Fucked b By Wife With Strap-on   added 5 years ago
  By: karen5604  Age: 59  Country: United States

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Categories: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, The Fetishists, S-M / Domination / submissive, Force/Rape
Tags: feminization forced sex Anal strap-on Transvestite
Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
My wife and I were leasing a loft apartment.  In one large room we hard a library, living room, dining room and bedroom.  One night I was dressed as a woman and we were playing around.  She was giving me tips on how to act more feminine - how to walk, how to sit, how to flirt and that sort of thing.

My wife can be very aggresive.  She is a very good dancer and I'm not, so she was giving me dancing lessons with her leading.  I'm wearing a mid-thigh floral print dress, wig and make-up, high heels, the whole bit.  She's starting to get really turned on and as we're dancing she keeps moving me toward the bed.  I was caught totally by surprise when she pushed me back on the bed and fell on top of me.  She started kissing me hard on the mouth and running her hands over me. 

The she got up and went to where we keep our sex toys.  She picked out a strap-on dildo that is about eight inches long and kind of thick.  She put it on and walked over to stand next to the bed where I lay.  She slapped me hard across the face, twice, and ordered me to suck her dick.  As she stood next to the bed I took her in my mouth and started going down on her.  That wasn't good enough for her.  She grabbed me by the back of the head and started fucking me in the mouth, making me gag.  She actually hurt the back of my throat, but I was loving it.

Then she cllimbed on the bed and in between my legs with me lying on my back.  I was wearing stockings, a garted belt and panties under my dress.  She tore my panties off and started working the head of her dildo up and down the crack of my ass.  I wanted her in me so bad, but she was too big and it hurt to try.  She'd work the head in and it would start to hurt so I'd have to make her pull back.  She was starting to get impatient and yelled at me to just relax and let her put it in.  Finally I did and she drove that wonderful cock all the way up my ass.  She began to really fuck me hard, calling me names like "bitch" and "slut."  It was great.  My head was rolling back and forth and I was begging her to fuck me harder.

She fucked me so hard I actually fainted.  When I came to a little bit later she was kneeling on the bed with her shiny cock hanging in front of her.  She took it off and we ended up cuddling, with me laying my head on her breast while she held me.

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