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  By: saintstephen  Age: 57  Country: United States

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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: Group sex Switching partners lesbian etc
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive
Fantasy #3 - Cyber to Reality?
Everyone that has cyber at least wonders what it would be like to follow through on the typed words.....a bit scary but very erotic.....
As you recall my wife has taken on an on-line lover (See fantasy #2 - wife takes a lover). We had tremendous sex following her episode with her online friend Rob....What we did together in the bedroom, me roleplaying as Rob, well let's just say she could not have enough sex and she clearly was enjoying the fantasy or was it an idea she was entertaining?
Being the more adventurous of the two I was intrigued about expanding our horizons after 20 years of marriage....having seen Rob's email address while the Mrs was engaged in having sex on line....reached out and began exploring his interest of meeting the Mrs in person..Well of course he was intrigued about having fun with the wife
Well it turns out that both Rob and his wife (Lorie) worked at the Ritz Calton in NYC. Lorie was the manager & he the good looking bartender.
Their plan was to save up enought money to eventually buy a B&B in Vermont.

Well I said the Mrs birthday was coming up and we could spend an evening at the Ritz,,nice dinner, drinks etc...who knows I said could be a memorable birthday...BTW the Mrs always seems to be particularly horny on her b'day....her day to do whatever she wants...
The birthday arrives and we check into the Ritz late afternoon....I suggest that we have a glass of champagne at the bar, check out the dinner menu & then relax a bit before our 7 pm dinner...So at 4 pm we head down to the bar,,,shift has just changed & there is Rob the bartender....The Mrs laughs & says to me "notice the name tag". We laughed and order a glass of champaigne that we sipped slowly.
Well Rob could not have been more attentive to the Mrs...When told it was her birthday & he inisisted on pouring another glass of champaigne for both of us..We chatted, laughed and he told my wife how great she looked. I could tell she was enjoying the attention. Lorie, the manager, was walking by & Rob introduced her. We chatted for a bit & the girls hit it off......Rob insisted that we come back for an after dinner drink & we agreed.
We took a walk before heading back to the room arond 5:30. What a nice surprise another bottle of champaigne on ice when we arrived back in the room. "Happy B'Day. Have a Great Day"  Regards, Lorie & Rob.....Uh oh I said as pouring the Mrs a fresh glass as she prepared a bath....."Champaigne & Your B'Day.....A Special Day for You
The Mrs looks oh so sexy in the bath sipping her champaign.  She s singing the praises of Lorie's generosity and says Rob is handsome too.  She tells me to leave the room as she gets ready. A few minutes later she enters the room & alll i can say is WOW!!!
She is wearing a short, silky & slinky black dress ( A 3S Little Black Dress).It hugs her body & tells me she is wearing her favorite bra and panties. The ones she bought for her on line lover Rob a few weeks before.

The slinky dress & sheer bra allows her nipples to be evident under the dress.When I remind her the bartender's name is also Rob and it is her birthday, so she can do anything she wants.
Her reply, "if that Rob was really my on-line lover I would drop to my knees immediately"....Oh if she only knew.....
We have a wonderful dinner with extraordinary wine. The Mrs was glowing and the eyes certainly followed her into the restaurant with the men paying particular attention to her nipples through the dress....hmmm.
Lorie meandered over as the dinner plates were cleared and made our stay even more special.
Lorie explained that we were having dessert and the after dinner drink that Rob had offered up at the Penthouse Suite overlooking Central Park and the NY Skyline. Perks of the job she explained. The Mrs asked if Rob would be joining us and Lorie replied "yes she had arranged that".

