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  By: Virgin56  Age: 51  Country: United States

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Location: My House
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Nature: Romantic

I have always wanted to be sucked and fucked by a tranny.So i go to a bar and meet this girl, we click and go back to my place.we start making out and feling each other.soon we are both nakedand she is giving me head while i play with her breasts.

They sensation of her peirced tounge rubbing up against my cock was wonderfull.after she finishs i get on my knees and give her the same feeling.It was my first time and i loved the juicy cock and precum in my mouth.after we started maikng out then she bent me over.I was nervouse because my arse was smalled and not ready for her cock.

she pput it in slowly and went back and forth faster and faster.after about 15 minutes she said"im going to cum in yours ass" and i said okay baby.It felt wonderfull, then she turned around and i did the same thing to her except when i was ready i pulled out and cummed on her face.I would no doubt love to fuck and suck a tranny again.

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