The Long Weekend - Part 3   added 4 years ago
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Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

I took my girl out for a late dinner to a quiet local restaurant we love to visit.  To relax and replenish some of our strength.  One reason we loved to visit this place, aside from the great food, was because the girls that ran it were a couple, and we knew them intimately.

By the time we finished up we found we were the only customers left in the place, and our hosts had stopped by our table for a little catch up chat.  It may seem like a crime but we hadn't spent time with these two lovelies in a few months.  Sitting either side of me.... blonde to my left, red to my right.... their hands alternately rubbing over my semi-erection, my girl announced as she watched from across the table, "My man wants a nice thick cock between his lips!"

Their hands froze on me and I could feel them staring in shock.

She continued with a sly grin on her face, "He told me he wants a nice HOT load of cum exploding in his mouth.  He told me this as I was filling his ass with my thick strapon.  Fucking him so gooooooddd... just before we came out to dinner infact!"

My arms were around two full bodied women... two full bodies that suddenly shuddered with delight.  My cock had become rock hard.

"Mmmmm, is that true?" the blonde asked, snuggling closer against me.

To say my girl was the dominant of the three females in the room would have been an understatement.  She loved taking charge of their emotions, and I loved watching her do it.

"Oh it gets better" she said, both eyes turning from me to my girl.  "My baby here organised a four man cockbang for me this afternoon. FIVE including his magnificent piece of meat!"

Their jaws dropped simultaneously while my lovely slave was sporting the most mischievous grin I had ever seen.

"He let me take them all..." she teased them with her pauses "... then made these men taste his cock.  My Master forced them to suck on his cock!!!"

I moved my hands to between their legs as they outright came.  I took turns tasting their deliciuos juices from my fingers.

"He tasted their cock on my lips."

They groaned.

"He kissed me while I was taking a hard man in my pussy and my ass AND two more slapping against my face..."

They started to grind their pussies into my hands.

"... slapping against HIS face too."

As if they had only just realised I was there with them they stopped working their nipples and desperately started grasping at my crotch again.  My girl was loving getting these two off with her words.

"He jerked two men off, right infront of me.  Made them his cocksucking bitches first, then grabbed their big hot fucking cocks and pulled them to him, then fucked them."

"What do you mean fucked them?"  the red asked breathlessly.

"I mean he had his hands wrapped around two cocks that were wedged against his own.  Man on Man on Man, cock on Cock on COCK!!!  All three of them blew their loads right into my face!"

"Holy fuck!" The blonde whimpered.

"And after he dismissed them, my Master kissed my cum filled mouth, licked down my cum soaked face and breasts, down.... down.... down to lick out some more sexy hot man cum from my oozing pussy.  He even gave the cum in my anus a try."

That was it, they lost control and were climbing onto my body, fighting eachother to try and get to my cock first.  Licking, kissing, and knibbling at my face and neck in total desperation.

All the while I was smiling, staring into the eyes of my slavegirl, as she looked right back.  Her hand now under the table giving her own clit a good workout.

I suddenly stood up, knocking the two buxom women to the floor.  They quickly scrambled to clutch at either of my legs and were pulling my pants down.  I commanded them to STOP and they let go, setting themselves into kneeling positions just like my girl had taught them to.

"Take these two back into the VIP room.  Have them move the tables aside, strip them, then tie them up.  I want gags in their mouths."  I looked down, "I know you always keep some sex toys here on hand for when we visit so don't pretend you don't have what we need on hand."

They blushed at that.  If they could get away with it they would do whatever possible to stay "involved" and unbound... I knew them too well.

As my girl led them away I took out my phone and made a call.  I had arranged for my little gangbang team to meet us after dinner at a cocktail lounge around the corner.  Plans had changed and now they were heading here.


They arrived in no time and had brought an extra friend.  I had talked with this guy a few times before at the gym.

Me... I had a tight, solid build, but this guy was really impressive.  He was all natural.  No way he was talking steroids because I'd seen him in the locker room.  Hung like a fucking horse... well maybe not literally, but he had a bigness that was in proportion to the rest of his oversized, overpumped body.  He definitely had a set of balls to match.  That prior knowledge combined with my girl's shower fantasy about me sucking a cock made me instantly pleased to see he had hooked up with "My boys" and was clearly down for whatever was going to happen.

I greeted them as they all entered, and before I could utter a word with the big man he got down on his knees and kissed my feet.  That definitely sent an electric jolt through my cock.  I had thought he was alittle submissive in general, but I had no idea he was at this level... and obviously eager to pleaes ME too.

My girl came out just as he was getting off his knees and her "in control" smirk started to melt from her face.  The total slave broke through the surface now.

"I blindfolded them Master so that our... entry would be a... surprise..."  She stammered.

I locked the front door, swept my woman up into my arms and led the way into the VIP room.


With everyone naked and prepared I removed the blindfolds from the two vixens that were creaming themselves in anticipation.  I forced their heads away from the sight of all those hard bodies and cocks so that they were looking up at me.

"Tonight, my girl is going to continue her gangbang, but you two are only here to watch."

