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Location: A Public place
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Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later
Nowadays, when travelling big distances by bus I always like to sit in the back... That’s because of what happened last year to me while driving in a nightbus from Rio to Sao Paulo… We were on the road for 3 hours already and the battery of my Ipod had died and I was getting bored… I was sitting on the last row of seats and the bus was half empty. It was night outside and it was quite dark in the bus.

All you could see where dark shadows illuminated for a split second from time to time whenever passing a lamp-post.  There was no-one sitting for 3 rows in front of me and just some woman in her mid-thirties on the row next to me.

I don’t remember how it happened but we started talking. She told me she had left her husband a month ago because he was cheating on her and was off to go see some friends of hers. She asked me if all men were so unreliable. I told her I honestly didn’t know but as for me when I’m with someone, I’m with someone and no-one else counted. But when I’m single, like right now, well… Men are men and we like to hunt. It’s just in our nature. This answer seemed to please her and she told me she always knew gringos were nicer and so much yummier in bed. This answer struck me as a bit odd and surely filled my bored mind with lustful fantasies.

I laid my hand on my pants and deciding it would be nice to get my cock out. I guessed it was too dark for her to see it anyway and the thought of speaking about sex with this unknown woman while gently masturbating turned me on tremendously.
I asked her if she’d already been with a gringo and she told me yes but a long time ago. “He made me go wild and completely crazy” she said. That’s one of the things I miss most now that I’m separated, no more daily sex. “Well, but now that you’re single again you can go out and go buck-crazy again, fulfill new fantasies with new people” I said.

Was it my imagination or was she playing with herself? I really couldn’t tell for sure because it was too dark. She had her hands down there for sure, and her legs seem to be just a bit open… But maybe I was just imagining things. As I was getting hornier and hornier I asked her if there were some fantasies she never did and always dreamed of.

She paused a little to think before saying she always dreamed of being tied down and blindfolded while a couple of people would masturbate and lick her.
I now opened my legs wide and had my whole, hard cock out of my pants stroking it hard. Every once I a while light streamed through the bus for half a second and I could catch just a glimpse of my big dick. I tried to see if she was touching herself or not preparing for the next time the bus would pass a light… I just wasn’t sure but that’s what turned me on most… The not-knowing.

She now asked about my fantasies and naughty me told her I had a friend with benefits who once introduced me to a friend of hers… She was tied up on the bed and blindfolded and didn’t know I was going to come… She thought it would be between girls hitting it of… I silently stripped as I watched my friend finger and lick her and then gently taking over from my friend licking her deep without her even noticing…

My cock was sooo hard now. All the sudden the woman stretched her arm out to my face and I could smell wonderful sticky vaginal juices on her fingers. I didn’t even think but put them in my mouth and started sucking on it. At the same moment the bus entered a little town and was now flooded with light. I saw her eagerly watch my hard cock and stopped jerking of, opening wide my legs so she could see all of it. Sure enough her skirt was up and legs open and I could see her smoothly shaven pussy. She just stood up and came standing in front of me.

Looking me in the eyes she lowered her wet pussy slowly putting it on the tip of my dick and moving it on there. It was driving me wild! I could feel her vulva sliding gently over, the whole top of my dick now inside her. Then in one movement she came down tasting my whole cock in her tight, wet pussy. We just stayed like that a moment, deep inside her, moving gently, feeling her whole and started kissing frenetically. She pulled over her shirt and I started massaging her breasts while gently rocking my cock back and forth inside her. “Don’t come yet” she whispered in my ear… “I want to taste your sperm in my mouth”. This almost took me over the top so I stopped fucking her and just savored the joy of feeling her from the inside. I told her she was a crazy, wild cat. She smiled gently and said she knew but that’s just what she loved… No complaints here!

She told me she was also a dirty girl who needed cleaning so I volunteered. I kneeled before her while she opened wide her legs… Her vagina looked wonderful, pink, juicy, with a huge clit sticking out. I immediately started to suck on it and pass my tong over and in her pussy. She moaned loudly and pushed my head deep into her. I was licking all the tasty juices as she started fucking my head. She hold me tight and was getting wilder and wilder thrusting her vagina wide open in my mouth. I felled jets of squirt hitting my throat as she was bursting her lust deep in me. Again and again she squirted over me and I was now dripping with lust. I robbed some of it over my cock and masturbated in it. I felt her muscles relax and looked up. She smiled at me and said “My turn! Let me taste that sperm of yours!”

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