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That night I arrived at your house and it is apparent where I am to go as soon as I open the door.  It is dark except for the candles that light a path through the house directly to the bathroom where I find you soaking in a bubble bath.  I kneel beside you and place my hands on your cheeks and my lips against yours.  Oh how sweet are your kisses.  You trace my lips with your tongue as I lick your tongue with mine.  We enter each others mouths darting tongues gliding against each other and I instantly want to love you every way imaginable. 

As we continue kissing I reach under the bubbles to your breasts and I massage and cup each one in my hand, my thumb and forefinger squeeze each nipple until both are rock hard and I know how this turns you on, making your pussy want me there.  I can not stop at your breasts and move down your stomach and along your thighs as far down as I can reach.  I caress the inside and out of each leg and then move my fingers to surround your clit from either side, masturbating you in gentle rhythm while slowly inserting fingers as deeply as they will go. 

You sigh and wriggle with delight and our kisses continue to make us both hotter and hornier.  You bring your arm outside the tub and reaching between my legs you stroke my now throbbing cock through my jeans.  Pausing for a moment you tell me to get out of those silly cloths.  Without hesitation I disrobe in an instant and kneel beside the tub again resuming what I had interrupted.  Now your soapy hand takes me and strokes me as I reach back under the water and reinsert and finger fuck you. 

You order me to get in there with you so I stand and set both feet in the tub facing you I hear something at the door and when I look it is your friend Erica with a video camera trained on us.

“I told you I wanted to do a “How to” movie one day and I asked her if she would be willing to act as camera operator, she agreed. Are you ready to be on film?”  “Oh yes my love, anything for you”.  And as you reach forward to take me in your mouth, she moves tour side and gets a close up of you giving me head.  

“One rule tonight, we have to do this using as many positions as we can”, and I agree to the rule.  With that you drop me from your mouth, turn around and grabbing the back of the tub you raise you butt, “fuck me from behind”, you order, and I drop to my knees and with your help I am guided into your dripping wet pussy.  My cock fills you as I drive it deep into your body.  You moan with the penetration of first entry and tell me how good it feels.   Erica is doing her job well and has the camera on us not missing one single thrust.  

“Let’s get out, I want you to eat my pussy while I sit on the vanity”.  You’ve never been this forceful before and I am wondering if this is a script you are following, I do know I love it and will do anything you ask.  We exit the tub and towel each other while kissing and licking each others bodies from head to toe.  You move back to the edge of the vanity, lift yourself upon it, lean back and spread your legs.  “Lick this pussy boy, eat me like you’re hungry for my cum!”

My mouth goes directly down on you and my tongue plunges where my cock had been only moments ago.  I lick and suck and kiss your lips and I suck your clit in my mouth and roll it with my tongue.  Flicking it and tormenting you as best I can, drinking your juices and loving it so very much.  Erica is right above me and nearly in your face getting as close as she can to the action.  She is certainly doing a fine job and I am starting to get even more turned on having her watch us.

“Stand up and put your cock in me now”, is the next order and so I do.  As Erica moves out of my way I stand and you guide me between your legs and as I stand I go to the hilt of my shaft, your heat surrounds me and I warm you internally with my erection.  My hands caress your breasts and pinch the nipples, you sigh with joy at the attention.  After pumping you only a few times you give more direction, “carry me to the bedroom skewered on your cock”.  You wrap your legs around me, I pick you up and off we go to the bed.  Erica is leading us but continues to get every second of action.
As I walk, you bounce on me and I am driven so deep it feels like I have never been in this part of you before and you arch your back and moan with pleasure with each step I take.  The room is also lighted by candles, you know what a turn on this is for us and the atmosphere is perfect. I lay you down on the edge of the bed and pump my cock in and out as I drop my body forward to suck your nipples.  I lick your breasts at the same time my hand caress your body. 

I stand again and lift your feet to my shoulders, my hips rhythmically pumping your pussy which is now tight around my shaft providing even more stimulation, Erica is on the bed above you with the camera capturing everything.  I hold your feet in my hands and start licking them, heal to toe, across the arch and balls of each and sucking each toe.  Licking and stroking between them with my tongue, one had moves to finger your clit as my cock continues in and out.  I kiss your ankles and down your legs as far as I can, all I want to do is bury my face between your legs and eat you with fury. 

