A Quick One Just For You   added 5 years ago
  By: Law  Age: 35  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Oral Sex, Force/Rape, Anal Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

After a long hard night of screwing you're finishing off in the shower and I'd walk in to use the toilet. You cheekily berate me because you were just about to go. I tell you to use the shower, you take this as a challenge and start to go whilst standing up. As you're peeing with your back to me I get in and start to rub your pussy and your ass as you'reg piss runs down your leg. I'm rubbing your piss into your ass and your pussy whilst pushing my fingers inside you. Just before you finish I bend you over and go down on you. You push your pussy against my mouth as you’re looking at your piss dripping down my face. I force my fingers up your ass. 

One at first and then I work my way up to three fingers. This hurts you but you’ve no where to go and I'm not letting up. I stand up and spin you back round and force my cock up your ass which hurts you some more. There’s nothing gentle about it as I fuck you hard forcing my cock deep into your ass.  I reach round and finger your pussy until you cum hard over my hand. Without warning I rub your pussy juice over your face. I turn you back round and shove my cock deep inside your mouth. You’re instantly choking but I don’t let up until spit drips down your chin.

I thrust my cock back into your mouth so you can taste your ass one more time before I pin your legs up and put it back into your ass closing my  hand round your throat. You’re not sure whether you’re going to pass out or cum again. I make your mind up for you by pushing 4 fingers into your pussy . As you cuming I’m pushing my cock and fingers deep inside you now. You beg me to stop so I slap you leaving your cum on your cheek. Just as you think you can’t take anymore I cum hard inside your ass and collapse on top of you telling you what a filthy slut you are.

My cock goes soft and my cum starts dripping out your ass. I stick my fingers inside you to get the rest out and smear it over your face and stand up. You can’t move so you just lie on the shower room floor whilst I stand over you. You don’t’ want to move as your ass still hurts. I’m stood over you looking at my cum all over your face. I grab your head, and piss on your face washing my cum away. When I’m done I leave you in the bathroom soaking wet

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