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Categories: Oral Sex, Masturbation, The Audience / Voyeur
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
It's a rainy evening and I'm all alone in a hotelroom in an unknown city. I'm on a busines-trip and after a long boring meeting I'm stuck in this hotel 'till my flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. I ordered some delivery-dinner by phone and am lying on bed watching some mildly interesting tv-program.
All the sudden I hear a woman moaning in the room next to mine. Damn, these walls sure are thin... Or is she just moaning really loud? Amused I lie there, listening as the moaning continues. It seems she's watching some porn or someting and I don't hear a bed screaching so I'm guessing she's performing a solo... Actually, that's pretty fucking hot!

Quickly I feel me getting all the more arroused and my cock starts growing hard in my pants. Gently I take it out and start stroking it as I listen and imagine the scene. I imagine her lying naked on her back, legs spread wide, massaging her nipples while her middle-finger slides over her vagina, playing with the hard clit and letting it slide gently in and out of her wet pussy. 

She's moaning loud! She wants to be heard I can tell. "Oh yeah! Mmmm... My pussy is soooo wet... I want hard dick... Mmmm Yeah, FUCK ME!!!"
Wow! how hot would it be to call her up in her room and describe our hottest fantasies and see where it takes us?
Lying there, with my hard dick in my hand I'm fantasizing what could happen... Describing my deepest, hottest fantasies to a complete stranger, getting crazy with lust 'till we take it one step further... Mmmm
Heart racing I call the next room and hear the phone ringing through the wall.
"Hi there..."
Right girls... Get comfortable, use your imagination and tell me what happens next. I'm lying here...
Big hug,

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