"As She Read" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 5 years ago
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              It was a hot summer day, when Angela stepped into her non-air conditioned apartment. With her swaying dark brown hair, green eyes and wearing a black fitted dress. A dress that a lady would wear, if she were at a formal wine tasteing party, or even to a painting gallery. She held her leather brief case in one hand and carried a newspaper under her arm. Sweat had already started dripping from every inch of her body. Her first thought was to head to her home office to drop her brief case and lay the newspaper at her desk, before heading to the shower. 

             Walking into the bathroom, she pulled of her dress slowly and started the shower water. As hot as it was outside and in, she decided to take a mildly cold shower. She stepped inside, feeling every drop hit her face and roll down to drip from her hard nipples. She closed her eyes to feel every sensation of the water cooling her off. Running her hands and fingers down her naked body.    

             As her shower time had ended, she stepped out and reached for her towel. She wrapped the towel around her breasts and headed to her room to throw on a black silky nighty. The silk material brushed upon her nipples, makeing her moan from the tingleing sensation. Once she was done letting the rest of her naked body air dry, she headed to her home office room to sit at her desk and read the newspaper. Her pussy and ass rested upon the leather padding of her office chair. She pulled her hair back and tied it up to keep it from weighing down infront of her eyes. First takeing a minute to rest, before she picked up the newspaper from her desk.

             She picked up her reading glasses and placed them over her eyes, makeing her look sexy and sophisticated. Then she grabbed her newspaper from the desk and glanced at the front page, before opening it up. Her favorite collum is quite interesting, as writers submit stories of their detailed love life. Finding her favorite collum, she placed the rest of the newspaper on her naked lap and began to read, "Dear Jenny", an interactive readers collum. 

             Reading through the stories, Angela came across one particular story that caught her green eyes and thoughts. The story was titled, "Mistress of the Same Sex". Angela's eyes grew big with shock, but a lustful thought caught her attention. Angela had never even thought of being with another woman. However, she had never been quick to judge. She had always kept an open mind towards the unknown, as a fascination of the things that could be, but never thought of. 

             As she read the detailed story, her mind took her to a fantasy world, such like books do to their readers. The story tells a tale of a time where a young lady in her mid 20's expressed her bi-sexual urges towards another female in her early 30's. Both women are very attractive, with smooth skin and full long brown hair. Both women working in an english flower garden. The story expressed much about the beauty of the woman in her 30's and how the lite wind blows her hair to the side of her face, showing what could have been a brilliant portrait of another. Angela's imagination ran wild with the words on the page, as she placed a finger to her lips. She became aroused with thought, then opened her nighty to reveal her breasts.

            Her mind in complete ecstacy, as she ran her fingers down over her hardened nipples, where she began to grope her breasts. Then moving her hand down towards her lap, where the pages of the newspaper swiftly fell from her lap and down to the floor. All but one page still rested upon her naked legs. She enjoyed the feel of the newspaper on her skin, so much that she placed the story upon her breasts and squeezed them through the newspaper. Her hand upon her lap, her fingers moveing upon the page, as she placed her hand over the newspaper. Stretching the page over her pussy and spreading all but one finger to the sides. She placed her open finger on top of the paper covering her clit. She rubbed the page into her wetness and let out a deep moan. Her finger ran wild over the newspaper and her enjoyment deepened.   

            Angela's heart beat raced as the words filled her mind, playing out her own new fantasy. She pictured herself in place of the writer. She got up from her chair with the newspaper clinging to her naked skin and shook all the way to the bed. Angela laid down upon the bed and closed her eyes to continue the fantasy played out in her mind. Her skin feeling her hands and fingers through the newspaper. Rubbing over her sensative parts, caressing them, feeling and hearing the newspaper crinkleing to her every clutch. Her every move. She climaxed higher with her breatheing louder and harder. Her moans turn from soft whispers to a loud "YES! Oh God, YES!". Her wetness soaking into the newspaper. She stood to her knees and folded the newspaper into a whip. Spreading her legs out, she used the newspaper whip to slap her pussy lips. Faster and harder, she whipped. She clenched hard, as she her cum dripped out onto the newspaper. Removing the wet page from her pussy and the wrinkled page from her breasts, she looked at the collum. "Sorry Jenny!", she says, giggleing in thought, before replaceing the page back to her breasts. She smiled and closed her eyes to fall asleep with the newspaper still clinging to her naked skin. She never forgot that night, as she woke the following morning with the ink from the newspaper lay printed on her naked body. 

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