The walk home   added 5 years ago
  By: Law  Age: 35  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Anonymity, Oral Sex, Anal Sex
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

So I'm walking home late at night. As I turn on to my estate I spot you walking towards me and think nothing of it prepared to walk by. Out of the blue you stop me to ask for directions as you're lost. Your destination is a long walk away and there's no chnce of flaggin a taxi. As my place is only 2 minutes away I ask you if you want to come back to mine where you can call a txi and wait in the warm. You accept. 

as we walk back the conversation flows and we're soon flirting and needlessly touching and brushing up against each other.We reach mine and I ask you if you want a drink more out of politeness than anything else. You accept and we carry on our conversation which becomes more flitatious by the minute. In my last ditch attempt to be a gent I suggest that I should call the taxi for you and reach accross you to grab the phone. As I reach across I look at you and smile and pull the phone over. I can feel your breath on my neck and I can feel you breaving heavily. This is too much for me.

I turn to you and look into your eyes. I can tell you want it as much as I do. I kiss you softly to see how you react, you invite me in to carry on. You pull me closer to you whilst we carry on kissing. I pull you on to me now so I can wrap my arms around you positioning you so I can feel you breast as I kiss you.

We hastily pull off each other's clothes, you have the most amzing body and I can't get enough of you. My hands are all over you. My mouth moves down toyour breats and I kiss and suck your nipples as you arch your back, holding my head to your chest. You reach down and stroke my cock,you can feel the precum on your fingers as I push myself ainto your hand. I softly guide you down to my cock and you wrap your wet lips around me, it feels amazing. With my hands locked in your hair I slowly but firmlypush my cock further and further into your mouth until my precum is dripping down your throat. This is too much for me so I pull you away and start kissing you as my hand reaches down to your pussy.

You're wet already which makes it easier for me to put my fingers inside you. You groan as I push them in and out of you slowly at first but getting faster and harder. I can feel you dripping all over me and I push my fingers into you as far as they'll go, thrustign in and ou. You're gettign shorter of breath and starting to whimper no. As we kiss deeply I reach around to your ass with my otherhand and start massagign both holes rythmically, faster and faster whilst I kiss your breasts. I'm thrusting in and out of you with my fingers and playing with your ass. I go down on you licking and sucking your pussy with my mouth.

You moan louder and louder as I start to tongue your arse, pushing my tongue inside you taking turns between the two holes until you cum all over my mouth. 

Before you can rest I'm kissing you so we can both taster you. You're pussy is dripping and you gasp asI push my cock into you. I'm fucking you now harder and harder with my fingers in your mouth I can feel you're about to cum again so I take my fingers out of your mouth and close my hand arond your neck and gently squeeze. I'm fucking you hard now and just as you think you can't breathe up cum hard again all over me. I take my cock out of you and put it in your mouth and make you taste yourself. You have no control over this and I push my cock down your throat until you gag and choke on my cock a little. 

I've turned you over and I'm fucking you from behind and playing with your ass gently thumbing it whilst you push back on me.  I'm about to cum so I turn you back over and pull out so I can cum in your mouth. ur You eagerly look into my eyes as I pull out and push my cock on your lips. I cum all over your mouth and you can taste my hot salty cum on your lips. I suddenly stop and put my cock back inside you and carry on fucking you as my cum drips down your neck. I'm kissing you now and licking my cum off your face and spitting it back into your mouth.

You're about to cum again and do just as I push a finger deep inside your ass hard which I'm able to push up easily as you're so wet your cum is dripping down your ass.I fuck you harder now until you can feelmy warm cum inside you. I carry on kissing as I pull out and my cum drips out of your puss. You coax it  out of you with your fingers and taste me whilst Irub the rest of it over yoru pussy and ass hole.

I call the taxi which comes a little later after you get dressed. You kiss me goodbye at the door and leave

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