Losing The Bet Day 1- Part 2   added 5 years ago
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Day 1:
Woke up to your cock pushing into my pussy and your hand covering my mouth.    You push your cock a little harder into my pussy and whisper, “Monday night football- be ready for the boys and I.”

I try to twist my head around to look at you but your arm is in the way.  I lick your hand and kiss your palm.  “Oh no baby, that wont work.  I won the bet and you will see to it that we are taken care of tonight.”

I leaned back into your cock and spread my legs a little further apart.  “that’s it baby.  Enjoy this.”  I was enjoying it – I loved waking up to you ramming your cock into my pussy.  I looked forward to our mornings together. 

You began to pump harder into me and your hand moved away from my mouth to my boobs.  Your fingers playing with my nipples, feeling how hard they were and just squeezing my boobs. 

My body so responds to your every touch.   I love how big your hands are and how your body seeks pleasure in pleasing mine.

You let loose a large load in my pussy and then slap my ass.   “make sure you are ready around 7:00pm."    

A text message came to me during the day to make sure to wear the special surprise you left out for me.

At 7:00pm, two of your friends rang the doorbell. I had quickly come home   made snacks, set up the bar and then made myself scarce.  I showered more to put myself at ease and then slipped into the outfit you left out for me.  

 I heard you answer the door, laughing with your buddies, someone saying something about how you guys should do this more often for football night.  I wondered if you let them in on our bet and if they knew they would be winners tonight.

You called out to me, “Baby the guys are here.  Come on out.” 
I had just laced up my tall black boots, you know the ones that came right above my knee with the 4 inch heels.  I checked myself in the mirror and fastened the collar on my neck.   

I walked out into the living room where you guys were engrossed in a conversation about the game, who was injured. When  one of your friends just stopped talking and stared at me.  It was enough to make you and your other friend turn your head to look.  You smiled and said, “those leather hot pants fit you well babe.”

I just smiled at you.  Not sure if I was allowed to talk yet or not.  One of your friends whisteled and was staring at my boobs- in the leather bra that left nothing to the imagination.

“Ok guys here is the deal.  She lost a bet.  A big bet and well it’s time for her to pay up.  Tonight she will fuck you both. Have your way with her. I am going to watch and then she is going to fuck me.  Anyone have an issue?”  All three of you turned to me and I just smiled.

“The best part guys is she cant say a word unless I tell her to.” All three of you laughed and then you grabbed my hips and pulled me to you.  “Baby, you are so sexy.  The collar, the leather, your boots- hot.” You put your face close to mine and slipped your tongue in my mouth and said, “I love you, now go be a good little slut and show my friends a good time.”

Both of your friends were just watching us, and discussing who would fuck me first.  You walked over to the big screen tv and put the game on. 

On anothertv that you had wheeled out into the living room, you hit the remote and up on the screen was a previous sex tape of ours where I was masturbating with a dildo.  You looked over at me and winked.  I am not sure who was more excited- you, the guys or me. 

Popping up on the screen was a huge shot of me taking  a dildo into my pussy.   You were heard in the background telling me what to do.  I remembered that night…it was so hot and exciting that it made my pussy wet with excitement. 

One of your friends walked over to me and told me to get on my knees, he wanted me to suck him off.  The other guy laid a pillow on the floor so I could kneel in front of your friend.  Both men were glued to the television screen of me masturbating. 

I began to stroke, lick and suck on his cock but while he tried to split his attention between me masturbating on  TV and me sucking his hard cock dry, he easily and quickly came in my mouth.  Some of his cum leaked out of my mouth and dribbled down on my chin. 

I heard you say, “don’t let her get away with that sloppy shit. She knows how to suck a good dick.”

The other guy was feeling my ass and rubbing my pussy on the outside of my leather hot pants.  I have to tell you it felt nice.  The feel of the leather against my sensitive skin and the heat of my pussy listening to you talk dirty on the video, and you watching me suck your friends cock.  I was getting worked up.

Your other friend was pulling his pants down and  asking me to wiggle out of my hot pants.  I stood up and wiggled my hips and slipped the hot pants over my ass and down my legs. 

Your friend motioned me to lay on my back.  He lifted my left leg, boots still on  and pushed up against me.  His cock just outside my waiting pussy.  He looked over at you and said, “how about them cowboys” and slipped his cock into my wet pussy. 

He was slipping his cock in and out of my pussy really good when I felt his finger slip over my clit and start rubbing it hard.    His eyes were on me but he was still half listening/watching our masturbation video.

   His cock was slipping in and out of me harder and harder- pushing into me and then pulling out. My pussy was squeezing his cock and I knew I was getting excited.  His cock was a good 6.5 inches and filling my pussy. 

  His fingers were working my clit-stroking it and then pushing on it, pulling on it and rubbing it.    I could feel myself start to lose control and began cumming.

“That’s it baby,”  I heard you say,   “Let go.”  I glimpsed over at you and smiled, your cock was out of your pants and you were stroking your cock. 

Your friend dropped his load in me as I was moaning with delight.   He pulled out of me and I could tell he was happy.  Your friends slapped hands and said goodbye to you.

As they left I was crawling my way over to you.  Crawling, still in my boots, on all fours over to wear your rock hard cock was waiting for me.   You reached out to my collar and pulled me up to you.  I was standing in front of you when you put your mouth on my tit and just sucked hard. 

I knew you were excited.  You were such a huge turn on to me.  I could feel your friends cum dripping down my leg.  You spread my legs with your knees and I knew this was going to be quick.  You placed your hard cock at the opening to my pussy and pulled me down by my collar hard on you. 

My eyes staring into yours and your cock pulsing into me hard and quick.  You didn’t care if it was good for me, you were owning me, taking what was yours.  Your cock slipping in so easily as his cum was lubricating the way. 

 Your cock pushing into me, your hands pulling down on my hips- until you spilled your cum in me.  Pulling out and seeing your cum spill onto my stomach- then feeling you push me to my knees and have me clean up your cock.  You sat back in your chair satisfied and said, “shower and meet me in bed, where I am gonna have you again.”

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