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Categories: Masturbation, The Audience / Voyeur, Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: beach masturbation Group
Location: A resort
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

I was on a trip to the Caribbean on business and made arrangements to stay in a very cozy cabin on the beach. The weather was fabulous with 85 degree days, low humidity and a steady tropical breeze that blew out of the west. I was walking along the beach one afternoon and about a mile up from where I was staying there was a secluded cove…turquoise water out to a barrier reef some 1000 feet or so off shore; and then a deepening blue that stretched on as far as the eye could see. Coral reefs spattered the cove out to the barrier and I knew it would be a great place for snorkeling.

The next day I returned following some daytime meetings and dove in with mask, snorkel and flippers. There was no one in site and I had the place all to myself. The water was astounding…warm and clear. The fish were even more amazing with all sizes and colors darting in and out of the coral outcroppings. I would give my flippers a smooth and gentle up and down motion and glide through the water with the fish; moving from one side to the other watching them play in the shallow surf. About an hour later I emerged from the water and found two very attractive women walking down the beach.

They were both very well proportioned, one about 5’8” and the other slightly shorter at about 5’6”. As they got closer I could see that their two piece bathing suits were showing off their deep tans. The taller of the two had on a brown suit that barely contrasted with her skin tone and the other was wearing a bright yellow bikini that was stunning against her body. As I headed back to the cabin I couldn’t help but keep my eyes on these very good looking women. We exchanged hellos and smiles as we passed…and I turned around more than once to get a glimpse from the other direction.

That evening I walked up to the hotel to have dinner. By happenstance I was seated several tables away from the two ladies I had seen on the beach earlier that day. Somewhat to my chagrin there was a third party at the table, a very attractive guy who was obviously having a good time with the two of them. I was waiting for a fourth to arrive, but after 15 minutes or so no one else showed up. One of the two ladies looked my way and smiles and nods of recognition appeared. I walked over to say hello and they asked me to join them. Turns out the two woman, Mona and Susie, were a couple and the guy, Troy, was a friend who just came along for the trip. We had an enjoyable evening together; drank a bit too much and enjoyed some wonderful seafood, danced on the outside deck under the full moon, and generally just had a good time.

As the evening wore on we were sipping drinks and I couldn’t help but notice that Mona kept glancing at me in a very seductive way. I leaned over and whispered in her ear that it was too bad she was with Susie because I was very attracted to her. She smiled and giggled softly. As she leaned back in her chair she asked if we all wanted to get together tomorrow and have some fun. We all nodded yes and asked her what she had in mind. How about a masturbation party on the beach she asked. I had to do a double take because I wasn’t quite believing what I heard. I asked her if I heard her right and she replied that I did. She said she loved to masturbate and in fact she was playing with herself at that very moment under the table. She proceeded to slide her chair out just far enough to let me see that her hand was up under her dress slowly rubbing her pussy.

Susie and Troy laughed and told her to stop because she was embarrassing me. I quickly corrected that misnomer and the four of us agreed that we would all meet to go snorkeling the next day about 4 PM in the cove where we had seen each other earlier in the day.

I was incredibly horny the whole night and next day and couldn’t wait to see what was in store for us. We all met as planned and I was struck again by how beautiful these two woman were. Well, to be honest with you Troy was no slouch either. He was about 6’ tall with a very nice build; a firm chest and muscular arms with a slim middle, sort of a surfer build, with a tanned body, although not as tan as the others. We all donned our gear and headed out into the water for a swim and some snorkeling. I could see Mona and Susie swimming through the water and their bodies were just as splendid under water as they were above!!

We all exited the surf talking about how great the water felt and how spectacular the scenery was. Susie said that she had brought some things down for our party and spread four beach towels down on the large grained, white sand that lined the beach. The sun was not quite as hot as it had been earlier and a full moon was starting to rise on the horizon. I’ve always thought that being able to see the moon in full daylight was an amazing thing and was looking forward to seeing it later as the sun set.

