Expanding Boundries   added 5 years ago
  By: Cuckholddon  Age: 60  Country: Canada

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Categories: Oral Sex, Being Taped, The Audience / Voyeur, Force/Rape, Cuckolded, Group Sex / Threesome
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  I guess some background info is nessarry! My wife& I have been into the lifestyle for many yrs,allthough we (before about 2 yrs ago-never knew it had a name)! Have to say with moderate sucess! We are not young& Alice is overwieght(but still horney)! I would have a hard time trying to figure out how many men shes had! Now we'd like expand futher! Real Boyfriends for her to socialize with as wel as sex--Guys who will take her out for dinners-help her arrange group sex--Take her to swingers parties--Ect ect! Guys who might take her away on little "TRIPS"-Who will stay nights&mabe more at our house(religating me to spare bedroom--Guys who can/will help transform me into a complete fem cuckhold & teach me how to please men as well as any cheap slut in any cheap hotel! 
  Ongoing friendships with men who will help take things more public& make her confidant doing so!

  More or less guys who will become "husbands"(very open minded) without all the responsibiltys!
  & if you LEAD her nice& make shure she is having fun in&out of bed you could live out most any fantisie with her!
    Anyone near London Ont. intrested in real life fun-Not just fantisies?
  Her limits are--No restraining her in anyway--No Pain--No toilet play!
  Me--I'm just a fem dressing cuckhold avalible for just about anything except money when I have time& energy! I allso love to have things on film&do take pics!
       London Ont.

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