A Private Real Story   added 5 years ago
  By: RodManly  Age: 56  Country: United States

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Yesterday afternoon as we were starting our weekend "afternoon delight", my wife started taking my cock in her mouth for the first time in over ten years. 

 She lovingly wrapped her lips around the head and I could feel her lips go over my crown.  She would then take herself off the crown, and rub her lips down my shaft.

 She didn't want me to cum in her mouth, so I was damn careful not to if I wanted to get more of her lovely lips on my throbbing seven inches again.

 When she stopped, my cock was harder than ever before. Normally, when I'm hard my cock will be lifted up off my abs by a couple of inches.  This time it was straight up hard in the air on it's own.  She told me it was her time and she wanted the "feeling of fullness" as she rolled over and pulled me on top of her.

 I felt so hard and big, the sensation of her pussy lips as they slid over the head and down my shaft was incredible!

 I was enjoying it so much I was careful not to cum too soon.  But then she told me to stroke her faster and she wanted me to cum into her.  Being a good husband I did just what she wanted.

 As I laid beside her after filling her pussy with my cum, she told me she wanted me to finger her and to use the adult toy, which is an eight inch long and about two inches thick, realistic feeling dildo.

 I handing her the dildo, as my left hand was fondling her left breast while I nibbled and sucked on her nipple, and my right hand was rubbing her clit and pussy lips that were wet with my cum. 

 She began using the dildo on herself. We often have a little sci-fi fantasy when using the dildo that I've been cloned and that we're taking turns "hopping on top"in her words.  I like to watch how she uses the dildo on herself, and how deep she may push it in as it is a longer and thicker than me. Sometimes she completely penetrates herself, but tonight she only used about three to four inches. 

 She had an intense orgasm quickly as both our hands were rubbing her pussy, which is a great feeling.

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