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Categories: Oral Sex
Tags: oral Public piss
Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

It was a late show at a music festival. The crowd was tightly packed -- little room to dance, people squirming to see over the heads of those in front of them. I didn't find the music very compelling, but I had a good spot over by the sound booth and I wanted to stick around for the next act.

My friends had left earlier, but I made some new friends with my crowd neighbors -- two girls who were not prepared for the chilly evening weather and were shivering in their short skirts. Rachel and Malorie were a bit older than me, maybe in their mid-30s. Rachel was the cuter of the two, very slim with an upturned nose and bouncy, curly long hair. I had lent her my spare sweater, and we passed my pipe around a few times and chatted idly -- they, too, were just waiting for the next show.

My moment came as the current act was winding down. It was only a few minutes until  Awesome Band was to come on, and Rachel realized she had to pee. The bathrooms were all the way on the other side of the festival, and it was going to be tough getting through the crowd and then coming back to our nice spot. There was no way she was going to make it without missing a chunk of Awesome Band's set.

My heart gave a little flutter. Should I say anything? I decided to make a joke of it. "Well, I'm pretty thirsty and it's a long way to get drinks, too. We should help one another out!"

Rachel gave me a look that sent shivers down my spine. "What do you mean?" She clearly had to go pretty badly, as she was holding her knees awkwardly together, and I figured she was just too focused on that to get the joke. "Well, you know, you have to pee, and I'm thirsty...". I was glad Malorie was ignoring our conversation, but Rachel seemed, incredibly enough, to be considering my 'offer'. She stepped closer to me, pressing her body against mine, and breathed into my ear. "Ok. How would this work."

My palms were getting sweaty from excitement, and my cock was beginning to twitch in my pants as I realized that this could actually happen. "Well, I'd kneel down, and you would squat over my face and pee into my mouth." I had found a partner in fetish -- I could tell that Rachel was also starting to get excited by the glint in her eyes and the flush on her cheeks. She pressed even closer to me, rubbing herself against the awkward bulge in my pants. "Mmm, you're dirty. I have to piss, slave. Get on your knees and pull off my panties."

We were surrounded by a dense crowd of people, but nobody was looking at us, and there was only the sound both behind us. I pulled Rachel back a few steps until I was right up against the wall, and then I went down on my knees. My hands traveled gently up her legs, feeling her calves through her boots, touching warm skin at her knees. I reached up her cute cotton skirt, trailing fingers along the inside of her thighs, finally reaching her underwear. Rachel squatted down a bit, giving me access to her cunt, and as I ran my hand over it I could tell feel her arousal, hot and wet between her legs. As I pulled down on the elastic, yanking her underwear off, I leaned in with my face, inhaling her odor -- sweaty after a day dancing outside, sharp with her excitement.

In a moment, Rachel's underwear were in a puddle around her boots, and my head was under Rachel's skirt, my nose rubbing against her coarse bushy pubes. Rachel bent down to me. "Open your mouth." I sat down on the damp, beer-soaked lawn, my legs crossed and my arms supporting me from behind as I leaned back. I think Malorie had noticed what we were up to, as there was a moment of hissed conversation from above, but my entire world was focused on the inside of Rachel's skirt, the warmth of her skin and the smell of her. She stepped over me, her legs on either side, and squatted down, bringing her thighs to my ears and her vagina to my mouth.

 I knew that this makes it harder, but I couldn't help myself. I stuck out my tongue and gave her a long lick, starting at her dripping-wet opening and ending at her hard, prominent clit. She tasted divine. I did it again, gathering more moisture at her vagina into my tongue and slobbering it around her clit, and then I fluttered my tongue at her clit a few times rapidly. Rachel was clearly enjoying my public oral ministrations, as I could feel her legs quiver and she put more weight onto my face. But then, she slapped my head through her skirt  -- she was more interested in my other services at the moment. I used my tongue to probe around for her urethra, just under her clit, and I centered my wide-open mouth under it, waiting.

It took her a few moments, but I did not have to wait long at all. A few drops of Rachel's piss dripped into my mouth. I adjusted the position of my mouth, pressing it closer to her to capture her flow. My heart was pounding wildly, and my cock, still trapped in my pants, was painfully hard. My entire existence was focused on Rachel's smell, arousal now tinged with a slightly acrid taste of her urine, her thighs clasping my head tightly, her weight on my neck.

She let loose. A powerful stream hit the back of my throat and began to rapidly fill up my mouth.  I gulped awkwardly, my neck bent at a weird angle, and felt Rachel's warmth traveling down to my stomach. I gulped again, then again, trying to keep up with her. She must have been holding it for a long time, because the stream of her warm, salty piss was not letting up. I couldn't keep up, and my mouth overflowed, spilling her urine down the side of my face, down the front of my shirt -- I could feel it's warmth sinking in. The flow of Rachel's piss began to slow down, to become a trickle. I continued to gulp furiously, finishing the contents of her bladder. When my mouth was empty, I used my tongue to clean her up, licking up the last few drops of pee hanging from her lips, slurping up what had gotten caught in her pubes.

Rachel lifted up her skirt and straightened up, uncovering my face. It looked like nobody had noticed what we had done except Malorie, who was looking at me with horror and disgust. Whatever -- the bitch could just use the distant porta-potties if she was going to be so stuck up about it.

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