They instantly started to plead, "If you're good girls I'll give you a surprise later on... a surprise as good as what you've heard about tonight." I whispered the last to them.

They froze into obedient silence and I could tell by the melty expression in their eyes that nothing would matter in their lives until that surprise was delivered.  Releasing my grip on their heads I walked over to the other side of the room, behind the men and sat in the "Regal" chair that was kept as part of the VIP decour.

With a snap of my fingers my slave came forward and instructed the men to stand in a line, off to one side near the two bound women.  She knelt down between them and myself and looked to me.

"Before we start!?!" I gave a nod towards the area behind the girls where my big boy was.  He came forward out of the shadows, and even my girl was shocked at the sight of his cock.  So was I.  I had only ever seen it soft before, but now he was semi-hard.  It was an incredible piece of meat.  Definitely too big to fuck without hours of preperation and loosening up... at least, and even then only with alot of courage... but it was just begging to be held, licked, and sucked.  There was a silkiness to the skin of his cock, and how his foreskin was stretching over the fat bulbous head... when he reached me I had to grab hold of it.  All eyes in the room were locked on us as I wrapped my hands around his manhood.  Lifting up that heavy cock to give his balls alittle fondle and squeeze.

I stroked his cock gently, and as he grew even bigger in my hands I told him, "You're going to make this massive cock cum for me tonight.  Do you know how?"
"No Sir."

I spread my legs to reveal the throbbing hardon I had growing.  A hardon his big piece of meat had given me.  I let my body slide forward in the seat and pulled him around from the side so that his huge cock rubbed against mine for a few moments.

"Tonight you will be my main cockslave and your purpose in life is to service my dick!"  He fell to his knees and wrapped his lips around my meat without any further instruction.

After a moment my girl was the first to break the silence "Holy fuck, he can deepthroat like a common whore!"  And it seemed odd at first to hear those words.  Having just seen his huge piece of meat my cock seemed small by comparison, but it was true... my cock was meaty enough to require true skill to reach the base, and he was proving himself to be a seasoned expert.

Not only that, it was GOOD.  "Begin." I told my girl, still alittle surprised.

She began blowing each of my cock boys in view of myself and the bound women.  She often looked back and forth... to tease them and please me, and I fucking loved it.  Each hard cock being stroked, waiting for a chance for my slave to gobble them up.

When she had given the line two run throughs I decided it was time they fucked her properly.  Again, for a proper view, I had her mounted like earlier in the day, cowgirl style.

I watched my woman take a seroiusly hard fucking in her ass while grinding her pussy on the man below, all the while her lovely tits bouncing back and forth into his face, and the other two taking turns at her mouth.  The sound of her slurping and moaning were intoxicating.  Just watching her get fucked like that was so hot.

I was moaning too as I was receiving a royal blowjob.  From deepthroating to expert lollypop licking, up and down the shaft.  At one point I lost track of what was going on as he sucked my entire sack into his mouth and was fisting my cock while working one of his thick fingers into my anus.  I must have been moaning loudest of all at that point because when my eyes came back down from the ceiling I saw my girl and her gangbang watching us with such heat in their eyes.  My two bound slaves expanding the pool of cum beneath them.  My girl was cumming over and over at the sight.  It was hard to tell if it was one big orgasm or a rapid succession of small ones.

She crawled out of her tangle of men and over to me, pussy squirting behind her.

Body still trembling.

Looking into my eyes the whole time as my big boy was half laying against my leg, his head cradled against my thigh while taking me deep into his throat again, she stopped between his legs and gave his incredible cock some attention.

I could see it in her eyes, she didn't have to say a word.  Each touch of her hands, each flick of her tongue, each suck on his meat... she wanted me to be down there tasting him with her.  The rest of the boys came over, one entering her from behind as she lay there looking up at me working that massive cock in her hands.  The other three knelt down around her face and jerked off.

I couldn't break away from what I was seeing.  I shifted my hips alittle and started bucking into the hungry mouth that was pleasuring me, hid big finger working its way deeper into my ass now.

Remembering how that piece of meat felt in my hands when I called him over, fuck this was such a turnon.  Sharing that unspoken conversation with my girl.

Her eyes were saying, "You're going to suck the cum out of this big cock for me baby!"

And as she lifted that big hard cock up in her hands and took his balls into her mouth.  Narrowing her eyes at me as she sucked so hard while her body was bouncing from the force of the man fucking her from behind, I lost it.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum" and instinctively grabbed hold of the head sucking my cock and started fucking it, mercilessly.

I blew stream after stream of cum into that mouth as my girl slapped that big piece of meat against her face, telling the other guys to come in closer so they could slap her face with theirs as well.

I was blowing my load inside an expert mouth while my girl looked so hot, face covered in dick, I just wanted to get down there and suck all those cocks on her face.  Her fantasy had really gotten into my system and she knew it.

When I was done I let go of the head in my hands and it came up, gasping for air.

My girl scrambled forward to take my cock into her mouth.  Sucking up every rivulet of cum that had leaked out of the mouth that had been their a moment ago.

