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“Slut!” I bellowed through the house. “Here! Now!”

My slut came rushing into the room, careful not to keep me waiting. She was naked except for the black leather collar of ownership I had recently had her wear. She looked hot and her skin had a faint sheen to it, which made her look exceedingly fuckable.

“What have you been doing?” I asked.

“I have been sunbathing, Sir,” answered the girl.

“I hope you were daydreaming about having my cock wedged inside your pelvis.”

“Yes Sir, I was. I was dreaming about feeling your sperm soaking into my insides.”

“Liar,” I thought. I could check her pussy to see if it was wet, but I had other ideas I wanted to pursue.

I held up two boxes of long rolls of cling wrap, showing them to the slut. I waggled them in her direction.

“What would you like me to do, Sir?” she asked.

“I want you to stand still, with your arms by your sides.”

Ah yes, I could see that the penny dropped. My little whore’s eyes widened momentarily before she smiled cheekily, and stood as still as a statue.

Feeling my cock already growing inside my pants, I took one end of a roll of cling wrap and smoothed it against her hip. I took her hand and put it down against the film, making her hold the end in place against her body. Then I started walking around her, winding the cling wrap around her hips, taping her hands to her sides. Nice and firm. Around and around I walked, spiralling layers of the shiny film down her legs, finally crouching down to secure her ankles in a tight wrap.

I stood back to admire my handiwork. My slut stood there covered in cling wrap from the waist down, her wrists and hands secured at her sides. I hoped she wouldn’t fall over, because it would be a nasty fall, but she looked steady enough. Leaving her breasts exposed on the top half of her body made them look magnificent, soft and warm in contrast to the hard shininess of her plastic swathing below.

“Good girl,” I told her.

“Thank you Sir. I like the way it feels on my skin.”

“I’m sure you do. You like anything I do to you, don’t you.”

“Yes Sir, you are very kind to me.”

I kissed her on the lips. “You are my very special toy. You know that, don’t you?”

Slut smiled, and I imagine that she loved me very much at that moment.

I took the other roll of cling film and starting from her waist, I wound it upwards, covering the top half of her body and her arms, squeezing those magnificent breasts against her body under the plastic. I stopped wrapping at her collar, smoothing down the end of the cling wrap over it. She was trussed up tightly in a shining plastic cocoon, with just her head protruding. I smoothed a few wrinkles I could see in the plastic with my hand, lingering over the lovely curves of her ass.

Now I really was concerned about her falling. With one hand placed behind her back and another behind her legs, I said “I’ve got you” and carefully leaned her backwards. She cried out “Sir!” but I said “It’s alright,” and laid her carefully down on the carpet on her back. My little cocooned slut looked relieved to be lying on the firm floor, knowing that she couldn’t fall.

Standing over my slut, I undressed, releasing my erect penis. I wasn’t normally in the habit of talking to my cock, but I thought “Yes, my hungry cock, it’s feeding time.” I watched my slut’s eyes following my cock as it bobbed above her. She was probably already getting an inkling of what lay in store for her. She tested the movement of her arms inside her plastic wrap, but they were held tightly to her side. I squatted down next to her, my cock jutting out between my thighs, and rolled her onto her stomach. Awkwardly, my meal turned her face to look at me, excitement shining in her eyes.

She only saw a blank mask on my face as I was far away, feeling something stirring deep in the reptilian part of my brain while I looked at the smooth mound of her ass rising above her swaddled body. I ran my hands over her ass, giving her cheeks a little squeeze through the film and then stroked my cock a little, testing its firmness, bringing me back into the present moment and its delicious air of anticipation.

The slut was trying to wriggle, but only succeeded in rocking slightly from side to side. I left her lying on the floor and went off to the bedroom, returning with her vibe.

I rolled her onto her back once more, and sat astride her legs. She started breathing hard when she heard the faint hum of the vibe as I switched it on. I took the vibe and slowly, deliberately, positioned it above her covered pussy. The wrapped girl squirmed beneath me as best she could while she waited for the inevitable touch. I pressed the smooth round head of the vibe against her pussy mound, watching her face change as the vibrations sent pleasure through her body. Moving the toy around,

I brought her squirming body to an aroused and expectant state, and then wriggled to sit across her waist. My balls rested on her stomach and my cock rose up between my legs. I buzzed her nipples, squashed down under layers of cling wrap, one after the other with the vibe, making her chest heave higher and higher and a low moan come trickling out of her mouth.

“Are you ripe and full of female juices, my little sex toy?” I asked.

The girl nodded her head up and down, her eyes pleading for more of the vibe.

I shuffled further along her body and kneeled over her chest, stroking my shaft luxuriously above her face with my fist, building up a nice thick rod of meat – my potent fuck tool. My good girl opened her mouth for me and looked up at me with dark eyes. Scooping her head up with one hand behind her hair, I pushed my cockhead between her lips and straightened my legs back behind me, resting them on either side of my encased slut, and began to fuck her prone mouth as I lay over her. Raising and lowering my hips, I plunged my cock in and out of her hungrily sucking mouth.

The hair on my belly tickled her nose as she took in my length and urged me to deliver my creamy deposit with her swirling tongue. It didn’t take long before this exquisite treatment became too much for me to bear. I pulled my saliva covered cock out of her mouth just as ribbons of cum were spurting out of it, dragging my cock back and forth across her face. The greedy slut tried to catch my squirting cock in her mouth as it dangled above her, but didn’t manage to, only succeeding in getting my cum all over her face and in her hair. Damn, I was proud of her for trying to catch my cock, because feeling her lips brushing across me just made me come harder. I pushed my cock down against her sticky face, rutting it against her cheeks and nose, dripping cum into her eyebrows.

When my last groan stopped echoing around the room, I climbed off of her. She looked so beautiful, unable to move and with my semen glistening all over her smiling face. I gripped my cock hard in my fist and wrung the last drop of cum from my cockeye, letting it drip down onto her face as I stood over the top of her head. This girl was such fun!

It was time for some unbearable pleasure. Sitting down alongside my lovely slut, I drilled my finger between her legs, poking a hole in the layers of cling wrap just below her pussy. Pushing my fingers into the hole, I ripped a small opening over her pussy, exposing her pink flesh. I turned the vibe on.

“Sir….” said the girl.

“Yes my dear, yes….” I replied, and pressed the buzzing toy against her pussy. Her knees bucked up and her neck arched back as if an electric shock was running through her body. I rubbed the vibe up and down her pussy which already looked ripe and swollen, letting it linger on the folds above her clitoris. The plastic cocoon heaved and bulged as she writhed and rolled on the floor, but held firm. A strangled cry escaped from her lips as her insides erupted. She wanted to flail her arms and legs around but she was not free to move inside her encasing. I chose that moment to put the vibe aside and to drill my tongue into the hole in the film.

I was greeted with the heady taste of overflowing pussy as she howled and tried to roll her hips from side to side. I held her hips still with my hands and administered an overdose of oral pleasure. She deserved it. She was such a good girl. And after I ripped the cling wrap off of her, it felt so good to have her fling her bare flesh against mine and wrap her arms and legs around me. For once, I didn’t mind her cummy lips kissing my face. “I’m yours, to do what you want with” she groaned.

“I know you are… I know you are” I whispered back.

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