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Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

The wife and I wanted a night away but, did'nt want to travel to far. I said, let's just pack some things, jump in the car and drive til we see a motel that looks like a good place to stay. We packed some overnight bags, jumped in the car and, I flipped a coin and told the wife to call heads or tails? Heads, it was so south we go. We were about 2hrs on the road and I seen a sign for a hotel that had a lounge. We both decided that would be the place to go. We can go to the room, get cleaned up, head out for dinner, back to the hotel lounge for some drinks, get wasted, stumble back to our room and go at it like freaks! LOL

That was my thoughts at least and of course I brought a suitcase of goodies for the go at it like freaks part... im evil that way. We get to the room of the hotel, it was very nice, a very large king bed, a HUGE flat screen tv with dvd (hehehe I brought porn), a big whirlpool tub, and a nice 5th floor view with a balcony, a big ol plush love seat, desk and chair, just a very nice hotel room, I was kinda shocked on how nice it was. We get settled in relax on the bed and as with most women the wife asked, "what should I wear tonight" I told her, I got what I want you to wear in my bag babe.

She looked at me and said, " Let me guess, the black lace crotchless panties, garter belt and thigh highs to start" YEP, but minus the crothless panties. You are such a perv she said to me... Ok what else besides the undergarments did you bring for me to wear? Your long black TIGHT almost see-thru black skirt with the long slit up the side, that black and grey bustier and those sexy ass black strap highheels. She looked at me, shook her head and said "so, you are dressing me like a slut!"

Yep I am, my hot tall black slut! LOL Fine she said, BUT, only because we are out of town and I am assuming you want my hair pulled back tight in a ponytail? You know me all to well sweetie and yes, hair pulled back tight in a ponytail. So she said, what the hell you gonna wear? Woman, you know me, jeans, biker boots, and a t-shirt, so now, let's get ready, I am fucking hungry! It did'nt take me long to get ready so as the wife was getting all done up I took a walk down to the lounge to check it out and see what kind of lounge it was. It was a nice lounge, had a fairly large bar, plenty of tables and a small dance floor.

Looked like a little night club. I walk around the rest of the hotel just checking out then asked the lady at the desk a nice place to eat and have drinks. She gave me the name of a nice steak & seafood joint, told me where it was and how to get there, I thanked her and headed back to the room. I walk in and the wife is actually ready and DAMN did she look hot in that outfit! The only downside to it is the heels, she is tall to begin with and now I had to look up at her but, it's worth it, believe me. Her hair was pulled back tight, the bustier pushed up her 38d african dark tits, her sexy belly showed just enough...DAMN I was getting horny from just looking at her!

I smile at her, tell her she looks damn hot then say "how bout a quickie?" NO she yelled at me, I don't want to get all dirty, your shit dripping out of me and me with no panties! I reply with, "in your mouth" NO she yelled again, later you fucking pervert! LOL At dinner everyone is checking her out, I am use to this, she is hot but does'nt play like she is. She whispers across the table to me "why is everyone looking at us?" Well dear, 1st off, you are hot and DAMN HOT in that outfit and 2nd you are black, I am white, you don't see black girls with white guys, it's rare, I am just a lucky one I guess :) Just drink your margarita and relax.

The wife is a little on the shy side sometimes but the alcohol helps with We finish our food, have a few more drinks then head back to the hotel.


It's somewhat dead in the lounge but it's also still early. It is'nt long and crowds start shuffling in. The wife works up a good buzz and so do I. We do a little dancing and a lot of drinking. We come off the dance floor and sit down for a another round then go play a game of pool. I have noticed something about a group of guys sitting behind us, they have starred at the wife all night long. I head to the restroom and as I come out two of the guys that had been gauking over my wife all night stopped me and were like " dude, I hope I don't offend you but I gotta tell you, your girl is hot as hell and how did you score a black girl?" I laughed and told them "well that girl is my wife and I got damn lucky I guess,

I got a hot black girl that is also 10 years younger then me (I do not look my age at all)...When I told the guys she was my wife, they started apologizing, feeling stupid and I was like, no guys, it's cool, I would have wondering the same thing if I were you. One guy whispered," hey, is it any different then white girls" I laughed again... naaa, not really. I went back to the table still laughing and the wife asked what was so funny and I told her what had just happend... she looked over at the table of guys, smiled and waved at em then tells me, hmmmm they are all pretty hot...uhhhh huh I said and gave her that, don't even think about it look.

The wife and enjoyed several more drinks and dancing, feeling better then good, and decided it was time to head to our room. We get to our room, walk in and she sits down on the edge of the bed, looks at me and says "so what do want to do to me" I smile and reach in the suitcase, pull out a set of handcuffs and a blindfold.. she shakes her head and smiles.. she starts to undress and I tell her no, leave the outfit on.. I put the blindfold on her, cuff her hands behind her back and start kissing her... I stand up, undress go back to my knees, slide her up to me, pull up her skirt to her waist, spread her legs and dive in to that sweet black pussy..she loves to be ate out and I LOVE doing it.

