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  By: masterkira  Age: 23  Country: United States

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Tags: dominate bondage humiliation sex
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I am eighteen years old and was born in Arizona.  One day while I was working with my neighbor on a project for college we decided to do something naughty.  She told me to strip and we will do something really naught.  So She got undressed, and was wearing a pink push-up bra, red stockings, really hot underwear.  She then undressed and was even hotter naked.  Her breast were the perfect size, and her vagina was looking ready to be used.

I then got undressed and when I removed my underwear she looked at me in shock and said "oh no this will never do, we have to do something about that, how can you even call yourself a man with that little thing".  I got embarrassed and said "what do you suggest we do about this".  She smiled and said "I've got plans for you my darling".  I gulped and followed her to her bedroom.

  When I got to her she handed me a bottle of hair removal and said "rub this on all over you, rub it on really good, and don't miss your private areas, then take a bath using this bubble maker".  "When your finished I will have a special gift for you on my bed.  I was shivering in embarrassment, and for some reason said "as you wish".  She smiled and said "good get to it we have a busy night".  I applied the cream and got the tub ready.  I then took a nice warm bath and watched my hair floating in the tub.  Once I got done, my body was completely shaved.

I then walked into the bedroom and say on the bed a red Victoria Secret push-up bra, boy-cut underwear, a girdle to push up my penis, another pair of underwear to hide the girdle, short-black stocking, push-up bustier, two tank tops with a self-bra, a white under shirt, and a skirt that matched.  She helped me put the items on, and when it was done, I was as hard as a rock, for the feeling of the underwear pressing on my skin felt like heaven.  I didn't realize how good it felt and wanted to keep going.  She noticed how hard I was and smiled, pressing her fingers along my locked-in penis, which riled me up even more.  She said so you like this huh.

She said next I will apply make-up and take you to go shopping.  She then said You will be my sissy slut for the rest of your life, and only I will have you, no man or woman will get in the way.  We then had sex and bondage and she took me shopping, and I lived as a sissy for the rest of my life. 

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