My Dirty Woman   added 5 years ago
  By: Beholden  Age: 53  Country: Australia

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: mud garden
Location: My House
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

I stood at the back door of our house, watching Bella at work in the garden.  She was kneeling with a trowel in her hand, planting flowers in a fresh bed.  I admired the curve of her hanging breasts.  The sight of them always sent a ripple of excitement coursing through me, tingling over my skin and into my balls.  I watched Bella, smiling with pride at owning such a wonderful woman.


Bella turned her head to look at me standing at the door.  She had developed the knack of being able to feel my stare burning into her.  I was pleased by that; it meant that she could never ignore me for long, claiming that she didn’t know I was there.  Bella put the trowel down and walked up to me, like the obedient slut that she was.  I didn’t have to call her this time.  I beamed at her, and I could see that she knew this meant she was a good girl.  And her being a good girl for me made me feel a familiar twinge in my penis.


“How can I please you, Sir?” asked Bella.  I brushed a little dirt from her forehead and told her she was a good girl.  I could already feel my cock stiffening in my trousers.  I produced a small bag from behind my back and reached into it, producing a pair of black seamed stockings. “Bella,” I said. “Go inside and put these on and come back out here.  I want you to be wearing only these stockings, do you understand?  Oh, and some black high heels.”

“But…” started Bella, holding her hands, dirty with soil from the flowerbed, palm up in front of her.

“Never mind about that.  I like you with dirty hands.  You are a slut on hands and knees in the dirt.  Leave them as they are.”

“As you want, Sir,” said Bella, and walked inside to get changed.


While she was gone, I set up my camera on a tripod.  I had some photos in mind.


Bella returned shortly, wearing only the black stockings and high heels as ordered.  She stood to attention in front of me, with dark, dirty hands and a look of expectation in her eyes.  I ran my eyes over her splendid body, taking in her large dark nipples and small tuft of pussy hair. “Bella,” I said to her after my appraisal.  “You are a very beautiful woman.  You are perfectly made for me in all ways.  I am a very lucky man, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes Sir”, replied Bella, her eyes locked on mine.

I reached into the bag that had held the stockings and brought out a necklace – a single strand of pearls.  I moved closer to Bella, close enough for her to feel my hot breath on her skin, and fastened the pearls around her neck.

“Now you are even more beautiful.”  I ran my fingers down the side of her neck, down her shoulder, around the outside of her breast and down her waist onto her hip, tracing her delectable curves.


“Bella, you make me ache, do you understand?  I ache with the need to impregnate my buxom cow.  I feel the pain in my organ. It aches with the hunger to ejaculate.  Do you feel my pain, Bella?”  Bella nodded.  “Yes Sir, I do.  Nothing would please me more than to be allowed to take your pain away.”  I noticed her nipples were firm as she thrust her breasts proudly forward for my attention. “Are you proud of the pain you cause me?” I asked Bella as I idly stroked the side of her full breast with my fingertips. 

Bella swallowed, and I watched a lump move down her throat.  I smiled with a grim satisfaction – Bella wasn’t sure how to answer the question and I imagined the little hairs on the back of her neck were starting to prickle.  I drew my hand back and slapped the side of Bella’s left breast, causing it to sway from side to side, banging against her other breast.  Bella let out a satisfying moan.

“Now are you proud of my pain?” I asked Bella.

“Yes, I am proud,” said Bella, jutting her chin forward.  I slapped her udder again, reddening the side of it.  Bella squirmed her hips and kept her breasts thrust forward.


“Why, Bella, why?  Why are you proud?” I stroked the red skin of her breast with my fingertips, making Bella shiver.

“I am proud of your pain because it means I please you.”

I drew my hand back and feigned the beginning of a slap, making Bella gasp loudly through parted lips.

“Correct.  Good girl” I said and quickly smacked her tit again, making her squeal in tortured delight. Bella looked down at her red tit rising and falling on her heaving chest, breathing hard.  I imagine she was nicely ripe and wet already, knowing her.


