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Categories: Steady Partner, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: submissive rejected
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
I think Sir doesn’t love me. Doesn’t love me any more, maybe. He hasn’t touched me since yesterday. He’s barely even looked at me. Doesn’t he find me attractive any more? I’m looking at myself in the mirror… I mean, just look at me. Look at these titties, and twisting around, look at this ass. Dammit, I want to fuck myself. Why doesn’t Sir love me any more? Did I piss him off somehow? How? I don’t even know what I did. He used to love me more than anyone has ever loved me before. He knows that I would gladly give anything to feel his love! Why has he gone so cold?

I know what I’ll do. Dammit, I’ll show him a thing or two. Let me just put on these stockings… where are they? Here. These black sheer nylons with these black suspenders – his favourite. Mmmmm it makes me shiver inside knowing what he’s going to do to me when he sees me. I wonder how he’s going to take me. And these black nylon gloves, right up over my elbows… And my black leather collar. Mmmm-hmmm, Sir is going to treat me good if I dress like this for him. Ohhhh, I can feel his big cock already. Fuck, I am so wet… I hope my lips stay sealed shut. Sir just loves to feel me pop open for him.

And for the finishing touch… voila! Just a little coating of this scented oil. Running my hands all over my body with just a little oil… There, nice and shiny. Giggling as I blow myself a kiss in the mirror. Let me go find Sir. Sir is in for a treat!

Here he is, sitting on the sofa reading some letters. I’m just going to sway my hips a little as I walk… He looked up! He looked at me! Oh. Reading that stupid letter again. Keep going, girl… I’m just going to sit myself down here at his feet and put my head on his lap. Sir’s pet is here. I’m his favourite pet, aren’t I? Mmmmm, he’s stroking my hair. Maybe I am a good girl after all. I’m so close to his dick… oh please, please let him get his big dick out. Ohhh, I can feel my heartbeat throbbing in my pussy. I’m going to suck his cock… Any minute now he’s going to get his big hard dick and push it into my mouth, I just know it. I can taste his cum already. I want to swallow your love, Sir.

Oh, what did Sir just say? Oh…

“Yes Sir, I’ve got some body oil on, for you. Oh… sorry Sir, I didn’t mean to get your suit dirty. Yes Sir, I will go to my room. Thank you, Sir.”

I hate him. I hate him. He doesn’t love me any more. I’ve disappointed him. I’ve let him down and now he hates me. Well, I’m going to throw myself down onto the bed and show Sir what he’s missing out on. Here Sir, look at this pussy. I’m pulling it open for you. It could be yours, if you wanted it. You want to fuck me? Damn, I’m crying… don’t be silly, girl. Here Sir, let me show you how to fuck me. See my fingers slipping in and out of my pussy? Fucking myself hard… this could be your dick, Sir. I could be sucking the cum out of your balls right now… Wait! He’s calling me! He’s shouting for his slut! He wants me! He loves me, he really does love me!

I’m going to make him cum so hard… I’ll be his good girl again.

“Coming Sir!”

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