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Effective Slut Conditioning (third edition)

Chapter 5: Develop your slut’s cravings

You want your slut to be receptive to your wishes, whether they be sexual in nature, abusive or a ceding of power, or perhaps some combination of these.  With an effective training regime, your slut can be conditioned to become receptive to your choice of desire.  Like training any kind of pet, the best approach to bring your slut to heel is to employ a punishment/reward cycle.  Punishment can take a variety of forms; physical abuse, emotional abuse, or withholding something that your slut needs or desires, or once more a combination of all three.  Choose a punishment regime based on your slut’s personality traits and, more importantly, what gives you the most pleasure.

The following guidelines may be used to good effect to produce a compliant and eager slut:

Apply the punishment of your choice from morning until evening.  You should be absent during the administration of the punishment.  If you have opted for physical abuse, see if you can enlist the help of a trusted friend, or perhaps another of your sluts, or another third party, to administer the abuse (a list of contact numbers of third party slut abusers is provided at the end of this chapter).  At a time of your choosing, near the end of the day, you will arrive to ‘rescue’ your slut from the punishment she has been subjected to, but she will only be freed after acquiescing to your desires.  Once you have done whatever you want to do to your slut, the punishment ceases and you spend time pampering her to provide relief and contrast to the ordeal she has endured throughout the day.

The cycle is then repeated daily for a number of days.  The duration will require your judgement and observation of your slut’s progress.  In the days that follow, maintain the routine but allow your slut to ‘reach out’ for your relief at earlier and earlier times.  Your relief must always be accompanied by you using your slut for whatever purpose you see fit.  Eventually, your slut will associate your personal abuse of her with relief from punishment and will be eager to curry favour with an exemplary performance.

Any training process takes time.  Depending on the mental characteristics of your slut, you can expect the training period to take anywhere from one day to one month.

The following pages are intentionally left blank.  You are encouraged to make notes to track your slut’s progress.  By the end of the training regime, you should have a willing slut who exists only to please you.


Day 1

Locked Slut in the guest bedroom.  No food or drink all day.  No entertainment.  Watched her on the web cam.  She masturbated once but didn’t come.  Slept a lot.

* Was thrilling to watch her piss on the toilet.

Entered room at 6:00pm – Slut had been crying.  Took pity on her (soft) and made her wank me into a bowl.  Fed her cum on rice crackers.  She ate the lot (good girl).  Let her eat some more in the dining room.  Washed her in the shower and massaged her on the bed.  Slut’s spirits were high by the time we fell asleep together.

Day 2

Slut upset to be locked in bedroom again.  Appeared angry on the web cam.

Entered room at 6:00pm and made her suck me.  Bitch can fight.  Wouldn’t do it properly and I had to slap her with cock in her mouth.  Took a while but managed to cum in her mouth and make her swallow it.  Let her out of the room and fed her a big meal.  Full body massage with oils again – gave her orgasm with tongue (sloppy).

Day 3

Slut happy to go in room.  Saw her masturbate a lot and come often. Brought food at 6:00pm and let her eat after she gave me an outstanding blow job.  Washed her in the tub and let her get drunk on champagne.  Slut begged me to fuck her but I refused and let her suck me off instead.

Day 4

Left Slut with a cell phone and told her not to call before midday.  She called at 12:00 and I went and fucked her ass. Couldn’t get all of my cock in her ass (needs work).  Told her that her rectum was my sperm bucket and she came.  More pampering and fucked slut cunt with a leash around her neck.  Progressing well.

Day 5

No room today.  Gave her credit card and told her to go shopping.  Called her midday and told her to be home within the hour.  She got home 40 mins later (black dress – very hot) – put her on hands and knees on floor, lifted skirt and came in her ass (got more cock in this time).  Told her to go and buy more clothes carrying an assful of my sperm.  Came in her throat when she got home.

Ticking this one off – training complete.

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