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  By: Beholden  Age: 53  Country: Australia

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Categories: Steady Partner, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: pain Bed bound sir
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Bella, answer me something.  I’ve been mean to you, haven’t I.  Hush, don’t answer me. My finger on your lips.  I know I have. Kissing your forehead.

Come on… come with me.  Leading you by the hand to our bedroom.


Get undressed and lie on your back on the bed.  Perfect.  Lie still while I tie your wrists and ankles to the bedposts.  A bit tighter?  OK.


Let’s get those nipples peaked up.  Bending over you and sucking them into my mouth, pulling on them with my teeth.  Biting them, stretching them, letting them drag past my teeth. There, nice. Putting my forefinger on my thumb and resting my hand on your breast.  Flicking your perky nipple, striking it hard with my fingernail.  You liked that, didn’t you?  I heard the breath catch in your throat and your back arch a little.  Putting my hand on your other breast… holding it there… holding it there… and flicking your nipple hard, sending a little shock through your sensitive breast, down into your nipple.


Your wrists pulling tight against their restraints.


Soothing your nipples with a wet suck of my mouth, a warm massage with my full lips.  Then a quick, sharp flick of your nipples with my finger, flicking my saliva from you.  Growl for me Bella.  Your muscles tensing.


Let’s get that clitoris peaked up.  Sucking it into my mouth, a mouthful of pussy flesh.  Pulling your hardening clitoris between my teeth, letting my lips drag over your swollen skin.  Biting your clitoris.  Feeling it hard and firm between my lips, hot and aroused.  Dragging my pointed tongue up and down your skin from anus to clitoris.  Putting my forefinger on my thumb and holding my hand in front of your pussy.  Flicking your juicy clitoris, striking it hard with my fingernail.  Your hips straining up off the bed.  Flicking your sensitive nub again, bringing a sharp gasp out of your mouth.


Count for me, Bella.  Count to three.  Start.


Flicking your left nipple, whipping my nail across it, sending an electric shock into your breast.  Lifting your back off the bed.





Whipping your right nipple with a sharp flick of my finger, bringing an expletive past your lips.



Bella… waiting.



Flicking my finger at your clitoris, my nail grazing your pink flesh, making you yelp.


Reaching into your pussy with two fingers and pressing my thumb to your burning clitoris, squeezing you between thumb outside and forefingers inside.  Bella… don’t come.  I forbid it.


Watch me undress, Bella.  See my cock, erect and full.  Kneeling on the bed beside your face.  Running my shaft back and forth across your wet lips, bringing a tear to the eye of my cock.  Making me bursting hard.  Turning your head to face me with my hand on your cheek.  Good girl, Bella, open wide.  Feeding you my swollen cock, bringing it close to boiling point.  Oh fuck, a deep twitch… that was close.  Pulling out of your mouth and kneeling between your tied legs.


Stroking your clitoris with the underside of my cockhead.  Making your pussy lips flushed with blood, and drenched with the juices of anticipation.  Caressing your clitoris with my throbbing full cock.  Don’t come, Bella.  Resting my hand on the bed close to your face, hooking my thumb into the side of your mouth, pulling it open at the corner as I slap the underside of my cock wetly against your sodden pussy.

You’re mine Bella.  My thumb is touching your back teeth.  You’re mine.

Nod if you know it.  Good girl.


Dragging my cockhead through your open pussy lips, once, twice and then plunging my thick length deep into your body, immediately drowning your erupting orgasm in a fountain of semen as we release and explode together, flooding each other, convulsing and shaking.  Cradling your face between my arms, pulling your head to my neck and fucking your trembling body like a tiger.  Feeling like I am splitting you open.  Feeling like I am filling your insides.  Holding you as you buck beneath me like a woman possessed, the ties digging into your ankles and wrists.  Let it go, Bella, let it all go.  Whispering into your hair “You are mine Bella.”  Feeling you squeezing my cock hard with your pussy.


You are mine.

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