Susie had put together an incredible meal for us and brought several bottles of wine to enjoy. After several drinks Mona asked if we were all still up for a party and when we nodded yes she stood up and took off her top and bathing suit bottoms. I could feel myself starting to get hard as I watched her strip. One by one we all took off our clothes and sat back down. Mona said she wanted to play a game and looked to see if we were all agreeable. After laughing and saying we were, but we wanted to know what it was before we agreed, she told us what she had in mind. She obviously had either played this game before or had been thinking about the encounter as much as I had.

She went on to explain that she wanted the four of us to get oiled down and then sit in a circle facing each other. We were all to play with ourselves while the others watched. We would each get a chance to stand up while the other three were sitting and walk to the others and have them do something to us. We were not to stop masturbating during the entire game and the other three couldn’t stand up or rearrange themselves. And, one last thing she added, you two guys can’t cum until all four of us have made our rounds and we sit back down and cum together! This all sounded incredible, but I didn’t know if I could hold off that long before loosing it. We all agreed to give it a try and got started.

Mona instructed that it was time to start playing with ourselves and we all slowly started. She gently pinched her nipples with one hand and started rubbing the inside of her legs as Susie went right for her pussy and almost immediately inserted a finger inside of her pussy. As she pulled it out I could see the glistening of her wetness on it. She took her finger and moved it up to her mouth as she put it in and looked around at the three of us smiling with lustful brown eyes. Troy and I both went for our cocks and slowly started stroking.

Mona then told us that Susie, Troy and I needed to take the baby oil and spread it all over her; without stopping what we were doing! She was first, followed by Troy, Susie and then me. One by one we were all glistening with the sun setting into a beautiful panorama of colors. Along the way we would rub an occasional breast and buttocks as the oil made its way along; all the while rubbing and stroking ourselves…sounds of pleasure filling the breeze as it drifted away from us. The feeling of having these three people rubbing baby oil on me while I was jerking my cock was sensual beyond belief. On more than one occasion I had to stop stroking myself to avoid blowing my load as they touched my chest, my neck, my balls and my ass; their hands moving smoothly across my body as the scent of sex filled my nostrils.

It took about twenty minutes for the four of us to have the oil applied and when we were done Mona asked us all to sit down in a squatting fashion so we were resting on top of our calves, legs spread open, facing each other. Mona was on my left with Troy across from me and Susie to my right. She then asked us to move closer to each other so that our knees were touching the person next to us on both sides. As we shimmied forward the resultant formation was four people very close together with the shape of four vees that looked something like a star without the fifth point. As we were doing this one of us would occasionally remind the other that they had stopped Mona’s prime directive, which was never to stop playing with yourself.

Mona then told us that it was time to really have some fun. She asked Troy and I to stroke ourselves while she and Susie rubbed their pussies. It wasn’t long before the four of us were sitting there feverishly masturbating. The sights and sounds were fucking incredible. Mona was massaging her clit with two fingers, one on each side; Troy was stoking his cock while he held his balls in his other hand; Susie was finger fucking herself with three fingers; and I was jerking with both hands firmly around my engorged cock.

Mona interrupted just long enough to tell us that she was cumming and reminded me and Troy that it wasn’t our time yet…as she started to cum we watched her arch her back and slowly start to convulse; her trembling legs pulsing up against mine as I did all I could to hold back. Moments later Susie let out a yelp as she pushed her fingers deep inside and played with her clit until she squirted all over her hands. Relieved they both slowed down and Mona went back to pinching her nipples alternating with slipping her finger into what was now her sopping wet pussy. Susie was rubbing her chest and Troy and I were slowly stroking the base of our cocks so not to make ourselves cum.

Mona said it was time for the other three to pleasure one of us and asked if anyone wanted to go first. On the brink of cumming I couldn’t stand it and Susie was the first to say that she wanted to. She stood up with a finger inside of herself and positioned herself in front of Troy and told him to lick her breasts. She then approached me and put her partially shaved pussy in front of my mouth and asked me to lick her. I could feel her finger move in and out of her against my chin as I slowly lapped up the drips coming from inside. Her moans intensified and she pushed herself closer to me.