I noticed that Lorie had changed and gone was the daytime blouse & skirt. In its stead was a very lovely knee length dress. We were instructed to relax and head up to the PH in 20 minutes. Lorie handed the Mrs the PH key and told her it was going to be a special night. There was a slight touching of the hands.
After stopping at our room to freshen up, back down to the lobby and up the private elevator to the PH Suite. An apartment is a better term than Suite. We are met by Lorie and Rob, who has also changed out of his bartenders uniforrm and see among the most spectacular views in the world  Lorie  shows us the suite while Rob pours us an after dinner dirink. We go into the master bedroom. The bed can fit at least 6 .
Lorie tells us the various important people that have stayed  there and even entertains us with a story or two about some of the more well known guests that have had some wild parties there. The policticians are worst that the rock stars she confides. Rob approaches us from behind and hands each of us a refreshing drink & we all stand there mesmerized looking out the floor to ceiling window.
The lights have been lowered with a flick of a switch and some of the best slow dancing R&B music begins to play/ The sound system is so good like being in Carnagie Hall.  The women are leaning back into their respective husbands while we have our arms around them. I can feel myself getting hard while I look at these 2 incredibly sexy women not 5' apart.
A new song comes on and we all put down our drinks and dance to the music. At one point Rob says mind if I cut in. The Mrs does not hesitate takes Rob's hand and they start to move. Of course, my hand reaches out for Lorie, who looks spectacular. Needless to say it's not so much dancing as having sex with clothes on. Our hips are grinding together and I can see the Mrs skirt moving up her leg.
Lorie turns her butt towards me and the Mrs does the same for Rob. We both are feeling wives rubbing their asses up against our hardening members. The Mrs motions for us to come over & we are all together with the 2 women sandwiched in between me & Rob.
"Baby" my Mrs crows to me. "Take Lorie's dress off I want to see her body". The dress is unhooked and the zipper moved down her back and moved off her shoulders as it falls to the ground. Rob does the same to my wife. She is wearing the sheer black bra and panties, while Lorie has a very similar dark blue ensemble on. Simultaneously the girls say "boys take your clothes off"
We strip down to our shorts and in the girls continue to sway against us in the darkened room with one sexy song after another playing over the incredible sound system. The Mrs eyes closed and I am watching Rob rub his hands over her tits covered only by the sheer bra. You can see her nipples through the bra as hard and large as I have ever seen them.
The Mrs is moaning clearly enjoying herself. "Kiss me Stephen". I lean over Lorie's shoulder and kiss my wife passsionately as Rob leaning over my wife's shoulder kisses his wife. The 2 women's heads side by side and their breasts touching one another as they lean into us. "Boys - take a seat I want to dance with Lorie" says the Mrs.
Well one of the greatest male fantasy is taking place in front of my eyes with these 2 beautiful women slow dancing together.
Whispering to one another, kissing the necks, hands roaming up to the tits and my Mrs reaches behind Lorie and unhooks her bra. Lorie returns the favor and they take turns licking nipples, pushing their breasts together, tongues probing the others mouth and both clearly developing wet spots on their panties.
The girls continue to make out as though Rob and I are no longer in the room. My Mrs breaks the tongue lock just long enough and says "since it's my birthday I get to cum first". She instructs me to get the little purse she has brought with her. I open it and there is her little personal vibrator that she loves so much. She asks me to hand it over to Lorie.
"Rob come over here, stand behind me and hold my arms behind my back. Lorie I want you to feel me and work that vibrator on my clit like only another woman knows how. Honey you watch them enjoying me but don't cum. I want to be a slut on my birthday". I encourage her to enjoy herself.
So in front of the floor to ceiling window overlooking the NY skyline, the lights down and the music playing my wife went wild.
She pushed her ass into Rob's hard cock as he grabbed her arms and pulled her hands behind the back. Lorie kissed her on the neck first lightly and then much more aggressively. She and Rob took turns kissing her roughly and the Mrs was at her dirty best.
"Yes, kiss my Rob hard, you have a hard fucking cock. Lorie I can feel your husband's cock against my sheer panties....pinch my nipples Lorie....yes that feels good........hmmm.....Lorie put your nipple in my mouth....Rob kiss me....I want to cum.....yes that vibrator between my legs Lorie...Rob hold me still - feel my tits all over - force your tongue into my mouth...that feels good, yes, .oh fuck, yes fuck,,oh fuck...I want to be a slut...take me"  and with that she began to shudder all over as the orgasam started at her toes and went through her entire body.
 The Mrs who usually likes to relax in the afterglow of her orgasam surprises me and without missing a beat she is on her kness in front of Rob and is joined by Lorie. Lorie takes her husband's cock and feeds it into my Mrs mouth. The girls take turns sucking, stoking and sharing. Rob is pumping my wife's mouth & is clearly about to erupt.
"Cum on my face" the Mrs requests and Lorie takes over stroking his huge cock and Rob unleashes 3 long streams of cum all over the Mrs face. The Mrs puts his cock back into her mouth for a moment & licks him clean as he quivers with every suck.

"Come here baby", Lorie says to the Mrs and proceeds to lick the cum off the Mrs face. Don't believe the Mrs ever looked hotter. Lorie then proceeds to pastionately french kiss the Mrs with her cum covered tongue.
The Mrs then informs me it's my turn after she and Lorie clean up. Rob hands me a drink and let's me know how hot my wife is and that I can have Lorie too. "Only fair", he says. Replied that "I very much plan on enjoying your wife". Twenty minutes later the girls are back all cleaned up with freshly applied lipstick and looking as hot as could be in their panties that have yet to be removed.
Rob is instructed to take a seat and the Mrs, Lorie and I proceed to the bed. Lorie and I get other side of the Mrs and proceed to kiss her, feel her tits and stroke her now very wet pussy. "Take my panties off" she coos.

Lorie and I each take a side and slip her panties down her legs and off they go. She has such a nicely trimmed bush and looks oh so delicious. Lorie goes to work on the Mrs clit again rubbing & spreading her lips.
Come over and fuck your wife says Lorie. I crawl between the Mrs legs as Lorie grabs my cock on leads it into the wettest juciest pussy ever. "Yes fuck your wife's pussy"..."Oh my your cock is so hard" and as I pump the faster Lorie rubs & the harder she kisses my wife.
The Mrs eyes are rolling back & she is about to erupt which means only one thing a string of profanities..."Give it to me good. Fuck my pussy. Take my cunt ...Oh yes, yes"
Lorie is a dirty talker too and encourages me to "fuck her hard with my big hard cock"  Needless to say I cum a boat load in the Mrs pussy and Lorie licks all the cum from the Mrs pussy.....Well needless to say after a bit longer we all fall asleep in the bed for six.  At about 4 am Lorie gets up to get a drink of water and I follow her out to the kitchen..
"Lorie" I say "told your husband that I planned on fucking you before the end of the evening and here I am" She leans forward agaist the kitchen counter without saying a word I move her panties to the side and slide right in. Lorie has a hot tight pussy and she squeezes a second load from my cock while I whisper dirty things in her ear...Return to the bed and cuddle up against the Mrs and rest my hand against her well worn out pussy.
The morning came too early and we all said good bye. We have since met Rob and Lorie on a semi regular basis and gotten to be good friends. So be careful out there is cyber land as you never know when cyber will cross over into reality.
Respectfully Submitted by Saint Stephen with editorial assistance provided by Lorie, a Pandoras Member

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