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Tags: Male/Female manipulation rescue cum deception naivety
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating


"Hold still! Don't move! Stay as you are! I can see a spider!" and her hands were on my thighs pulling them apart, trying to get to it.

"Where did it go?" she was saying.

"Hold still, very still!" Her hand was up the leg of my shorts.

I didn't move because spiders have always worried me. I could feel her fingers on my balls, she gently moved them around. For a moment I thought she was weighing them, measuring them, stretching them down to the bottom of their sack, checking the elasticity of the skin. I guess they were a little too hairy for efficient spider hunting. It felt very strange and she said,

"Can't see it now, don't move!" Her hand was around my dick and she tried to move it, but it stood straight up and felt as hard as steel. As she moved her hand the skin on my dick moved. I looked at her and could see a whole breast. She pulled my dick out from inside the shorts.

"Keep very still," she whispered and her hands held me, one hand around my dick, the other held my balls, soft, insistent hands.

"Very still," her voice quiet as her hand tried to move my dick searching for the spider. I could see her breast, so round and white with its nipple standing like a monument on a mountain. Her hand moved on my dick as it searched. Up, down, up, down, a rhythm, the skin of my dick slid along its length; up, my foreskin assembled to cover the head, down and the foreskin stretched down my dick with the tender head exposed.

Her breast joined the rhythm as it gently rolled from side to side. There was a pause and I felt her fingers touch the head of my dick. They found the slit at the top, traced around the purple roundness and sent electric shocks through my body. Her nipple was on a big disc of pink and proudly jutted out as though it was looking too.

One hand softly squeezed my balls while the other resumed the rhythm. The skin on my dick moved faster this time with her grip firmer and the strokes longer. Her breast hung outside of her gown and bounced with the rhythm. Her hands were a blur, they moved so fast, I thought she might be worried that if they were still the spider could sneak up and bite them. Her face looked determined with lines of concentration on her forehead and around her eyes, her mouth was open and I could feel her deep breaths as they ruffled the hair around my balls. Both of her hands were on my dick and together they were going up and down. It felt strange, I was afraid of the spider and what it could do to me but I was more worried about what my dick would do if the spider wasn't found very soon.

So much stimulation, my dick was hard and stiff and her hands kept sliding rapidly up and down. I heard her grunt and her whole body seemed to be concentrated on its task. Up and down, her hands continued to fly, they were warm and her grip was firm. Her other breast was barely covered by the dressing gown, the belt stayed in place to keep it there but I could see the knot loosening. I saw her nipple leave its track on the dressing gown as her breast bounced. My dick throbbed and seemed to grow even more.

I was worried, I didn't want to offend her and I tried to keep things in check. I thought of what could happen and was angry with myself; here I was, my life threatened by a spider, this lady was trying to help and my dick was apparently enjoying its self. I tried to think of what I could do. But then it started, I could feel it.

The fullness welled up and like a dam bursting it coursed its way along with such urgency. I looked at her, there were beads of sweat on her forehead and she was grinning. I could see her breast ripple and bounce with her movement as my sperm shot out in pulses, big white gobs that flew a long way to land on the top of the hedge. My hips seemed to be spring loaded and though I tried not to, they thrust forward with each shot, I could see, she could see, I was so embarrassed, I must have been bright red.

I could see her grinning and her tongue wiped her top lip. I saw her breast move as she moved. I couldn't do anything except shoot out my sperm. I could hear the squelch of her hands and feel their slipperiness now that she was fully lubricated with my sperm. I tried to balance, tried not to fall.

I shot lots of sperm and I watched her all the time; her face, her tongue, her breast, her moving hands and her exertion. I didn't know what to say. There wasn't anything I could say. The spurts eventually stopped and the evidence lay in the hedge where it was falling in strings towards the ground. She continued to hold me as she regained her breath.

Then I felt her hit me, I had to hold tight to keep balanced and I heard her shout,

"Got it!" I'd forgotten about the spider. I saw her brush it off me.

"Just as well I got him. They're not only poisonous, they can kill!" she said. I didn't even see it.

"What sort was it?" I asked.

"Redback," she said, "Hope it didn't bite. Pass me the glass please." It took a while to register.

"Glass?" I thought. I looked. In one hand I held a glass, the one she'd brought out to me. So surprised, I held it out to her and she took it, my sperm was dripping from her hand. I watched as she climbed down to the ground, turned, and walked back to the house. She didn't even bother to cover her breast. I couldn't do anything for a while, it was all too much. I'd nearly died and she saved me. At the same time I'd embarrassed myself. I just hoped that she would understand.


There are 3 species of spider that are sufficiently poisonous that they can kill a person. Two are native to Australia, the funnelweb and the redback. The redback can be found where I live and they are common. They are small and black with a dab of bright red on top of the abdomen. Only the female is dangerous, it is also one of the few creatures to practice sexual cannibalization while mating. People have died of the spider's bite. It's unlikely that redback spiders would be found at the top of a hedge.

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