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On a hot sunny afternoon, Tamia, a housewife and a mother, returns from sending her daughter off to day camp and now, puts her son down for a nap. Heading to the kitchen quietly, she sees the sink fill with dishes. Not ready to tackle them just yet, she heads towards her bedroom to lie down because she can feel a throbbing pain starting behind her eyes, knowing a headache is coming on.

She enters the room, closes the drapes, lie down on the mattress and shuts her eyes. Her thoughts drift instantly to her mysterious man who she has been fantasizing about over the years. Having wild daydreams about this man has bonuses because he knows every inch of her body, from every lick, touch and fuck.

Every scenario she has is different, but a couple of them she gets off on occasionally, replaying them from time to time. The first one is her on all fours, him eating her ass while his finger fucks her cunt and playing with her clit. The next one he just pleases her, taking his time eating her pussy and making her come numerous times.

At this moment she sees her fantasy lover leaning against the wall, crossing his powerful arms over his broad chest and staring at her. He is incredibly gorgeous and sexy. He is tall, dark skin and wearing only a pair of grey boxer shorts that shows off his athletic legs. The boxers is well fitted, hugging his firm ass and emphasizing the bulging, and talented package. Not wearing a shirt, his muscular body is tone and rip, begging to be taste and touch.

He is pure sex, oozing out of every pore. Squeezing her legs together and trying to ease the ache, she wants him to take her there and now, hard. He smiles at her seductively, his dark dreamy eyes hood with passion, looking her up and down as if he knows what she is thinking about.

Pushing himself off the wall with one graceful move, he approaches her like a predator to his prey, wanting to devour her. His lips glistens as he licks it with his pink tongue, making them plump and she groans, imagining them on her cunt, taking his time savoring her. Looking down to his crotch, she sees his erection pushing through, leaving a wet stain on his underwear from his secretion. How she desperately wants to take him in her mouth and taste him as she swallows his cum and feel it slid down her throat.

Standing just inches away from her he says in his deep chocolate voice, "I've missed you today" creating shivers down her spine as he rubs his stiff prick against her. "You intoxicate me with your beauty, I want to take my time pleasing you until your taste and scent is all over me." He leans over and licks around her ear, darting it inside and  teasing her.

Cupping her face into his hands, he leans over and kisses her deeply, tugging at her bottom lip with his teeth  and play with her tongue, dancing together. Moaning in her mouth, he grabs her ass, pulls her hard on his erection and rubs it against her throbbing pussy. Not breaking from their kiss, he trails his strong big hands down her neck, to her sides and pulls up her pink teddy she is wearing.

He clasp both her mounts that fit perfectly in his palms, caressing it gently and pulling her nipples, rolling them between his fingers. Leaving one hand on her breast, he takes the other one and traces it down her stomach and unto her see through matching g-string. Since her undies are tied up by straps on the sides, he tugs at them one side at a time, unlacing them until it slides off her wet cunt and to the floor.

Prying her legs open and finding what he was seeking for, he skims over her thick strip pubic design pussy and down her clean shave lips where he emerges his long finger into her drenching hole. He pushes it in and out, forcing her to rock into his hand.

"Your already wet for me" he growls as he leans her against the wall, taking his already wet finger and repeatedly rubs her clit then sticks it back in. "I want to feel you coat my finger with your cream while thrusting in your cunt.”  She gasps as he moves his hands back and forth, slipping his finger and over her sensitive nub, making her dizzy with pleasure.

Yelling out when he plunges in another finger, she hangs on to him, afraid she will collapse from the sensation. Kissing her senselessly while he plays with her faster and faster, she cries out and comes over his hand, shaking. He smiles in satisfaction. He licks her juices off his fingers and states "Mmmm, you taste sweet and I've just begun." Taking her by the hand, he leads her down a hall and into a bedroom.

The room is fill with lit candles, a fluffy queen size bed in the middle, rose petals scattered on the floor, pictures framed in gold brass of erotic images on the walls and soft music playing in the background. He carefully places her on the mattress as he kisses her. She holds him and loves the texture of him as she roams her hands over his shoulders and back that is bunching under her skin, grabbing his scrumptious ass.

Kissing down the hollow of her neck to her tits, he sucks and teases them making her arch her back, wanting him take more of her in. Drawing his tongue down to her stomach, he welds his tongue in and around her belly button giving her butterflies while both of his hands is massaging her breasts. Tracing his mouth down farther to her black triangle, he pauses for a moment, and brush delicately over the swollen folds with his lips.

Panting hard, she waits for him to open and taste her. However, he just keeps on brushing against it with his hot breath, teasing her. It is when she can’t stand it any longer that she opens her pussy and pulls he towards her sensitive jewel. Her lover laughs in her slit, creating vibration that runs to her core and she whimpers, wanting him badly to take her in his mouth.