I want your cum in my mouth and down my throat.  I want you to cum on camera and I want to make it happen many times.  I have moved down on your legs to the point my manhood exits you and I now lick, kiss and suck your inner thighs.  You coo with a satisfied tone as my lips near your pussy.  Tracing their lips you open yourself as wide as you can.  I am kneeling on the floor in front of you sucking your clit, lapping at it like a hungry dog.  You squirm and moan a sigh with contentment and desire.  The camera is beside us getting the very best angle of me orally satisfying you.

I can tell you are nearing climax so I put my face even deeper and lick with greater intensity wanting to drink your juices.  “I’m going to cum!” you squeal and you do, nearly drowning me and I drink down every drop. As your cum runs down your legs I lap it up then return to make you shudder with more licking of your clit. Now I move up your body with kisses until my lips meet yours in a most erotic kiss and my cock slides into you as if it were guided there.  Your pussy is so soft and wet and my cock feels so good entering you.  You shudder again with a mini orgasm as I enter you fully and completely.  I move in and out of your several time as our tongues and lips suck and caress.

“I want to suck your dick, put it in front of my mouth and now!”  Gladly, I move to my knees and straddle your body sitting lightly on your chest and you have me at your mouth.  You lick my head and run your tongue around and over me.  Erica is lying on the bed with us, getting this action from mere inches away.  You wrap your hands around me and masturbate me while taking me as deeply as you can into your mouth.  You suck me hard as my balls are massaged.  Licking and sucking each one into your mouth, your hands feverishly sliding up and down my length.  I reach behind us and finger your pussy.  It is so cum wet my fingers easily slide in and out, I wriggle when fully inserted and we watch Erica move the camera from you sucking me to my fingers fucking your pussy.   She is so very intense and I am getting more turned on by the minute with this voyeurism.

“Now turn around eat me while I blow you”.  Raising my legs I move around backing my hips until I am directly above your mouth and my face goes to your clit like a magnet.  I suck it in and at the same time you grab and direct me into your mouth.  I love “69” with you and could do this all night.  I can’t help but pump your mouth with my dick some as I lap and slide my tongue up and down deep within you.  Darting in and out, across your clit, flicking it rolling it on my tongue, kissing you thighs and belly I want to love on you every way possible. 

“Let’s roll over, I want to be on top now”, is the next direction.  Erica is barely able to keep up with all the action but she again moves out of our way as we roll over and repeat our oral stimulus.  I lick and kiss your inner thighs and lap at your pussy lips with little curls of my tongue.   You are chewing on me and the feel of your teeth against my cock is driving me wild.  I am deep in your mouth and your tongue strokes me from all sides. 

“Get this cock out of my mouth and slide down there and eat me some more”, is your next order and I gladly comply.  Turning around I kiss your breasts and stomach and sides as I make my way to your waist.  My tongue traces the line of your thigh and directs me to your pussy.  You have moved one leg so I am straddle of it and you play with my cock with your toes, fondling me and stroking me.  I bury my face in you this time.  My chin spreads the lower part of you, my tongue digs deep inside and my nose rakes your clit.  I can barely breathe but I continue to lick and suck you with great abandon.

I am not even aware of Erica now, all I want it to love you with more intensity than ever.  Bossing me is such a turn on tonight, I feel like your slave and a willing one I am, you never do this and I love it when you tell me what to do.  

My tongue and mouth are still hard at work, my hands caress your legs and breasts.  You sigh and moan and bring your hand to hold your clit for me to take in my mouth.  “Suck it and lick it and kiss it, make me come again!”  You are so randy, I have never seen you so hot.  My tongue is working feverishly to make you happy. 

“Time for a change, lie on your back and screw me from behind.”  I crawl up the bed and roll onto my back and you cuddling against me you bending slightly you reach to my penis to your clit.  Erica has the camera between our legs getting every detail as you use my cock to masturbate your clit.  Little circles are made then you guide me into your body again.  I thrust my hips and to get deeper better penetration I put a pillow under my hips.  You arch your back and drive yourself onto my swollen member and I push myself to the rhythm of your moves to fully enhance the pleasure.  My hands encircle your breasts, caressing all of your front, and as I pinch your nipples you sigh with delight.

I am startled to feel a tongue on my balls and looking around I realize Erica has placed the camera on a tripod, stripped naked and is joining us.  She licks me, takes each ball in her mouth and gently massages them, then runs her tongue up my shaft which is dripping with your fluids and as I move in and out of you she starts to lick your clit. 

