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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Oral Sex
Tags: inspection audition interview desk
Location: An office
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

The doorbell chimed right on two o’clock.  This was a good start – I wasn’t being kept waiting.  Punctuality was a desirable trait in a slut.  I opened the door and was greeted by a girl wearing a light grey business suit with a crisp white shirt underneath her jacket.  Very nice.


“Please, come on in,” I motioned to her, closing the door with a satisfying click behind her.  There was something… final… about the way the door latch clicked shut.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr…?”

“Saxton,” I replied. “Follow me to my office.”

We entered my office, and I sat at the chair behind my desk, looking at the standing girl.

“Please undress,” I said.

I watched her strip, pleased to note that she lingered over her items of clothing just long enough to tease, but not so long that she made me impatient with her.  She was ticking a lot of boxes so far.  And oh ho… black stockings and suspenders.  A fine taste in clothing.

“Would you like me to leave these on, Mr. Saxton?” she asked, hooking her thumb under a suspender.

“No,” I said, staring at her.  “Please take everything off,”

She undid her suspenders and peeled the stockings off, sliding them down over her smooth legs, and awaited further instructions.

I cleared a pile of papers from my desk and put them in a drawer, and then patted the surface of the desk with my hand.  “On hands and knees, please.”


Without hesitation, she placed one knee on the desk and swung herself up onto it, and assumed her position.  I rose from my chair, standing at her side, and pushed down lightly on her lower back, instructing her to arch downwards, raising her ass nicely.  She would learn, in time…


I picked up my pen and walked around her.

“What are you going to…” she started, but I cut her off.

“Shhhh,” I said as I placed my index finger across her lips.  I took my finger from her mouth and repeated, in a lower tone, “Shhhh” and fixed her with a steely gaze.  She was quiet.  The education process had begun.


I walked around to her tail and surveyed the fine smooth mounds of her ass cheeks, and ran my fingers lightly across her curves.  She moved ever so slightly under my touch, but stayed in position.  Then I slapped her right cheek quite hard, making her yelp and toss her hair like a naughty little bitch, and noted that her ass wobbled a little, but didn’t ripple too much. Nice.  I took my pen and wrote “Nicely shaped, firm ass” in even block letters on her reddened cheek.


I spread her ass cheeks apart with the thumb and fingers of my left hand, and drew a neat blue ring around her tight little asshole with my pen, circling the pen a few times.  Why?  Because I felt like it, that’s why.


I turned my attention to her pussy.  I slipped my fingers under her mound from behind her and felt the warm sponginess of her meat against my hand.  Her pussy lips felt nice and fleshy as I wriggled my fingers against them.  She parted her legs a little further to give me better access to inspect her.

“You have a very nice cunt,” I remarked.

“Thank you, Mr. Saxton,” she replied, looking straight forward.

I separated her lips with my thumbs and pulled her open.

“Nice pink flesh,” I noted. “And quite a large clitoris,” as I felt around her moist skin with my fingertip. “This will be good for piercing and chaining.”

The girl said nothing.  I closed her pussy again, prodding her lips shut with my fingertips. Her mound was neatly shaven, with a neat tuft of hair remaining.  I wrote “sperm” along one side of her meaty cunt, just for the hell of it.  I had to press quite hard to get the pen to write on her skin, which I stretched taut with my fingers.


Her tits hung below her like large udders.  I hefted one in the palm of my hand, admiring its weight as I rocked it back and forth.  I gave it a good squeeze – the firmness was excellent.  I ran my thumb along the skin below her tit, and felt no scarring.  Good.  I stroked her hanging nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and it stiffened readily.

“Your breasts please me,” I commented.  I wrote “Fine breasts” on the side of her hanging tit.


I had a few more notes to make.  I lifted her chin with my hand, and she kept her head raised for me as I wrote “Long deep throat” down the side of her neck.  With my hand under her chin, I smeared her lipstick with a firm sideways wipe of my thumb, pressing her lips hard as I dragged my thumb across them.  They were full and warm.


“Excellent,” I said to myself.


I stood in front of this fine female specimen and lowered my suit trousers, pulling down my shorts.  With my imagination firing under the girl’s expectant gaze, and a few strokes of my hand, I produced a sizeable erection.  My large cock reared up, swollen and veined.  I knew the girl was wondering where this thing could possibly fit.  She would get used to it.


I hooked my thumb between the girl’s lips and pushed down on her bottom teeth, opening her mouth.  She looked up at me with docile eyes.  I guided my cockhead to her mouth, and she closed her lips around it.  I eased my shaft into her mouth, inch by inch, feeling it sliding over her wet tongue. I pushed a little further… a little more… and to my satisfaction, I could keep going until my entire length was swallowed down her throat, without any gross gagging or coughing.  I held my cock in her throat for a moment, feeling a ripple of tightness run along my length as she swallowed.  Holding her exposed throat gently in my hands, I flared my cockhead, pressing its ridges against the walls of her throat.  She barely flinched.  I eased my cock back out of her mouth, with a pleasing ribbon of her saliva hanging from it.


“Get dressed,” I told her as I zipped up my trousers.

“But… Mr. Saxton… do you want me to…?” she asked and opened her mouth once more.

“No,” I said, and stroked her cheek.  “Get dressed.”


Confused, the girl pouted her lips and frowned, but got dressed as I had told her to.  I looked at the words “Long deep throat” on her neck above her white collar.

“Please leave,” I said to her.  “See yourself out.  I trust you remember the way to the front door.”

“But…” she stammered, and a pink flush rose on her cheeks.

“You please me. Now get out of her before I change my mind.”  I reached into the drawer at one side of my desk and retrieved the stack of papers I had put there, placing them on my desk.  I heard the click of the front door latching shut behind her as she left.  That resounding click was the sound of closure, like the snap of a collar around my slut’s neck.  Yes, I was well pleased.

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