I ran my hand over his muscles and then down his stomach.  He grabbed my hand and placed it on his hard cock through his pants and said, “Your turn.”

He pushed me down to my knees and I undid his pants and pulled out his cock and balls.  I began licking his balls and stroking his cock.  I popped one of his balls in my mouth and began sucking on it.  His hands were in my hair and I heard you tell him, “move her hair out of the way, I wanna watch.”  So he pulled my hair up into a ponytail and held it with his hands.

  His balls in and out of my mouth, me sucking on each ball and stroking his cock.   He was moaning and his cock was growing harder in my mouth.

I knew she was sucking your cock well. I could hear your dirty comments to her and could just imagine how good that felt for you, another woman’s mouth on your cock.   I just hoped you were watching me.    I moved into a position where I was on all 4’s and knew you had a prime view of my ass up in the air.  

Bo began to slap at my ass gently, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and tapped it against my face, my lips, my chin and then pushed it back in my mouth.  He reached around and played with my pussy….pushing my lips apart with his fingers and slipping a finger in.  Fingering my pussy while his cock was leaking precum. 

Your cock was rock hard and you said that you wanted to cum all over her tits.  You pulled your cock out of her mouth and began stroking yourself and came on her tits, shot some on her face and then slapped your dick against her face.

I was still sucking Bo’s cock when I heard you moan and knew that you came.  I was hoping I would have gotten to taste your cum, I don’t like to share.  But here I was with a mouthful of cock and I was looking for your cum.  I felt another pair of hands on my ass, and then felt you whack me. 

   My ass stung a little, but then I felt a softer pair of hands on my ass.  Both of you were rubbing my ass while Bo’s cock was in my mouth.  I felt him pull his fingers out of my pussy and offer them to his girlfriend.  She greedily took them into her mouth.   

I braced myself for my ass to get fucked but you slipped your cock in my pussy from behind.  Bo had gotten it so wet that you slipped in easily.    I was still sucking Bo’s hard cock and hoping that he was gonna cum soon.  This guy was hard forever- and I was enjoying myself but now that I had two cocks I wanted to pay attention to both. 

You were pushing your cock in and out of my wet pussy and Bo was in the same rhythm as you in my mouth.  I felt something against my tits and could see that Bo’s girlfriend crawled under me and was sucking on my tits.    Bo pushed my head off his cock and he exploded cum all over his girlfriends face and my tits. 

  She was licking the cum off my tits and still sucking on my nipples.  My pussy was being filled with your cock and you were pumping hard.      I was on all fours getting my pussy fucked, a blonde babe underneath me, Bo somewhere in the room resting up for round two and I was working my way into cumming all over your cock.


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