You too are startled at first as you raise  your head responding to the touch of her tongue, it must feel wonderful though, you sigh and lay your head back against me and I kiss your neck and cheek.  I caress your breasts, lick and kiss your shoulders and neck, pinch your nipples and massage your stomach with one hand as my other rubs along your pussy lips helping Erica drive you wild. 

As we make a withdrawing stroke she removes me from you and takes me as deep in her mouth as she can for only a few licks then reinserts me and licks my shaft as I enter your body again.  She follows my cock to your clit, licks it and then goes back down to my balls.  You are going wild, you have never had oral and penetration at once like this and you are hornier than you had ever imagined you could be.

We are making love to you with such intensity, we both want you to cum and suddenly you do, your body rises and falls as if in convulsions and she licks and sucks and eats you while I drive myself in and out of your pussy as fast and hard as I can.  You scream with delight and repeatedly cum.  I can feel your cum running down my leg as Erica licks and sucks you without a pause.  I want to eat you too, I want her to suck me, I want you to suck me, I want for us to bring pure pleasure to one another all night long. 

“Please stop!” you scream so we both show mercy and cease our work.  She pulls me out of you and without missing a beat she starts blowing my cock.  You roll off of me and turn to watch me getting head.  Turning to me you tell me you really didn’t plan for this but it is a real turn on to see me getting sucked by another woman.   I tell you to move up so I can lick the cum from your pussy and legs..  You kiss me with deep tongue and move to where I can tongue you more. 

I lick away the cum from your thighs and legs, then across your belly.  My licking and flicking your sweet pussy flesh begins again as you spread your legs as open as you can.  Erica moves up to you too and the next thing I know we are both eating you, one on one side of our clit and one on the other.  We take turns licking your clit and tongue kissing each other across your pussy.  She is masturbating my cock and I am masturbating her pussy at the same time. 

Somehow we manage to twist ourselves together and she guides me into her hot steaming pussy and she moans as I spread her open with my hard on.  This is so good, to be eating my lover and fucking her friend at the same time is something I never dreamed of doing.  I feel so good, so hot, and so horny I want to satisfy you both. 

Erica asks if I will lay on my back while she rides me and I eat your pussy.   With that said I roll over immediately still attached to her and you lift your leg over me and sit on my chest my face at your pussy.  This is pure joy, Erica is riding me hard and I am eating you while caressing your shoulders and breasts.  My lips suck your clit, tongue flicks it back and forth she reaches to caress your back and shoulders as she fucks herself on my erection.  She sighs and moans with pleasure, I lick and suck your juices as they flow freely from your body and into my mouth. 

Now you give another order, “I want you to fuck her from behind while I watch”.  We all cease what we are doing, she gets off of me and onto her knees, you get up turn around and sit against a pillow at the head of the bed and I move around behind her.  You move down and taking me in your hand you help guide me into her pussy which is dripping now too.  You run our hand down her back and I start pumping her with long deliberate thrusts, slowly at first then gradually speeding up. 

She sits up and I reach around her to fondle her breasts, pinching her nipples and caressing her stomach all the way down to her pussy.  I rub her clit and she moans with ecstasy as my fingers and cock attends her privates.  I glance at you laying back, legs spread, watching intently, rubbing you pussy all the while.  Now you scoot yourself down to where her face will reach and spreading your legs you ask her to use her tongue on you while she is getting fucked from behind.  She eats you hungrily and laps and sucks your clit with great skill.  With one hand she reaches to caress your breasts and with the other she finger fucks you.
  I am slamming her as hard as I can and as fast as I can, long strokes nearly exiting her then ramming my cock as hard and far into her as is possible.  She moans with each penetrating stroke and lifting her head she tells us she is going to cum. 

You instantly reach up and grab her breasts and pinch the nipples hard which sets her off at that very moment.  She cries out “Yes, Yes, Yes” as I pump the cum from her pussy and her body writhes as she orgasms over and over.   I remove myself from her, roll her over and lick her juices while you softly caress her breast and play with her rock hard nipples.

Erica now asks for the two of us to dog style fuck for her to watch so we separate, she moves to the side, you roll over to your knees and raise your butt and invite me to be inside you again.   Erica grabs me and guides me into you and she watches as I pump you.  She bends to kiss me and runs one hand over your back while the other runs over mine.  I caress her breasts as we kiss and my fingers move to masturbate her while we kiss. Her tongue dances in my mouth and my cock dances inside you.  She kisses my nipples and a bolt of energy runs through me directly to my cock, what a turn on and I think I got even bigger.  