.. I get her pussy hot and dripping wet and she tells me she wants to suck my cock, so I stand up touching my cock to the tip of her thick full lips and she takes it into her mouth...she slowly made love to my cock with her mouth... after about 5 mins the room door opens slowly, I look back and motion in the 3 young white guys that had been checking out the wife all night... I put my finger to my mouth to be quiet and motioned them to get undressed... I had set this up with the guys while talking to them, told em if they wanted to try some black pussy, give me a cell number and I would text them when I wanted them to come up and gave them the room number.

I told the wife to stand up turn around and bend over the bed...her sweet black ass was up in the air hanging off the bed and her body laid stretched face down across the bed...I motioned for the guys to go around to the side of the bed and stand.. I got behind my wife and slowly eased my cock in her..I fucked her slowly reached my fingers up to her mouth and put two fingers in her mouth and she started I fucked her and she sucked on my fingers as I said"

I bet you wish that was a big cock in your mouth while I fucked you don't you?... she let out a little quiet muffled mmmhmmm... was that a yes I asked? and louder this time... she mummbled....mmmmhmmmm... I took my fingers out of her mouth, said well, her you go and on q one of the guys put his cock in her mouth...and I said there you go babe, there is one of those hot guys cocks from the bar, suck that muther fucker.. she instantly got very excited, took his cock in her mouth and started working on it.... Oh yea, you like that shit baby, don't you... fucking suck on that dick... you got this dick in that hot pussy and this strangers cock in your mouth, you fucking love it! with her moans and movements

I could tell she was WAY turned on, not to mention her pussy was soaked! mmmmm thats it baby, suck his dick good while I fuck you... he is gonna fuck this black pussy next, then you got the other two guys cocks to suck and fuck... I felt her body tremble with even more excitment so, I decided to take the handcuffs off and as I did, she yanked the blindfold off, grabbed that guys cock and sucked like a mad woman! I was getting turned on big time watching her suck on that big white cock so I pulled my cock out, walked over sat down looked at the other two studs and told them to have their way with her.

Big boy went to the back of her and when I say big boy I mean his cock, every bit of 10 inches and damn thick...he pushed his big white meat into her black pussy and she screamed out... OH MY FUCKING GOD, HIS HUGE!,... I then said, SLAM THAT PUSSY! He started fucking my wife HARD, and she was moaning like I had never heard her moan... thats it fuck my wifes pussy, I told him... there she was on the bed getting fucked by the biggest cock she had ever had, had another in her mouth then took the third guy in her hand.. it was so HOT... my dick was throbbing watching all this...

I stood, up walked over and watched her sucking on that cock and then I got real hot as she looked at me and sucked him.... I started stroking my dick and was about to cum and she knew it... she stopped sucking him looked me and in that mean voice I love to her said "CUM IN MY FUCKING MOUTH"... as she is getting pounded from behind, I jerk my load into her open mouth, she swallows it and goes right back to the other mans dick... this was like a fucking porn movie!

I go back and sit down and watch and then by my suprise, the wife looks at the man thats been standing back most the time stroking his dick and tells him she wants his dick in her ass! We rarely do anal so I knew she was way turned on by all this and loving it She had big dick boy lay down and she got on top of him, she ripped off that bustier revealing her big black tits and her large hard nipples, she rode big boys cock for a minute while the other two men and myself watched...

I could tell she was about to cum... she started fingering her clit fast as fuck, holding his big dick deep in her pussy, then she lifts up off him and squirts all over the place and a lot... she shot a fucking stream up big boys chest... you should have seen the look on his face, you could tell he had never experienced that before,, she sat back down on his cock and told one of the other guys to fuck her ass... OMG a DP... HELL of the guys got behind her and slowly pushed his dick into her ass.... OH FUCK... OH FUCK... OH FUCK.... OH FUCK YES the wife screamed out....

FUCK BOTH MY HOLES... FUCKING FUCK MY HOLES...the last guy stood up on the bed and into her mouth went his cock... she had all holes filled up and I was hard again but I wanted to just watch and jerk my dick....Big boy, shouted out... im gonna cum... OH SHIT...IM GONNA CUM.... the wife screamed out...CUM IN MY PUSSY, CUM IN MY FUCKING PUSSY.. CUM IN MY ASS TOO... PLEASE FUCKING ALL OF YOU CUM IN was all too perfect.... big boy blasted his load in her wore out pussy, the next guy exploded in her tight black asshole, and the last guy nutted in her mouth and down her throat...the wife collapsed on the bed covered in sweat and the sweat of the 3 young white studs, her pussy and ass full of cum and two nuts down her throat... the guys got dressed, thanked me and her then left...

See, I knew you were a black slut! as I laughed.. She flipped over on her back, out of breath, wore out and said " I did'nt invite them up her to fuck me" I know, babe, I did but you loved it did'nt you. Oh yea, it was fun she replied. I was looking at her all sprawled out naked, sweaty, and I was stroking my cock and asked, how about one more? She opened her eyes wide... HELL NO! That big dick fucker, messed my shit up! Come on hon, I begged her.... NO, you can get down here and lick up the mess out of my ass and pussy...I crawled on the bed, and into her pussy with the a strangers load of cum seaping out I shove my tounge!

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