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Categories: Oral Sex, Steady Partner, Masturbation, Anal Sex
Tags: cim 69 BJ prostate Anal married couples reunited
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Sugar Daddy/Baby
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Spiritual

This happened about a year ago, but every time i think about it, it winds me up.

My wife and I had just reunited after a short seperation. She went away on a holiday and I stayed with another woman. Sex with the other woman was raw, passionate but relatively "normal". Sex with my wife was wild, inhibitionless and very very wet.

My wife returned late from her vacation, and came straight from the airport to collect me from the other woman's house. I came outside and she jumped onto me, slamming her tongue into my mouth, legs wrapped around my torso. She led me back to our car were we frantically tore each others clothes off. she rode me, her beautiful tits bouncing in my face, with her sharp finger nails clenching the back of my head, puling me into her chest. she craved my cock while she was gone. she devoured it, riding me until i came inside her. she called me a bad boy, got us dressed and told me to come home in the morning... for good. i returned to the bed of the other woman, but couldn't sleep. i told her i had to leave and drove home before dawn.

i arrived home with one main goal. to taste the wonderful essence of my wife's beautiful pussy. i woke her up, asked her if i could go down on her, and she oblidged. she loves it when my stubble tickles her taint and asshole as i lick her pussy lips and sunction her clit in my mouth. her hands scratch my shoulders and scalp as she bucks her hips up into my face. she tells me she wants to suck my cock while i continue to eat her. she wants me on top. my cock pointing straight down into her face. she begins my licking and sucking my balls and taint, which drives me crazy so i plunge deeper into her dripping wet pussy, tasting everything she has to offer and making passionate love to her pussy and ass with my mouth as she returns the favour to my cock and balls. i feel her hand come down and dip into her soaking, hot pussy. she brings her hand up and slides her wet finger into my ass while she continues to suck my cock. amazing. the amount of passion flowing through our bodies is causing us both to shake. im feircely attacking her pussy with my tongue, trying hard to bring her the ultimate orgasm while she fingers my ass and takes as much of my cock into her little mouth as possible. the feeling of being penetrated, sucked and the pleasure of tasting her purest of flavours is over stimulating, but we continue the passion until she begins to ejaculate into my mouth and onto our bed. i lick her fluids from her pulsating pussy and ass as she continues to fuck me with her mouth and finger. i would have loved to continue, but she was begging for my cock to penetrate her wanton hole. i spin around and my cock slides into her tiny hole and within minutes i refill her vagina with what seemed like a gallon of my semen. she comes again as my cock swells, ejaculating my seed deep into her, which she writhes for and embraces, quivering and gripping my body never to let go. i remain inside of her until i am flaccid, sliding out. she wants more. she begins to gently caress my cock, attempting to bring it back to a fuck-worthy state. this time she wants "just the tip" we try hard to resist deep penetration but the "tip" feels great for both of us. she uses my cock as a dildo, pushing and pulling it in and out of her. she pulls it out, and masturbates her clit with my cock momentarily, then reinserts it, fucking herself with "just the tip" of my cock. "please dont daddy... just the tip daddy" she moans. she is a bad little girl and she wants to explore a dirty little fantasy that we havent explored in a long time. i take the role of daddy and tease her clit and buldging pussy with the tip of my cock. then she slides it down and starts circling her ass with my pussy soaked cock. "daddy might have to fuck my ass". this excites me as we havent had anal sex in months. she gently pushes my cock into her ass.even though it has only gone in a fraction of an inch, the sensation is unreal. her asshole is wet! she uses her hand to frantically stimulate her clit, which drives me absolutely crazy to watch as she adjusts her body to accommodate my cock into her ass. slowly and steadily my cock increases its depth into her tight, wet and horny asshole. we kiss, touch, whisper, lick and play with her clit as her ass slowly adjusts to the width of my cock and prepares for the thrusts that are to come very soon. before too long, she is writhing and bouncing off my cock as i go deep into her back door. i've now begun to pleasure her now swollen clit with my finger as she begs her "daddy" to fuck and come inside her ass. the heightened arousal is evident as she moans, screams, pants, yells and moves uncontrollably. i can feel my cock getting harder and swelling as it prepares to unload another batch of semen into her ass. she BEGS for it, asking me to cum in her ass, its making her extremely horny and as i talk her through my orgasm, she comes again. she wants me to stay in her ass, which i do, and she continues to grind her hips in a circular motion, surely feeling every inch of my cock as she works her way thru her climax. i pull out and we are both spent. she leaves the room to clean up, and comes back, bragging about the amount of come that she produced in her pussy. she says "i am the best fuck you've ever had. never leave me again"

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