“Wait,” I commanded, and went and filled a watering can.  I took it to the freshly dug flower bed, and sloshed water back and forth, making a nice brown muddy puddle.  I returned to Bella, and taking her by her dirty hand, led her to the muddy flower bed.

“Bella, please, get down on your hands and knees in the mud.”

“Would you like me to be your pig, Sir?” asked Bella.

“No Bella, you are not a pig.  You are my queen, do you understand?  You are the breeding cow to my bull. Now get down.”


Bella lowered herself onto her hands and knees in the mud.  The mud clung to her stockings, and coated the top of her high heels.  The pearls hung in an arc around her neck, swaying in front of Bella’s udders, and she pushed her butt up for me, thrusting her pussy proudly back between her legs.  She looked pretty as a picture.  I hooked my finger into the loop of pearls at the back of Bella’s neck, and pulled the necklace gently up around Bella’s throat. “Drag your udders back and forth in the mud.  I don’t want to get the pearls dirty though,” I ordered. 

Bella dipped her chest down until her nipples touched the mud, and swayed her tits from side to side and up and down.  When she lifted her chest, the mud dripped from her udders like molten chocolate. I let the pearls slip down to hang below Bella once more.


“Bella, I am aching for you now, more than ever.  I hope you are pleased with yourself.  The pressure inside me is becoming too much to bear.”  I told Bella this as I set up the camera on the tripod behind her, setting up the self-timer.  “I want to remember this exquisite pain you are causing me.”  I pressed the shutter release on the camera, and as the countdown timer beeped, I bent over Bella’s ass, facing the camera, and tugged her pussy lips apart with my fingers.  The camera clunked as it took the shot of Bella’s gaping hole, nice and pink in contrast to the dirty brown of the mud. “Lovely,” I said. “I think that one will be the new picture of you I keep in my wallet.”

“Yes Sir, I’d like that very much,” said Bella, feeling the cool breeze tickling her vagina walls.


I stripped out of my trousers, shoes and underwear, leaving my shirt on, and knelt behind Bella in the mud, my erection poised and aching with need. “It is breeding time, cow,” I said and gripping Bella’s round ass in my hands, I plunged my cock inside her sodden hole, growling in sudden pleasure.  I started to fuck her hard and fast, making her hanging tits shake and sending ripples through her ass with every hard impact.  Bella moaned like the filthy whore she was as we squelched together in the mud. 

I grabbed a fistful of hair on the back of her head, and jerked her head backwards.  I immediately felt a tightening of her pussy on my cock.  “Give me a tight ring to fuck, you dirty slut”, I growled, tugging Bella’s hair tighter, stretching her throat into a graceful curve.  Bella clenched her vaginal muscles, squeezing my cock and wringing the cum up out of my balls. “Gooood…” I growled, low in the back of my throat as I slowed my fucking down to long, deep strokes, pushing my swollen cockhead through the tight ring of muscle.

With every deep stroke, I grunted “Good” and pulled Bella’s hair tighter.  As I felt my power starting to unleash, I leapt from Bella’s rear and knelt in front of her face, stroking my twitching cock.  Bella turned her face up to me and accepted my  drenching squirts of semen.  I produced a pleasing volume of sticky sperm, which hung from Bella’s face in stringy trails.  Bella glowed, looking radiant as I marked her as my own.


“Let it drip,” I commanded as I set up the camera to Bella’s side.   Stockings in the mud, ass proud and round, heavily hanging tits covered in dirt, pearls hanging around her neck and rolling down her cheeks.  “Bella, look at the camera.  Lick some of my cum of your face with the tip of your tongue”.

I took the shot as Bella posed. She looked like a princess.


Sweeping her up in my arms, I carried her inside and cleaned her, inside and out, until she was pink and shining again.


I had that photograph of her, covered in sperm and mud, blown up and framed, and hung it on the wall above our bed.  Whenever we used the bed, to sleep or for other purposes, we were reminded of that happy time, and we often re-enacted it, without the mud of course.


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