Triple Treat.... (part two)   added 5 years ago
  By: blueeyedmilf  Age: 41  Country: United States

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Categories: Oral Sex, Group Sex / Threesome, Anal Sex, Identified partner, Steady Partner
Tags: Anal oral bi Group
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

So the men are staring me down. I glance around and spy the hot tub. I take off towards it, and both Keith and Liam jump after me. I almost made it!! Liam grabs me and carries me to the bed. He sits over my head and puts his balls in my mouth for me to suck on them. Meanwhile Keith takes off my teddy and has starting licking from my warm, wet, hole to just over my pierced hood, and is caressing my natural B cup breasts. I smack Liam in the ass hard and he moves off my head. He starts kissing me deeply and passionately, and moves Keith’s hands off my breasts so he can play with my big nipples.

Keith inserts two fingers into my tight box and fucks me fast and hard with them. I cum over his fingers, he pulls them out, sucks one clean and offers the other to Liam. Liam sucks it off hungrily. Keith then slides them back into my pussy and starts massaging my g spot. Liam kisses me some more, sharing my juices with me and then moves down to my pussy with a pillow.




He lifts my hips and puts the pillow under my lower back to get me off the bed a little. Keith takes his already lubed fingers and slides them in my ass. Liam shoves three fingers in me roughly and I moan loudly. Both Keith and Liam know that every once in a while I love it rough. Liam gets his thick fingers all juiced up and slows down to massage the g spot like Keith was.  He is getting it just right, I am moaning ‘yes, yes, oh god yes’. Keith speeds up his pace in my ass and Liam sucks had on my clit. He can feel that I am about to squirt over my men. They move so that it will hit them both in the face.

I squirt a huge gush out all over them. Liam starts going to town on my clit, just racing his fingers over my engorged clit. Keith removes his fingers out of my stretched out asshole. I squirt again, Keith grabs his cock and brings it towards my pussy, I squirt on his cock. Liam stops finally, I am spent and he bends down and sucks my juices off  Keith’s cock.




Liam grabs my hips, lifts me off the bed a little more and licks me from my ass to my clit, getting me totally clean. Keith and Liam grab me off the bed and gently set me in the hot tub and jump in as well. It’s time to get a little frisky in the water…….

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