When she knew she had kept me from going soft and that my hardon was here to stay she released my cock from her lips, grabbed the man's head next to her and kissed him deeply.  I saw as she pulled out of the kiss, thick streams of cum.  She went back in for a quick lick and then came up to me to share in a kiss of our own.

My eyes were closed as I felt my girl straddle my body, committing herself to the hot, gooey kiss as a familiar pair of lips resumed their duty of sucking me off again.

The women in the back were moaning like crazy at the sight.  Almost screaming in desperation to want to be a part of it, because they were cumming.  I wasn't sure and I didn't care.  I was lost in this cum filled kiss.

When I opened my eyes I had a better idea why they were moaning so enthusiastically.  The rest of the men had gathered on either side of the chair and were basically circle jerking around our kiss.

I had it in my mind to change the scenario so as to give my bound girls a closer tease than they were able to see now, but I just didn't want to break the moment.

My girl dipped in and out of kissing my lips while taking a cock in her mouth.  She rubbed them together infront of her face.  Rubbing two against her lips at the same time and trying to squeeze them in.

She slapped them against her face while jerking them off.  Each time she came in to kiss me she came closer and closer with the cocks in her hands until she was barely turning away from my lips to press a cock between hers.

It wasn't long before they all had to cum and she stayed close for that too.  Taking a load directly in her mouth only to turn slightly away from that depleted prick to share her entire moutful with me.

After the second load was rolling between our tongues I reached up to help her jerk off the other two cocks.

Her luscios lips all sticky with hot, thick cum... it was amazing.  And the taste of it all, so freshly ejaculated.  I knew then that my girl was right, I would become as cock hungry as she was.  No doubt.

She positioned the last two cocks to cum in her mouth at the same time, positioning her lips just above mine, pressing their heads together as they began to spasm in her hands.  They squirted up into her mouth and it all came gushing back out... down, to my open lips.

When they were done she pushed them away and came back in for a deep kiss.  She just couldn't get enough of snowballing me.  Sucking as much cum out of my mouth then leaning out, her head thrown back and swallowing it all.

As the kisses started to fade in intensity I decided it was time to wrap things up so I had my girl dismount and I walked over to my bound slaves.  Their mascara had run from tears of torture.  Even though they weren't allowed to move their bodies were drenched in sweat, their hair completely soaked.  It looked like they had cum their weight in pussy juices beneath them too.

The room wreaked of cum and pussy.

I had the big boy follow behind and as they looked me up and down, seeing the cum that had dripped from my lips down my body, I grabbed his face and fucked it so hard infront of them.  I wanted to cum a second time in his mouth but I felt like I wasn't getting enough.  I fucked him harder and harder.  He was gagging and spluttering like a porno bitch.  I let him ease off my shaft so as to catch his breath... his face was red, his lips connected to my cock by strings of saliva with that first cum load that had started to foam from all the friction.

"So girls, you want some cum to finish up your night?"

They knodded their heads eagerly, pleading and drooling behind their gags.

I stood him up and moved in close behind him.  My hard cock between his legs, poking out from under his heavy balls.  My girl rushed over to spread my cheeks and start tongue fucking my anus.

That sent me over the edge.

"All of you fuckers get over here.  I want each of you to take a nipple each and suck like it's the only chance you'll ever have of taking my cock down your throat"

They rushed over and started working on the girls as my arms wrapped around the big man to jerk off his massive prick with both my hands.  My girl reached under to jerk me off too.

It didn't take long for that huge cock to explode, and that was one incredible feeling.

The pulsations that ran through his huge shaft, beneath my stroking grip, pushing an equally huge loud out and over my two girls.  I took turns pointing it into either of their faces, seeing it drip down from their gagged mouths, over their trembling bodies.  They were twitching, almost violently.

And that cock in my hands... it was making me want to cum just feeling it.  My girl noticed and she decided to take charge of the moment.  She pulled me away from the big man, turned him around to face me.  She stood behind me as I had stood behind him and she jerked my cum all over his still hard cock.

Cock on cock!

I told the other four to grab their things and get out of here while the rest of us caught our breaths.

They all left obediently.

I helped my girl to untie the two bound women only to hear them sob miserably once their gags were removed.  I knew they had had an intense experience but it sounded now like it had been killing them to not be able to scream out their ecstay.

I gave each of them a deep kiss to calm them down and let them have a desperate little suck of my softening cock.

When it was clear they were starting to come out of their orgasmic haze I decided to give them a reward.  I had my girl guide the big man over to us and let her slap his cum coated cock against their open, tongue flicking mouths.

But I surprised them all by grabbing his meat again and giving him a good hard suckle, from the base of his shaft up to the top of his full, bulbous head.  His cock still big, but soft, now made it easier to take into my mouth.

My girl held onto that giant cock like it was hers.  Like she was feeding it to me.

I only gave him a few good dips before pulling off and promising my two sluts that that was just a preview of the surprise I promised them at the beginning of the night.

I let them have a suckle of their own on that thick, soft piece of meat and then we left.

The big man gave me his number.  My two girls were so exhausted that they just slept in puddles of their own cum, and my girl glued to me the whole drive home... all the way through a hot, sensual shower and into bed... her hand never let go of my cock.

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