One Last Dance   added 5 years ago
  By: Beholden  Age: 53  Country: Australia

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Categories: Steady Partner, S-M / Domination / submissive
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My wife and I like to dance, ballroom dancing being our favourite.  We are members of a dance club, a marvellous formal establishment with a splendid intimate atmosphere.  I remember the last time we were there with great fondness.  My wife was at home with me, getting ready for the evening, looking radiant in a tight red dress, quite low cut and showing a plunging back.  Long white gloves up to her elbows finished the elegant picture.  She was nearly ready to leave, but it was up to me to complete her preparations.


Wriggling her hips from side to side, she shimmied her dress up around her waist and held it there, revealing her bare pussy.  I opened my hand, which contained a long, fine silver chain.  Kneeling in front of my wife, I pulled her fleshy hood back from her clitoris and fastened the clasp on the end of the chain to the ring that pierced her clitoris.  I paused, admiring her beauty, closing my eyes and inhaling her female scent, which smelled better than any perfume to me.  Looking up at my wife, I kissed her on her fleshy lips, feeling the ring and chain with the tip of my tongue.  She knew I thought she was beautiful. And I’m sure she also knew that I was feeling a familiar thickening sensation.


I fed the chain hanging from my wife’s pussy back between her legs, pressing it neatly up into the crack of her bottom and pulling it up and out the top of her backside.  Reaching my hand down inside the back of her dress, I fished the end of the chain out, leaving it hanging out of the low cut back of her dress.  She smoothed her dress down her hips and thighs again with her gloved hands.  I stood and let my lips linger on her mouth, feeling her sweet breath against my lips before I whispered “Beautiful…”

“Thank you, Sir,” she whispered back through her full red lips.  We were ready to go.


We danced, gliding and turning together, my wife’s gloved hand held raised in mine.  Our bodies brushed together, radiating warmth, as we danced slowly.  I felt her warm lips brush against the side of my neck as she melted against me.  Sliding my hand down her back, feeling her muscles shifting under my palm as she moved, I found the end of the silver chain protruding from her dress and wrapped it around my fingers.  My wife muttered something unintelligible against my neck as she felt the chain sliding through her ass groove and tugging lightly at her clitoris.  I felt her hands tightening on my shoulders as I continued to lead her around the dance floor, chain in hand.


With my wife’s face buried against my neck, I gently pulled the chain upwards, stretching her clitoris down, making her lips hum a soft moan against my neck.  I eased the pressure on the chain, and felt her body relax against mine again, as we danced in the middle of the dim floor.  “Look at me,” I whispered, and my wife turned her face up to mine, staring into my eyes.  Her gaze was simultaneously boring into my soul and also far away.  I slid my hand up her back again, pulling the chain taught, watching the shift in her expression, the slight furrow of her brow, a little flare of her nostrils. 

I pulled a little harder, and she let a soft gasp escape from her lips.  I jiggled the chain up and down with little sharp jerks, sawing it back and forth between her legs and yanking on her clitoris, making her sing softly to me.  The room span around us, the music filled our ears, and it seemed as if everyone had stopped to stare at us, when in reality all were lost in their own private worlds.


I relaxed my grip on the chain, and I could see the pleading in my wife’s eyes and in the arch of her eyebrows. “More?” I whispered, and my wife sighed softly through parted lips.  I slowly increased the pressure on the chain once more, pulling my wife’s clitoris taut, the chain embedded between her moist pussy lips.  “More…” she moaned so quietly that only I could hear.  I pulled the chain as tight as I dared, causing some kind of animal noise to come out of my wife’s throat as her mouth hung open.  Her arms tightened around my shoulders and she pressed her warm belly against me.  I wrapped my arm tightly around her waist, holding her body close to mine, while I moved the chain up and down her back.  I pulled it upwards again, further than before, and a tiny tear glistened at the corner of my wife’s eye.


“When I get you home,” I whispered as I spun her gracefully around the floor, “As soon as I get you inside the door, I’m going to fuck you like an animal.  You’re going to take every last inch of my sperm-filled penis.  I’m going to mount you like a bitch in heat and fill your insides with my hot seed. I’m going to…” but before I could continue, I felt a violent spasm shaking my wife’s body as the waves of an orgasm crashed through her.  Her knees wobbled, and I supported her weight with my arm around her waist, releasing the chain at the same time. 

She pressed her face against my neck again, her flushed lips dragging across my skin.  She shook once more in my arms as an aftershock passed through her swaying body. “Sir,” she hummed against the side of my neck, “Take me home and fuck me.”

“The pleasure will be all mine,” I whispered against her hair.


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