He inhales her sweet, tangy scent, moistens his mouth and runs his finger tip over her wet sex before he takes it in. She is still sensitive but she doesn’t care because she wanted and waited for him to eat her out for so long. She spreads her legs wider, giving him more access. He drapes her legs over his shoulders and she hisses with pleasure, feeling him insert two fingers in her opening. He finger fucks her and his tongue flickers on the right spot.

Taking his time with her, she feels her tension building. Holding his head there, she grinds her pussy in his face, moving her hips up and down and when he picks up his speed, it causes her to orgasm. Her body lifts off the bed as he holds her up, hands behind her ass and wraps his arms around her waist, holding her still as he continues to intensify her climax.

Not stopping his tongue and fingers but only moving them faster, she came again but this time with powerful force, coming in his mouth as her cum slides down his throat. He keeps on proceeding until finally she has to beg him to stop and have mercy on her. It is until then he decreased and put an end to her torture.

Pulling up from between her legs, her juices is over his mouth and chin as he looks at her with heat in his eyes. He takes off his drawers and throws it behind him and her breath catches when she sees his cock pulsing, rock hard.

It jumps and leaks with anticipation for her. He prowls up towards her on the bed and lies her down on her side. Crawling up behind her, he lifts up her leg and guides himself in her. They sigh in union as he enters her. He thrusts even deeper inside until it feels like he is touching her womb, kissing and sucking her neck as he strokes her breasts.

He made love to her, thrusts quickening and slowing down, touching her and building up her tension. He opens her wider, fucking and rubbing her clit faster. Hitting the right spots, he focuses on it, increasing his pace and spreading electrifying waves over her. Tightening her pussy wall around him, she squeezes his dick, as it pumps harder, in her warm, slippery, tight cunt.

She is on the brinks of coming when on cue, he turns her over on all fours and pushes inside her  again from behind. Reaching under her, he plays with her clit, with steady little strokes, faster and faster. It wasn't until she yelled "Oh God yes! Right there! I'm gonna come!" is when he wraps his other arm around her and picked up the tempo. He leans forward, places his lips between her shoulder blades, kissing and running his tongue over it knowing it is her on turn spots. It is then she throws back her head and screams, her body spasm as she comes.

"That's it baby." He quietly says in her ear, "Cum over my dick. I want to feel your wetness and hear you scream." She didn't know how she survive it or if it is possible, but he causes her orgasm to get stronger and prolong it. She continues to scream, making her hoarse with satisfaction until it finally subsides. She feels he cock throb and getting bigger, letting her know that he can’t hold back any longer and he is so close to his own release.

Wanting to push him over the edge as well, she takes over. Hitting her ass against him hard over and over, he caresses her ass while she takes control and making a wet slapping sound. His balls hits her pussy and when he starts calling out her name, she picks her pace. She moves her hips until he grabs her waist and fucks her hard, grunting and shouting out as he came in her pussy.

     Tamia wakes up horny with her pussy dripping from her excitement and soaks her panties. She gets out of bed and check up on her son and only to find he still asleep. Leaving, her thoughts goes back to her fantasy. Her pussy begins to ache and demands her for some attention and when she imagines her lover's head bury between legs, her cunt wants release.

Wanting to take matters into her own hands, she heads back to bed, sits up against the wall, pulls up her pink dress and slips off her lace panties. Opening her cunt, she slides a finger in her drooling hole while rubbing her clit. She replays her fantasy in her mind, the way it felt when he ate her out and fucked her from behind.

Licking her lips, she can see him on her cunt, sticking his tongue in the wetness and over her clit while pushing his finger in and fucking her. Feeling the tension getting intense, she lies on the bed, lifts her legs up in the air, open them wide and moves her hands faster. Picturing him taking her from behind and fucking her in deep thrust, she teases her clit in rhythm of his movement, back and forth, in and out until she came. She continue to rub her nub, squeezing her tits and pulling her nipples. Her body convulses and she groans in the back of her throat.

She hears her husband coming through the front door along with their daughter in tow, who is rambling on about her day. The little girl throws her bag on the floor that wakes up her brother and he is now talking to himself. Sighing, Tamia climbs out of bed, puts on her underwear, smooth out her dress and wipes her hands on a towel that hangs behind the door. She goes and picks up the toddler, heads inside the kitchen, puts him in the playpen and kisses both her husband and daughter on the cheek.

Getting dinner ready, her husband comes up to her and asks "So how was your day honey?" Looking up she answers "The same. Doing errands and stuff. I had a headache today so I laid down, but its better now." Kissing her head, he walks away to put his coat in the closet replying, "I'm glad your feeling better. I hope you are taking care of yourself."

Smiling to herself, she thinks "Oh yes I am. Trust me. Who knew that masturbating and having a mind blowing orgasm can cure a headache. I wonder what my dark strange will do with me tomorrow." Her thoughts replay back to her wild excursion.

Wishing for the next day to come, she squeezes her thighs together and moisten her lips. She sighs dreamily and proceeds to what she is doing, with a big smile on her face.

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