She then approached Mona and bent over in front of her and told her to lick her butt. As Mona complied I could see her dart her tongue in and out of Susie’s cheeks as if to see if she could fuck her. Susie picked up her pace with her hands and started to cum again as Mona licked her. The site of these two going at it was too much and I had to stop stroking myself before I blew. Susie sat back down in the star formation and it was my turn.

My legs felt the relief as I stood up with my cock in my hands and faced Mona. Without saying a word I placed my cock at her lips and she started to suck on me. She gently moved up and down my shaft as she took her hand and placed it on my buttocks to pull me in toward her; my hand still on my cock. As it was time to move on I realized that I had no idea what I was going to have Troy do as I have never had sex or anything like it with a guy. At the same time I realized that it would be my turn at some point and he would be asking me to do something as well.

The three of them must have noticed my sudden apprehension and laughed, while encouraging me to go forward. I moved over in front of him and asked him to lick my balls. He gently started to lick me and take my balls in his mouth. I immediately forgot that it was a guy doing this and slowly stroked myself as I enjoyed the warm sensation of him sucking. A few moments later I approached Susie and asked her to put a finger up my ass. She had long fingernails and I could feel the hardness as she slipped inside of me; slowly inserting her middle finger deeper inside of me.

As she got all the way in she started to draw circles with her nail and the sensation was overwhelming. I jerked myself to the verge of orgasm and back three or four times directly in front of her face while she did this; my cock slippery from the precum drooling from the end and the slick baby oil. I sat back down next to Mona and Susie to calm down. My cock was throbbing and I wanted to cum badly.

Mona asked Troy if he would go next and he stood up and approached me. He asked me if I would suck on his cock. I had never done this before, but wasn’t going to stop the party now. I opened my mouth as he placed his cock on my tongue and pushed it gently in. He found a rhythm that I was comfortable with and moved in and out of my mouth as I wrapped my tongue around him; engulfing him I could taste the saltiness of the cum oozing out. He next approached Mona and asked her to stroke him and then Susie to lick his balls. As he made his rounds I could tell that he was doing the same thing I had done and was bringing himself to the brink of cumming and then backing off again.

Mona was last and approached Troy first. With a finger still inserted in her pussy to keep up the masturbation directive she told Troy to pinch her nipples with his front teeth. Gently he complied as her moans filled the circle. Next she moved on to Susie and with a finger in her ass asked her to finger fuck her cunt. Susie placed one, then two, then all four of her fingers inside Mona as she grunted with pleasure. Her legs moving up and down as she mounted the finger in her and Susie’s fingers in her pussy. As she moved to me she added another finger inside of her ass and told me to lick her pussy while I ran my nose up and down along her clit. My cock in one hand, Mona finger fucking herself in the ass, and my nose sliding around her clit made her cum again. She pushed hard into my face and came on me.

As she sat back down she regained her composure and gave us all a minute to catch our breath. She asked Troy and me if we were ready to cum and we both said more than ready. She wanted to know if one of us wanted to go first since she had in mind that the other three would watch each of us as we got off. We were both ready so Mona asked Susie to put one hand on the inside of my thighs and rub me while she did the same with Troy. She told us there would be a surprise if we both got off at the same time. I pushed up just enough to get a finger inside of myself as Troy put his hand on his balls and we both started to jerk off intensely.

Every time one of us would close our eyes Mona would tell us to open them and look at her or Susie as we jerked. Both Mona and Susie were playing with their pussies as we stroked our cocks and started telling us how much they liked watching a guy masturbate; encouraging us to stroke harder and cum for them. Troy and I were both stroking fast and the noises coming from our mouths started sounding like some alien language getting louder and louder; Mona and Susie’s voices kept getting louder to keep up with our grunts encouraging us to beat off and blow a load. “Yea, come on stroke those cocks for us. Cum all over. Let’s see what you’ve got baby, jerk those dicks for us. Damn you guys look good, let’s see what kind of load you can blow.”

