OK, So Are You Gonna Come Quietly With Me Now   added 5 years ago
  By: plasticomo  Age: 42  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Force/Rape, Group Sex / Threesome, Being Taped, Oral Sex
Tags: figure authority teacher guard security Policeman
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Cop/Prisoner
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Spiritual

This is my main one, which I daydream about a lot, I get a tickly feeling inside me when I think about it.

I'm caught loitering in public. I'm not doing anything wrong and I'm a completely law-abiding citizen. A cop on duty, ideally shorter than me and on his own approaches me and asks me what I'm doing but  I don't think I should have to cooperate because I'm not doing anything wrong. He's a nice guy with a high threshold of tolerance. He's trying to be reasonable and is so for a while, he can see that I'm upset about something, but I'm making it difficult. I say a few rude things to him and eventually he loses his patience and tries to cuff me. I struggle, and try to run off, he wrestles me to the ground and tells me to calm down. He controls me by squeezing my balls hard. I rest my head on his chest while he holds me still for a while and I can hear his heart beating. When he puts the cuffs on he talks to me calmly and tells me everything is going to be alright.

I cry and say they're too tight and beg him to release them. I ask him what he's gonna do with me. He rubs his crotch and tells me a list of offences  I'm guilty of including bad language, resisting arrest, but says he really doesn't want to go down that road. He takes the cuffs off puts my hand on his crotch. He can see I want to, he unzips his trousers, makes me suck him off and and swallow him, while all the time telling me that I'm a good boy.


I'd love to know what other people make of this scenario. It sounds a little weird, but I love uniform and I just love the feeling of doing the right thing but feeling I'm being unfairly treated, refusing to obey an order and being given a chance to comply and pushing it just too far. Anyone had any similar ones. Also, I'm wondering if we have analysts on here who could tell me what the possible meaning of my fantasy is. Can they be analysed as easily as dreams?

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