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Lucy lies in the arms o her lover George, pondering her mystery man. What is it that attracts? What fuels that fire he kindles inside her; that searing, yearning heat that gives her no peace until it is quenched?

Face to face, he looks deep into her eyes, piercing the depths of her soul. He knows the way to her favorite places. Places of pleasure, where he fills her completely, and her body twists with ecstasy. His kisses and his assuring words whispered in her ear beckons her to go beyond, giving more of herself.  Her body melting and flowing around his.  Fear and excitement struggle within her, fear of all she would be willing o do for him, with him.  How well does she really know her warrior?  How much will she allow him?   His charm overwhelms her.

The world of burning passion they are creating will forever change the meaning of her life. She now becomes one with him, body and soul, and longs to give him pleasure. But he is not selfish, and she receives all she gives, and more. Only now can she understand the passion they share, the uniting of their spirits, and her gratitude is intense.

He is kissing her all over, worshiping her body with his tongue. He lingers between her legs, slowly massaging with his mouth, his tongue darting out to caress her.  Fingers join his tongue.  Soon the room fills with her soft moaning and the flow of warmth in his face inflames his passion. She clenches the back of his head in a death grip.  Her hips gyrate uncontrollably.  Her moan drifts into a long, low growl and then to a higher pitched pleading cry.  But he doesn’t stop until she begs him to fill her. They exchange positions and se climbs atop him.  Slowly she slides onto him, His massive shaft spearing her soul. 

She gently pushes up and down, riding him, She leans forward and they begin kissing deeply, their tongues wrapped together. In between the kisses, he describes his love for her. Her nipples are hard now, and she cries out loudly. The sounds of her ecstasy draw him ever closer to an orgasm. He feels the pressure building, as he grabs her hips and begins driving deeper. She pounds up and down on him breathlessly, sweating now.  She gives a final cry of pleasure, and as a radiant glow spreads across her face, he erupts inside her.  His body slaps and thumps up against her wetness.

  Every fiber of her being worships at the altar of hot sperm exploding into her. She tightens around him, draining him completely. He is still deep inside her as she collapses, exhausted, onto him.

They lie together in the afterglow, quietly sharing their feelings for each other.  Lucy says, Your pleasure is everything for me.  Please, what more can I do to please you more?”


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