I was watching the whole scene; my finger working my ass and my hand firmly stroking my cock as I could feel an intense orgasm moving up inside of me. Instinctively both Troy and I lifted higher off our perch. Our cocks were now only inches apart and both Mona and Susie were cheering us on saying, “Oh yea, you guys have it figured out now, jerk off a load and blow it all over each other.” With that I took my finger out of my ass and jerked as hard as I could with both hands, alternating glances between Mona, Susie, Troy and my cock. I moaned out loudly as my first shot hit Troy on his right leg; the sounds and encouragement from Mona and Susie fading off in the distance.

As I looked down Troy shot onto to my hand and I followed with another round onto the end of his cock. I was losing my balance and leaned backward on one of my hands as I finished myself off onto the towel underneath me, totally spent.

After we regained our senses Susie went next as the three of us cheered her on. All five fingers pushing in and out of her pussy while she diddled herself with her other hand. Moments later she squirted again all over her hands as her tits bounced up and down, and she was screaming, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming again, I’m cumming.” What a sight that was watching this beautiful woman getting herself off like that!

It was Mona’s turn to get off while the three of us watched her. She reminded Troy and me that since we both got off together she would give us a special treat, but it might take a while for us to get ready for it. “Don’t forget the prime directive guys,” she said. “Can’t stop masturbating until we all finish up.” We decided to take a break sharing a glass of wine, still touching ourselves. She said that while she was getting off she wanted to pleasure the three of us and have the three of us pleasure her. She lay down on her back and told Susie to mount her mouth and asked me to eat her.

She instructed Troy to kneel down next to her face and stroke his cock while she alternated between sucking on Susie and sucking on Troy. The three of us all took turns eating her while the other two let her work on us with her mouth. Then she asked us to fuck her with our fingers; one of us working on her cunt and the other on her ass. She was stroking her clit as she took three of my fingers up her ass and all of Susie’s with her pussy. I watched as Susie worked her fingers closer and closer and then pushed her entire hand inside of Mona. Her muffled sounds were escaping out of her mouth each time Troy pulled his cock from her. This whole thing was about to send me over the edge again as I started stroking myself with a firmer grip, feeling another round of cum building up inside of me.

Susie was working both her own cunt and Mona’s hard at this point, Mona rubbing feverishly on her own swollen clit…the moonlight from above glistening off of these four bodies as the gentle waves lapped up against the shore just feet away from us. Susie was squarely on Mona’s face, grinding her buttocks into Mona with purpose, still fucking Mona with her hand. While Mona was eating Susie, Susie asked Troy and me to kneel on either side of Mona and jerk off until we came on her ass and Mona’s face. At this point Mona was lying on her back with Susie fisting her pussy;

Susie was facing Mona’s feet as she was getting licked; Troy was on Mona’s right side stoking his cock and I was on Mona’s left side stoking mine. Mona was still working on her clit as Susie screamed that she needed someone to finger her ass. Within seconds my fingers were inside Susie and I could feel Mona’s tongue lapping at her pussy. Mona reached under me with her other hand and inserted two fingers up my ass very quickly; fucking me fast as I stroked. The four of us were there on the beach, sand and sweat all over us at this point; masturbating with fervor; it was a mangle of sex just waiting to explode.

Mona was the first to go as the flat of her palm took over on her clit…she convulsed again as she started screaming from under Susie’s pussy…”Oh shit, fuck me, fuck me harder.” Susie leaned down and started licking her as she pulled her hand out and reinserted several fingers. While Mona was still jerking from the orgasm she was having I exploded all over Susie’s ass. Susie followed suit as my cum started running down her crack into Mona’s mouth. Within seconds Troy blew his load on Mona’s face; we were all screaming, jerking and cumming.

As we started to untangle ourselves Mona took one last lick of Susie and then sucked on my cock and then Troy’s. Susie rolled off Mona and pushed her hair back as she licked her finger and gave Mona one last lick…Mona responded with a sudden jerk of her body as the sensation was too much. Enter your story here...

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