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  By: jc4urneeds  Age: 40  Country: United States

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Categories: Force/Rape, Cuckolded, Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive, Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: panties creampies cheating wife gangbang
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

For a rare switch my wife wanted to restrain me to the bed with leather wrist and ankle restraints, blindfold me and put a ball-gag in my mouth. I was more then game. She teased me with her tounge all over my body, kissing on me getting me hard. She sucked on my cock working me up really good and suddendly she stopped and I heard her leave the room. Laying there unable to see or speak, wondering what was next....

"SLAP" right across my face she slapped me HARD! She got right up in my ear and in such a mean voice she said " PAY BACK IS HELL YOU MUTHER FUCKER!" then she slapped me even harder twice in a row. OH FUCK I thought to myself, what did I do. what does she know? The room was silent and then I felt her walking across the bed.... she straddled my face, pulled the ball-gag out and pushed pussy onto my face and told me to eat her black pussy.. she grinding on my face, pushing her pussy hard, nearly smothering me. She got back off, put the gag back in my mouth, grabbed me tight  and said "I thought about a divorce but I do love you so this is the next best thing"

I was clueless to what I had did or was she just roleplaying? She then undid the ankle restraints and said" here, I want you to wear my dirty panties" and she put them on me then restrained my ankles back. She then sat down on my crotch facing away from me and yelled out "COME ON IN, NOW" What the hell is going on, I was thinking to myself becuase I could'nt ask, I had this ball-gag in my mouth and I could'nt see from the blindfold!

The room was very quiet and then I felt someone climb up onto the end of the bed then, I heard the wife say "OH YEAH, your dick is MUCH bigger then my husbands, in fact, all five of your guys cocks are bigger then his!" I then heard the sound of her taking his cock into her mouth and slurpping on it, loudly... mmmm this big white cock taste so good...come here boys, I wanna taste all your cocks, especially that big black one, it's fucking so HUGE! Mmmm four big white cocks and a big black one for this married black pussy.... I can't wait! How about you baby, she turned towards me and said... Well boys, he must want me to fuck all of you, im sitting on his cock and it's fucking hard as hell!

You want me to fuck these men don't you? I bet you do, you fucking asshole.. don't worry baby, I am gonna suck and fuck every one of them! I then felt her get up off me then straddle me on all fours above me and say, " alright boys, tear this black pussy up.


I was strangely very turned on by all of this that was going on, so I did'nt fight it, as if I could anyhow. I felt movement all over the bed and the wife say,... OH FUCK YES, put that big dick in my pussy.. she was straddled above me, getting fucked doggystyle by some stranger, some man I could'nt see and I was actually very turned on by it. I then heard her start sucking on a dick, the bed rocked from her getting fucked, she moaned and moaned telling the man to fuck her pussy good..

She then told the black guy, put your big balls on my husbands head... I felt the mans nuts sit down on my forehead and she started sucking his cock... she was gagging on it and his balls were slidding back and fourth across my face as he thrusted into her throat... she let out some heavy moans, I knew she was about to cum... OH MY GOD she screamed out... Im cumming... IM FUCKING CUMMING! She cam and told the guy fucking her to fuck her harder and cum in her pussy... He started slamming her hole hard... YES YES fuck my pussy... FUCK MY PUSSY... CUM IN ME, CUM IN MY PUSSY BABY... the man let out a loud grunt... OH FUCK YES the wife screamed out... FILL MY PUSSY UP... FILL IT UP..

.He filled her pussy full of his load and then I heard her say... everybody move for a second... she yanked the ball-gag out of my mouth and shoved her cum filled pussy on it, making me eat that mans load out of her.. as she sat grinding on my face I heard her go back to sucking cock again and after I had ate her out and that mans fresh load out of her, she got back off, put the gag back in my mouth, straddle me and said next... she sucked and got fucked by each man, taking each load in her pussy and making me eat them out of her. After every man had done her and blew there loads, she pulled my cock out of her panties jerked me til I cam but she still was'nt done.

She left me lay there with restrained, blindfolded and gagged as she kept fucking and sucking those men on the bedroom floor.


It was all over and there I laid still restrained to the bed, still blindfolded and gagged wearing my wives panties. She came up to me and whispered "cheat on me again muther fucker and I make em all fuck you next time" She kissed me on my cheek, said I love you and left me there this way til the next morning.

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