She moves away and I concentrate on my cock inside you.  The next thing I know she has moved her head between our legs and is orally stimulating us again, Licking your pussy lips and clit and sucking my balls and tonguing my shaft while I enter and exit your red hot pussy.  Again she takes me out of you and slides me in her mouth and to the back of her throat several times alternately licking and sucking us both you up and down with a flicking circular motion me in a deep hard suck before reinserting me inside you.  

We lick and suck and fuck for only a few moments and she asks if I would like for two women to give me a BJ.  Oh my what an offer and I can’t refuse this.  The very thought of having these two beautiful women going done on me at the same time is so titillating I can’t wait to be served this way.  We once more make the adjustment, me on my back again, she moves down and immediately takes me in her mouth and you “69” me.  She sees what you have done and moves her body around so I can eat her too.  I am hot and hard, the two of you work so well together, one sucking my balls and shaft while the other sucks my head.  I have one arm around your waist and the other around hers and move from one tasty pussy to the other. 

My face is covered with pussy juices and it runs down my cheeks and neck.  I want to drink you both until you are dry.  Sucking your clits and licking your lips and smearing my face as deep in both of you as I can.  The two of your work together, one on one side of my cock and one on the other jacking me off with your pursed lips, caressing and fondling my balls. 

“What is it that you ladies want for a mutual climax?” I ask.  Erica answered “your rock hard cock deep in my cunt!”

“I want your cock fucking me hard and fast from behind!”  you reply.

“So now it is my turn to give the orders, I want you on your back, looking at Erica, and you over her your titties at her mouth so she can suck them.  And I’m going to go back here, so I can share fuck you both, Erica I want you to decide who gets dick and when since you can reach me and guide me in you or her so we can all cum at virtually the same time.”  

I move to her and she gets first cock grabbing me and guiding me to her.  “I want it fast and furious honey, give this cut all you can!”  I start pumping, full hard strokes, her entire body moves up as I pound the hell out of her.  You move with us as she sucks and licks your breasts and fingers your clit.  My hand is there too with hers, mine inserted finger fucking.  I use my other hand to fondle her breasts and roll her nipples between my fingers making her even hotter. She is moaning and sighing at the stimulation and is nearing fulfillment.

She pulls me out of her and without missing a stroke shifts me to your beautiful pussy.  I ram my rod into you so hard we both lunge forward collapsing on Erica.

We laugh at ourselves laying there, entwined bodies.  I roll to the side greet her mouth with a kiss and straddling you we put me inside and we fuck from here for a few moments.  Her hand goes between our legs and caresses us both.  We lay to the side and she bends and put her mouth on us as I slide in and out she licks my cock and flicks your clit, her tongue is so good.   We are caressing each others legs and breasts and any part we can reach of any body we can touch.  We are all so hot with passion every movement is pure ecstasy. 

Getting back to our knee position, she places me at your clit, I move forward as she masturbates your clit with me then sets me at your lips and I slam it in again, this time the rhythm begins and my hips move to a steady beat, balls slapping against your butt, your juices glisten on the shaft of my cock as I insert and withdraw.  I am so numb this is the only way I will ever cum, fucking you so hard we both explode at once.  I can tell this is moving us both to peak and just about that time Erica grabs me and takes me back.  So now I pound on her pussy, the sound of a juicy pussy getting the hell fucked out of it makes up all listen to the sound of great sex. 

She and I reach to masturbate you while I finish her off.  I insert my thumb and wriggle it around inside while she rubs you clit between her fingers.  She is kissing and sucking and licking your breasts, the bed is shaking with our movements.  Erica is breathing so hard, “I’m about to cum, I’m going to cum!”  She screams “AHHHHHHHHHH!”  And withers in convulsive shudders but she guides me into you and with all the stimulation we have as I slam into you once, twice, and the third time I erupt.

Cum gushing into you I feel like I have shot a gallon of flow into you.  It seems to not want to end and I pump and pour more and more into you.  My cum is dripping all over her as it comes out of you.  But when my hot wad busted into you it not only filled you, it made your trigger go off and you are now squalling with ecstasy of another orgasm.  I continue to ride you until I begin to fade.  We collapse in a heap, the three of us me between the two of you and I move to kiss you and she joins us, I suck both tongues in my mouth lick and flick both, we are being so sloppy kissing and licking each other.  Stroking and caressing we fall asleep.   

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